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Diane Turton Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Email Campaign

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Email Marketing Campaign

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Diane Turton Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Email Campaign

  1. 1. Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  2. 2. Overview An experienced agent recruiting process can take YEARS. If it doesn’t last for a minimum of 4 years you are going to miss some serious retained company dollar Frequency: DMA (Direct Marketing Institute) stats say the optimum length between contacts is 21 days. The internet has drastically changed that interval. It is too easy to hit the “delete” button… The interval now has to be a maximum of 14 days, 7 days is optimal. Messaging: Message must show your knowledge - Agents are looking for a coach and a mentor with knowledge and skills. Message must offer the agent something of value - Content and value rich. Each message in the drip campaign should contain information that an agent can actually use to build their business. (i.e. Lead Generation, For Sale by Owner Marketing, Business Planning, Building a Team, Sourcing their Business and more) Message must offer just enough information to leave them wanting more - You are not going to take them step by step through every system and Script process. Every message must have a call to action - To get someone to do something or take action what do you have to do? ASK THEM TO DO IT! The Importance of Technology Technology: While the general population of NAR is probably in the Baby Boomer generation, there’s a thrust to bring in the Gen X and Y agents, and these individuals live and breathe technology. Diane Turton, Realtors For a lot of them, it’s rare to get any sort of postage delivery. By utilizing drip campaigns, you’re working in a more comfortable medium for them. Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign In this new reality, it is important to track the number and types of transmissions to prospects, send targeted campaigns, track the open rates and the opt-outs and you need the ability to send text-based messages, linked messages as well as HTML-based communication- this drip campaign will do all of the above! Brokers who have embraced drip campaigns are seeing far superior recruiting results. Ultimately it’s about staying in touch and in front of the prospects
  3. 3. Week 1: Join A Winning Team Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  4. 4. Week 1: Designed to Get Them Thinking! The Greatest Question You Could Ask An Experienced Agent Recruit So, how do you get a happy real estate agent that you want to recruit, to even start thinking about leaving their current real estate company? They are happy. They have a good commission split. What more could they want? Right? They aren’t going any where. Are they? Ask them this one question to get the wheels spinning: Is Your Firm Investing In Your Success? Don’t try to answer it for the recruit. Don’t start telling and selling the recruit on how much, how or what you would do to invest in them. Just ask the question. This will be tough, because they won’t have an answer. At least not a good one. The reason why this is the greatest single question you could ask an experienced real estate agent recruit is that it will get them thinking. The recruit will start asking themselves a bunch of questions and start to think. You want the recruit to start thinking. To start questioning. When that happens, you have a happy agent, with a good split that is open to idea’s and opportunity. If you ask a question that they have an easy answer to, you didn’t ask a good Script recruiting question. Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  5. 5. Week 1: Talking Points “Proven Tools” speak to our turn-key Customizable Services: Marketing Your Home Entry into a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) entry on multiple systems Listing presence on the Diane Turton, Realtors website enhanced exposure Targeted local and regional advertising Tailored internet exposure on numerous websites Full time marketing department to assist your agent Customized marketing guarantee Provide and update CMA’s throughout the listing process Photography inside and out, aerial photography where appropriate, virtual tours Scheduling and hosting of caravans, broker and public open houses Strong visual market presence; placement of our recognized lawn signs Direct mailing of customized “Just Listed” mailers Development of special property flyers In-house marketing department and Agent Resource Center Event marketing and promotions Rental services Hands-on broker, Diane Turton Consulting & Negotiating Script Schedule appointments and field calls from Realtor community Diligent follow-up programs with qualified buyers Contact client at least once a week with feedback and market updates Internet lead associate to liaise between qualified buyers and your agent Assist in the negotiations on offers from qualified buyers In-house relocation department to assist you with your move One stop shopping with Turton Financial Holdings: Signature Mortgage, Title and Insurance Home warranties available Diane Turton, Realtors Highly qualified office support staff Managing the Sales Transaction Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign Complete all related listing paperwork explaining documents, i.e., seller’s disclosure, CIS, etc. Liaise between client and attorneys Consult and manage all major steps of the home sales process from contract to closing, i.e., gaining conditional contract signatures, scheduling and managing inspections, final walk-through, closing deed transfer, etc.
