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Icd target marketing_needs_analysis

  1. 1. Jennifer Pricci Marketing Manager September 7, 2012 Education Vertical Focus Group Findings
  2. 2. Understanding your audience is essential to marketing to your target effectively. Focus groups are a great method for getting to know your key-decision makers. The Industrial Controls Marketing Department held a Focus Group of Education Facilities Professionals as part of the Vertical Campaign’s qualitative market research effort. The aim was to discover the reasons behind certain behaviors and to determine the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of decision- making. Ultimately, research finding have both validated market research already performed and uncovered additional results. Key Findings:  Pain Points  Why they purchase  What they purchase EDUCATION VERTICAL FOCUS GROUP  How they shop  How they purchase  Project Goals and “Wish List” items more…
  3. 3. GROUP MAKE-UP Facility Type  Building and Grounds Superintendent  Building Maintenance Manager / Director  Construction Coordinator  Director of Buildings and Groups  District Clerk  Energy Specialist / Manager  Facilities Services Manager / Director  HVAC and Building Controls Instructor  HVAC and Building Controls Manager  HVAC and Building Controls Technician  HVAC Mechanic  Maintenance Technician  Master Craftsman  Operations Director  Superintendent The Focus Group was comprised of 31 Education Facilities professionals from both K-12 / School Districts and Colleges / Universities; specifically:
  4. 4. KEY “HOT BUTTON” ISSUES When asked “Other than budgetary constraints, in general, what is the biggest challenge you face on the job?” respondent answers varied identifying few key themes. The more common “hot button” issue, or pain point, identified relates to lack of training and skill among staff. Very Hot  Trained Labor  Sufficient Labor  Workload management / Variable workload  Finding replacement parts  Speed in obtaining parts Hot  Reliable Equipment  Lack of systems knowledge  Lack of detailed instructions  Gaining approval / buy-in Warm  Prioritizing Projects  Customer Service  Motivating Employees  Not having the right parts on-hand Hot Align problem with solution (ICD value prop) to devise messaging… Recommendations:  ICD offers Product Training for you and your team  ICD staffs over 200 Factory Trained Engineers that offer you the Technical Assistance you need  ICD stocks 100,000+ products so you can find those replacement parts – even for obsolete items  The parts you need – when you need them
  5. 5. ‘HOW’ … CHOOSING A DISTRIBUTOR How The Target Chooses A Distributor * * “All Other Responses” include Online Reviews, Word-of-Mouth and Other
  6. 6. ‘HOW’ … THE TARGET BUYS Blanket Agreements and HVAC Needs Blanket Contracts Preferred PO’s Preferred Not Sure
  7. 7. 0 1 2 3 4 5 MOST VALUED DISTRIBUTOR TRAITS Most Valued Vendor Traits Inventory / Product Availability Customer Service Product Knowledge Technical Support Consultative Approach Expedited Shipping Option Innovative Cost-Saving Products / Upgrades Pricing On-Time Delivery Quality Products Relationship Building Locale Detailed Spec Info Good Website Search Function Simplified Ordering Process Consistent / Fair Pricing to Minimize Comparison Shopping Access to Obsolete Parts Honesty Flexibility in Pricing Product Training Wide Range of Manufacturers Percent Target Satisfied w/their Distributor 92% VS. Those Shopping w/Industrial Controls Sometimes Never Always Who is ICD?
  8. 8. ‘WHY’ … INFLUENCING PURCHASE How Target Chooses A Distributor * Why The Target Is Most Likely to Buy
  9. 9. MARKETING METHODS THAT WORK How Target Chooses A Distributor * How The Target Researches Products
  10. 10. KEY PRODUCTS HVAC Products Purchased Most Often The Focus Group identified several replacement/fill parts they tend to purchase most often; the top five being: 1. Actuators 2. Valves 3. Controls 4. Thermostat Capacitors 5. Relays Additional products include:  Dampers  Fan/Blower Motors  Thermostats  Steam Traps  Relays  Differential Transducers  Sensors  Belts  Filters  Bearing Grease
  11. 11. KEY MANUFACTURERS Preferred Manufacturers