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Crunch fitness online-inbound_marketing

  1. 1. Home Case StudyCrunch FitnessExercising The Inbound Marketing MindIn 2010 Crunch was ready to re-think their approach to client You dont have to have a perfectly usable site in order to rank well inrecruitment. As 80% of new members are converted through search engines, but it is increasingly difficult to rank a site without aFREE PASSES downloadable on the website, strong usability focus. So PHANTOM POWER began their work byPHANTOM POWER was recruited to analyze the website and discovery of key usability factors.develop strategies for increasing inbound traffic. Then, PHANTOM POWER began analyzing the marketing efficacyPerforming a complete website review is rarely easy. Often you can of the website. Website marketing recognizes that the greateststart a site analysis intending to spend just a few minutes looking likelihood of selling products and services exists with a targeted,over it only to find that it quickly spirals into a multi-hour marathon of well-qualified, motivated buyer.research. Complete website reviews can be time consuming andoften produce many more hours of work beyond that.One of the problems is that people tend want to skip right to searchengine optimization forgetting that users matter. Many people wantto rush into the marketing without realizing that the website itself ispart of the marketing process. There is no doubt that tough economic times have hit Challenges that effect membership rates: many gyms across this country. Getting people and clients into the gym is tough, and keeping them there • Many people feel intimidated. is sometimes tougher. It just doesnt seem to make • When a gym has an attitude that pressures people to sense when the country’s obesity epidemic is rising, join, they will eventually lose out. and the gyms are getting tougher and tougher to fill. • Stale ideas and dated training theory. Incorporating web content that directly addresses these challenges leads to greater conversion. Crunch has effectively done this with their “No Judgments” philosophy.
  2. 2. Home Websites offers the most cost effective, direct route to qualified Solutions lead/sales opportunities. However, the Internet is a very fluid landscape on which to build your marketing. On a very regular A “Get Found” checklist basis, search engines, directories, and linking partnerships are  Keyword Research consolidated, change their method of inclusion or disappear  Blogging entirely.  Social Media  On-page SEO As such, PHANTOM POWER defined fresh and innovative goals for marketing the website based in Inbound Turn traffic into leads by offering something of value Marketing theory: As Crunch has successfully used FREE PASS opportunities to convert leads, PHANTOM POWER proposed bringing this offer Get Found to the forefront and incorporating landing pages for more• Begin optimizing for better keywords to drive more qualified effective promotion, maximized advertising, PPC and SEO traffic to efforts and management of lead data.• Find and join the web conversations related to Crunch and Fitness Lead nurturing campaign An additional resource of valuable content to potential Convert members… distribution of such valuable content is not only• Turn traffic into qualified leads for sales sharable but continues to establish Crunch as an authority in• Cultivate qualified leads with warming strategies over time their space. Analyze Measurement• Track the progress of your efforts Finally, PHANTOM POWER presented effective measurement• Compare Crunch progress against how competitors are doing tools to analyze ROI. Progress trackers, competitive market metrics and were just some of the methods proposed. © 2010 PHANTOM POWER, LLC View the Website Analysis PHANTOM POWER . T.732.291.4536 . F.732.956.3986 . . Contact PHANTOM POWER for a FREE Needs Analysis and Estimate