  6. 6. Week 2: Leveraging Your Best Talents! Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  7. 7. Week 2: Designed to Differentiate! The reason why most real estate brokerages and real estate recruiters fail is that they are only talking about features of the company. Recruiters only talking about their own business, their own company, what they offer. How does that benefit a real estate agent? How is that going to help with a real estate recruits fear of change when all a real estate recruiter talks about is features? No matter how different a real estate brokerage is from others, the one service you can offer to real estate agents that you are trying to recruit is a diagnostic assessment, which Diane Turton, Realtors will call a Talent Assessment. Other terms for a Talent Assessment include Diagnostic Assessment, strategic assessment, gap analysis, business process evaluation, needs analysis or even an initial consultation. By offering a Talent Assessment designed to leverage their natural talents and skills we go beyond our internal features and instead focus on the recruit. Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  8. 8. Week 2: Recruiting Talent There are specific interview questions you can ask in order to gauge whether a person is passionate about their work. Gauging passion, commitment and promptness will help you uncover their secret talents! Passion springs from a person’s deeply felt convictions. It is visible in the emotional response of the candidate. To assess the candidate’s passion, ask: What do you like most about your current job? What part of your job is most fulfilling? Why? Follow up with: Can you describe a work opportunity that meant so much to you that you put everything else aside to be involved in it? What did you do? How did it work out? Please give me an example of a time when your heart wasn’t in your work, and describe what you did about the situation. Have you ever worked for an organization whose mission did not match up with the things you feel strongly about? Describe situation and how you handled it. Committed people follow through on the promises they make and take responsibility for the achievement of plans, sticking with work until it is completed. Committed people take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and do not blame others for their own mistakes or failures. To assess this competency, ask: What plans were set for you in that job? What plans did you set for yourself? Please describe a situation where the plan was set by your manager and you Script were accountable for completing it. What happened? How did it work out? Describe a situation where your role was to set the direction for the work and things didn’t go as you’d expected. What setbacks did you experience in that assignment? How did you respond? What did you do to achieve your goals? How well did you achieve them? Please give an example of a time when you exceeded your goals. Promptness requires good planning and time management. People who are prompt make sure they allow enough time to accommodate unexpected changes. They place Diane Turton, Realtors a high value on the importance of other people’s time, and avoid inconveniencing others. Here are some good questions to assess a person’s promptness: Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign Please give an example of a situation when the timeline for a project was cut short, but you were still expected to deliver. How did you handle this situation? How do you keep your calendar under control? Have you ever been unavoidably detained? How did you handle it? What have you done to avoid missing deadlines? Please tell me about a time when your best efforts failed. What did you do?
