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Learning force brochure


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Learning force brochure

  1. 1. Learning Force™ Flexible & Effective Intervention Available for use with Supplemental Education Services (SES), Response to Intervention (RTI) and more.
  2. 2. Learning Force™ Works! Math Force™ Accelerates Learning in One Year Students' Skills Improvement In 26 districts in Southeastern Colorado, 1,000 students throughout the Program using Math Force™ showed one year median growth Learning Force™ has proven itself time and again, percentile gains of 16 points on the math section of with double-digit improvements in essential skills, the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) from and has also generated very high satisfaction 2008 to 2009. Students not participating in Math Force rates among parents. experienced a decline of 9 points during the same time. 100% 100% 90% 90% 80% 80% Median Growth Percentile 70% 70% 70% 67% 60% 60% 51% 48% 50% 50% 49% 40% 40% 42% 30% 30% 25% 32% 20% 20% 10% 10% 0% 0% 2008 2009 Reading Math (+21 pts) (+42 pts) Students using Math Force™ Before Based on students taking part in Learning Force™ programs Students not using Math Force™ After in 2007-2008 “The Math Force curriculum A Parent's Point of View supported students to make 94 percent of Learning Force™ parents are very gains on our first district satisfied with their child’s expertise. benchmark assessment. Parent satisfaction with Learning Force As BOCES Director, I am 4% 2% now seeing the math gains across all schools, Very Satisfied no matter the grade or Satisfied scheduling option.” 94% Neutral – Matt Snyder, or Un-satisfied Southeastern Colorado BOCES Director Parents of students attending Learning Force and former principal programs, 2007-2008 school year “My sixth grader’s reading has improved dramatically, and I’ve watched her academic performance go sky high!” – Parent, New York City
  3. 3. Learning Force™ is a proven, academic intervention program for Math and Reading. It is targeted for students who are low performing or who have learning gaps on some foundation skills. In addition to well- designed lesson plans, pre- and post- assessments and progress monitoring, Learning Force comes with a full support team to help your school or district put an effective intervention plan in place. Learning Force is delivered for Grades 3-8 through two complementary modules, Reading ForceTM and Math ForceTM. The key features of the Learning Force program are: Flexibility Well-Designed Lesson Plans Each lesson is 60 minutes, with sections that can be & Progress Monitoring instructed in 30 or 45 minute segments, giving the ability Lesson plans use the following cycle of instruction: to teach as part of a regular class lesson or use as an before or afterschool tutoring program. MOTIVATE TEACH GUIDED PRACTICE Research-based Curriculum EXTENSION INDEPENDENT PRACTICE The rigorous and engaging curriculum was developed from 7 years of intensive research with thousands of students in EdisonLearning partner schools, using our hallmark Benchmarking assessment system. Aligned to State Standards The program is strategically aligned with each state’s standards for math and reading. Special emphasis is given to those standards most evident on state tests. High-Quality Assessments Students takes grade-level criterion referenced pre- and post- assessments used to create their Individual Achievement Plan for each student. Skill levels are assessed at the beginning to determine a student’s targeted areas of skills focus and assessed at program’s end to see a student’s skill acquisition. This gives students time for direct instruction and ample opportunities for practice, both with teacher guidance or on their own. Progress monitoring probes are available to give teachers a chance to re-teach a lesson to ensure students retain it. Skill acquisition measured on post-assessment Focus skill ideas identified through pre-assessment
  4. 4. Comprehensive Resource Materials Detailed resource materials include: Learning Force™ Extras: • Teacher edition – print and accessible online, includes best practices, modeling scripts and grouping strategies Un-paralleled Teacher Support • Personal workbooks for students and Professional Development • Math manipulatives Learning Force™ is a teacher-friendly model, with • Classroom library with both fiction and built-in support and professional development information texts to ensure success. Teachers have online access to the following materials through a single point: Support for English Language Learners (ELLs) Special techniques are provided for ELLs, including: • Lessons begin with stated vocabulary The Teacher Portal or skill assistance • Strong emphasis on teaching academic vocabulary • Support with discussion of similar sounding words from other cultures Interact with • Use of drawings, examples, and pantomime for other teachers. words needed to describe characters or setting Resources easily • Partner work and cooperative learning accessible by grade and subject • Cooperative Learning and grouping strategies • Use of Distractor Analysis to explain why wrong answers are incorrect Meaningful and Actionable Reports: • Resources by grade and subject level, including lesson plans, pacing calendars and research studies Know which students need • Progress monitoring tools, including help by skill mini-assessments and progress Know which skills monitoring probes still need work • Intro to Learning Force online course • Forums to interact with other teachers • Information on general practices, • Individual Achievement plans are used as a such as differentiated instruction, progress monitoring tool. questioning strategies, engagement • Assessment Summary Report shows practices and use of data analysis. achievement at a strand and skill level by student. Teachers can understand what areas • Announcements to keep up-to-date on needs more class focus. the program changes and professional development opportunities • School and District Report also available.