  9. 9. Week 2: Assessing Talent Listen for candidate responses that include a description of the problem the individual faced, the actions taken to address the problem and the results of the actions. To evaluate candidate responses, give extra weight to those that have: Multiple job-related examples Recent, challenging examples Examples with a significant impact Examples in which the candidate took accountability for the outcome To check your thinking on how important these qualities are within Diane Turton, Realtors, ask top performers how they would answer your interview questions. Use their responses as a guide for evaluating their talent. Chart their responses appropriately below to gauge their ability as a potential Diane Turton, Realtors Agent: Competencies Unqualified Less Qualified Fully Qualified Highly Qualified Super Star Technical Incompetent Needs extra training Meets high standards Does it better Sets standards Script Motivation Unmotivated Needs extra pushing Self motivated Does more, faster 120% committed Cooperation Uncooperative Needs urging Fully cooperative Initiates helping Proactively coaches Viewed by team Distraction Avoided A contributor Trains, sought-out Asked to lead Impact on team Demotivating Neutral An asset Influences others Motivates others Planning Reactive Passive On top of issues Anticipates issues Forward-looking Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  10. 10. Week 2: Talking Points Here are some things to do to achieve better results hiring sales agents: Know the sales process from beginning to end before ever interviewing another candidate. Prospecting and lead generation Qualifying the lead and conducting needs analysis Proving your product's worth in comparison to the customer's needs Preparing some type of offer or proposal Closing and negotiating the offer Benchmark the recruit’s performance by asking about these issues: Get specific details about how recruits have managed a lengthy sales cycle. Find out their track record of making quota and how they recovered when things went sour. Walk through the sales process at a few major successful accounts and compare this to yours. Walk through the sales process where the recruit was unsuccessful and compare this to yours. Compare your typical buyer to the types of buyers the recruit successfully handled. Find out how successful the candidate was working for different sales managers, Script ask about their styles, then compare these to your management style. Benchmark the recruit’s past performance to critical success drivers. For sales, the primary keys to an accurate assessment include a comparison of the sales process, the types of buyers involved, the sales cycle, the complexity of the product and associated terms, and the degree of competition. Behavioral issues can't be ignored including persistence, learning DTRE offerings, organizational skills, and team leadership, among others, but these are secondary to having a track record of sales success in a comparable Diane Turton, Realtors situation. Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  11. 11. Week 3: What’s In It For You? Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  12. 12. Week 3: Designed to Intrigue! In the 21st Century, everyone has “stuff.” What everyone doesn’t have is SUBSTANCE! Here’s where we set ourselves apart from others in market… Industry Best Internet Service Center and Lead Generation Talking Point: Salesforce, an industry leader in Customer Relations Management Proprietary Resource Library with Supporting Documents and Advanced Self- Marketing Features Talking Point: The Diane Turton, Realtors Resource Center Management Support and Assistance Listing Exposure on, and more Reference: All the websites that enhanced listings automatically feed into eMail Account Custom bio and contact page at Talking Point: Option to include personal agent page on business cards. Agent page has direct link to agent listings and is linked to Salesforce! Office Computers, Software, Copiers and Fax, MLS Lock Boxes Print and Online Advertising Talking Point: Diane Turton, Realtors several online initiatives that are effective, return on investment and cost-effective to agents, i.e. B:C eNewsletter, blog, internal website content control, social web tutorials for agents and more. Networking and Community Outreach Events Talking Point: DTRE’s name recognition as a sponsor of many high-profile Script organizations including the Lakewood Blueclaws and the Father Alphonse concert series. Plus, our many community outreach activities which generates a lot of press attention and exposure, i.e. FoodBank, Giving Tree, scholarships, etc. DTRE Signature Financial Services for integrated one-stop client offerings Talking Point: Turn-key solutions can be a big selling point for agents. The convenience for the client and the trusted single point of contact is a significant offering. Relocation and Referral Services Ongoing Training and seminars for Experienced Agents Diane Turton, Realtors Talking Point: As the trend shifts to online marketing we are arming agents with the tools and knowledge they need to leverage this platform. Unparalleled Personal Promotion and Marketing Tools Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign Talking Points: Downloadable and Customizable PowerPoint Listing Presentations Agent Announcement Cards Business Cards (First 1,000 + discounted additional quantities) Just Listed / Just Sold cards (First 25 + discounted additional quantities) Bulk Mail Discount Packages Talking Point: Emphasize hands-on broker, Diane Turton!
  13. 13. Week 4: Corporate Culture Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  14. 14. Week 4: Designed to Lead! The Week 4 drip does reiterate many of the no-cost perks included in Week 3, however, Week 4 speaks specifically to culture, atmosphere and lends itself to discussing DTRE mentorship. Talking Points: non-competitive environment hands-on managers and broker, Diane Turton Site how you, specifically, have led your agent team. in-house marketing department In-house marketing is more than just a service, it is marketing prowess that keeps on tops of all the latest trends. grow through on-going training, workshops and seminars. Particularly in the area of online and technological tools which Gina Doyle provides training on, DTRE is always moving in a forward direction. are surrounded by an award-winning team of professionals Discuss top producers in your office and their winning attributes. pay no up-front errors and omissions insurance (Incomes > $10K) work out of 17 strategically located sales offices Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  15. 15. Week 5: Career Enhancements Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  16. 16. Week 5: Designed to Entice! To help simplify the entire real estate process, Turton Financial Holdings, LLC, an affiliate of Diane Turton, Realtors, is proud to offer a complete set of financial real estate services. With Turton Signature Mortgage, Turton Signature Title Agency, and Signature Insurance Agency, LLC, we provide home purchasers with an in-house, one-stop shopping service for financing and real estate services to help make what can be an overwhelming process as easy and hassle-free for your recruit’s clients. Buying and selling a home should be a seamless and rewarding experience and DTRE offers the ultimate in convenience and service. Talking Points: Owner's title insurance is an essential part of the home-buying process, providing homeownership protection that is critical to the security of any home. Title insurance is issued only after a thorough search of the title, requiring a detailed examination of historical public records by experts. Turton Signature Title Agency, LLC utilizes only highly qualified attorneys, title agents and notaries to conduct closings. Script Turton Signature Mortgage, LLC utilizes a proprietary search engine to access the most competitive loan programs and financing terms, as well as automated loan underwriting software to further streamline the application and funding process. With one of the nation's highest application approval rates, Turton Signature Mortgage works hand-in-hand with all of our sales associates to get our clients home fast. Diane Turton, Realtors Signature Insurance Agency, LLC is able to offer a wide variety of products and providers, including Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign some of the nation's most highly-rated companies as well as other major regional and national insurance carriers. With its expertise, combined with advanced technological systems and personalized customer service, Signature Insurance Agency is positioned to be able to find the best coverage, at the best price, for each customer's unique situation.
  17. 17. Week 6: Unparalleled Service Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  18. 18. Week 6: Designed to Set The Standard! Talking Points: Buyer-Side “I love getting to know people and being able to play the matchmaker between their needs/desires in a home and the plethora of properties available. I take pride in my business and have high standards for myself and the services I offer. In this market, you will feel like a kid in a candy store- let me help you find the sweetest deals!” Seller-Side “The marketing package we are able to offer as agents of DTRE, is second to none. Your home will truly be primed for sale through a grapevine of industry networks, online websites, and immediate advertising in numerous publications like the APP and Homes and Land. Preparation will include extensive comparative price planning and even home staging resources to give you the greatest confidence in exposing your first-class style home.” Not ready to buy or sell yet? “Call me to book a meeting where we can set you up with some goals that will help you plan and prepare for a successful and prosperous future in real estate ownership. Let’s get you on track. Those who think ahead, stay ahead!” What to Expect Script “You can expect to be well-informed and promptly kept up-to-date on all developments related to your transaction. The purchase or sale of your home, retail location, land, or secondary investment property can be an emotional and stressful decision.“ “I see myself more as a consultant and networking advisor than anything else. In this position, it is my responsibility to provide you with the facts and options you need in order to make the most educated and intelligent decisions possible. If I can’t answer Diane Turton, Realtors your questions, you will be quickly connected with another experienced professional uniquely qualified to give you the best answer. DTRE is a leader in first-class quality service and you can expect to receive the highest standard of treatment.” Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  19. 19. Week 7: You’re Invited! Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
  20. 20. Week 7: Designed to Call To Action! Every drip email MUST have a call to action - to get a recruit to call or email you. Week 7 is the ultimate call to action, the opportunity for a recruit to shadow one of your winning agents. Tips: Choose An Agent Choose an agent you feel perfectly embodies DTRE and the kind of agent you are looking for. This agent should have a number of listings with scheduled open houses. Choose A Property Choose from your selected agent’s listing properties that you feel embodies a standard DTRE listing for your office. Choose A Day and Time Once you have selected an agent for a recruit to shadow, and a property that you’d like them to see during an open house, select open house date and time you anticipate will be heavily trafficked. Present them to your recruit as available times for their shadow and agree on a time. Your selected agent should be able to answer basic questions about company culture and working at Diane Turton, Realtors. Script Diane Turton, Realtors Agent Recruiting Drip Campaign
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