  5. 5. Ways to Engage Supplemental Education Services (SES) Learning Force is used as an SES program, providing Students and Parents 60 hours of free afterschool tutoring. Learning Force is tailored to meet the funding requirements of each Each Learning Force™ program includes a student SES program, based on student hours of attendance. rewards kit. Students are rewarded on the 3 A’s. EdisonLearning is an approved SES provider in New York The rewards have proven to be a motivation for City, Chicago and Baltimore. students. Response to Intervention (RTI) Participation Learning Force supports RTI with standards- based AT T E N DA N C E during lessons rigorous curriculum, tiered instruction with differentiation, ongoing student assessment and Helping other collaboration with parents and family involvement. AT T I T U D E students and being respectful to others Learning Force can be used for Tier 2 RTI interventions. Trying their hardest, Focus on Reading ForceTM AC H I EV E M E NT sharing knowledge Reading ForceTM is a 30-hour plus intervention program with others that supports all learners to increase vocabulary development and reading comprehension building a strong connection with daily reading instruction. Parent involvement is critical to student success. • Research-based reading and word Learning Force parents are engaged through recognition strategies are provided to monthly Parent Connections Newsletters, giving strengthen comprehension. tips on how to help their children with math and • The six reading skills of a good reader reading at home. (Reading Comprehension; Vocabulary Development; Reading for Meaning; Organizing Information; Locating Information; Responding to Text) are reviewed. "The Math Force™ program is easy • Students access a classroom library of fiction to follow, leaving more time to and information texts teach. The materials are comprehensive and Focus on Math ForceTM Math ForceTM is the 30-hour plus intervention program modeled in such a way that teaches research-based math strategies needed to to make learning fun and strengthen understanding of mathematical concepts. interesting. Student’s math • Engaging math puzzles/games and graphic organizers are included skills improved as did • Support with “Fixing Common Errors” is their confidence in articulated in each lesson mathematics. The • Opportunities to use math manipulatives program is fun in each lesson to teach and the students had a blast learning!" – Jennifer O’Leary Learning Force Instructor Las Animas School District, CO
  6. 6. EdisonLearning has over 20 years of experience partnering with schools to increase student achievement. All of our programs are grounded in the Four Cornerstones™ of highly effective schools. Here is how the Learning Force™ program fits into the cornerstones.” Four Cornerstones Philosophy and Learning Force Top Talent Culture of Engagement & Aspiration • Outstanding professional development • Student teacher ratio of 10:1 delivered by EdisonLearning Learning • Lessons are fun and make use of Force™ experts active learning • Extensive training before program • Resources for motivating students implementation • Novel sets are used with • Ongoing training and support in Reading Force™ lessons effectively using math manipulatives • Math manipulative kits provided and questioning strategies with Math Force™ • Teacher Editions with scripted • Retention kits for each teacher lessons Multiple teacher strategies Attendance award system to celebrate for each lesson student success Demanding Content & Achievement-Driven Management Customized Instruction • Pre-Assessment identifies skill gaps • Research-based reading and determines measurable goals and math lessons • Post-Assessment measures student • Aligned to individual state standards achievement toward grade level • Targeted to most frequently-tested skills standards • Sequenced content from grade to grade • Individual Achievement Plans detail • Direct instruction is supplemented with student skill needs and program goals guided and independent practice • End of Program Summary Reports detail student achievement progress for each district and school ©2010 EdisonLearning, Inc. All Rights Reserved EdisonLearning,™ the EdisonLearning logo, “EdisonLearning’s high expectations for Learning Force,™ Math force,™ Reading student learning and outstanding customer Force,™and Four CornerstonesTM are trademarks of EdisonLearning, Inc. Offering details are subject service [continues] to exceed expectations.” to change, and may vary by individual client engagement. Student and school performance depends on many variables; as such, specific – Ronn Nozoe results are not guaranteed and may vary. Complex Area Superintendent Hawaii Dept. of Education EdisonLearning, Inc. 485 Lexington Avenue For more information: New York, NY 10017 1-877-I-CAN-LEARN (1-877-422-6532) EE004 09.09