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Bob burger case_study


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Bob burger case_study

  1. 1. Home Case StudyBob BurgerThe Secret Is OutRetained by Bob Burger in 2003 prior to the launch of his debut solo album Cymbals At Dawn, PHANTOM POWER has beeninstrumental in the introduction of Burger’s solo material to the public. Employing publicity, marketing and promotional strategies,PHANTOM POWER has worked toward Burger’s goal of increased exposure, awareness and a greater fan base.Using true grassroots marketing strategies, PHANTOM POWERhas created buzz around each of Burger’s solo releases amonghis established fan base and has worked to increase attendanceat each of his area appearances. And, by leveraging his higherprofile appearances, PHANTOM POWER has used cross-promotional tactics to continue the growth of his following.These solutions have created a true recognition of Burger asa heavy hitter among local players. Extending Burger’s reach using traditional publicity methods has led to increased media exposure. Through distribution of PHANTOM POWER crafted press releases and press kits to our vast library of relevant contacts, Burger has procured media presence ranging from local publications like the Asbury Park Press and Ocean Country Observer to national outlets such as Guitar World Acoustic and Music Connection Magazine. Perhaps most notably, Burger was featured in September, 2007 in an interview with Jim Kerr on the Jim Kerr Rock-n-Roll morning show on New York’s classic rock station Q104.3. “PHANTOM POWER has done a terrific job of monitoring and promoting my musical career far in excess of just running publicity. The team is motivated and trustworthy and creatively apply their efforts to produce first class results.” - Bob Burger December 10, 2006
  2. 2. Home You Listen ListenDistribution of Burger’s solo albums Cymbals At Dawn (2003), Bob Burger is a singer/songwriter renowned for his skill in composing hook-ladenSurprise Party (2006) and Christmas Can’t Wait (2007) to radio songs, as well as for the energy and emotion of his live performances. He has written songs for recording artists Styx, Glen Burtnik, Bobby Bandiera, Lisa Bouchelle andoutlets across the country has increased his airplay dramatically. others, as well as for an HBO Pictures soundtrack. Bob’s work with Styx earned himStarting locally Cymbals At Dawn was picked up by WBJB 90.5 a Gold Record award for the title track of the “Edge Of The Century” CD.The Night in 2003, by 2008 Burger received airplay on over 200 To date, Bob has released three solo CDs: “Cymbals At Dawn”, “Surprise Party”, andterrestrial, satellite and online radio stations across the country. “Christmas Can’t Wait”; and is currently at work on the fourth “The Day After”. Bobs work has been hailed for its master song crafting, musicianship and production quality. The CDs feature star players including Jimmy Leahey (John Waite, DennisPHANTOM POWER considers Email Marketing a critical piece to DeYoung), PK Lavengood (John Eddie), Bobby Bandiera (Bon Jovi, Asbury Jukes,any integrated marketing campaign. PHANTOM POWER, as a Bruce Springsteen), Joe Bellia (Asbury Jukes), Jerry Gaskill (Kings X), Rob Tanico (Highway 9) and Plink Giglio (Glen Burtnik). Recently, Bob applied his studio skills inpreferred service partner of Constant Contact, began managing co-producing and mixing Lisa Bouchelle’s newest CD “Bleu Room With A Red Vase”Bob Burger’s Email Marketing campaign. Since our relationship for Varese Sarabande/Universal Records. Bob performs regularly on the Jerseybegan in 2003 PHANTOM POWER has helped grown Bob Shore in both acoustic and electric venues. Notable events have included CD promotional band performances, band leader at Jon Bon Jovi private eventBurger’s database by over 160% through online webforms, on-site performing with Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Roger Waters and Jimmysign-ups and various contests and promotions. Buffett, sold out NJ Rock & Soul Revue Count Basie Theatre shows, performances with Bruce Springsteen at annual holiday shows, Glen Burtnik Beatle Tribute Shows at NJ State Theatre, and numerous benefit performances backing Springsteen, JonOnline presence for Bob Burger has also been a big priority in the Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny and Gary "U.S." Bonds.overall PHANTOM POWER effort. Submission of material to Bob has been a long time songwriting collaborator with Glen Burtnik, penning many ofPHANTOM POWER’s database of online music publications has the featured tracks appearing on Glens solo records including "Spinning My Wheels", “My Crowning Achievement” and "Watching the World Go By". After Burtnik joinedintroduced Burger to a new legion of fans. Our online efforts have Styx, Bob co-wrote “Edge of the Century”, "It Takes Love to Make Love", "Little Suzie"created over 7,000 hits for Bob Burger on Google. In addition, (Styx Greatest Hits (Part 2)) and most recently "Killing The Thing That You Love"PHANTOM POWER has maintained Burger’s Social Media (Cyclorama).presence on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For more information about Bob Burger visit © 2008 PHANTOM POWER, LLC PHANTOM POWER . T.732.291.4536 . F.732.956.3986 . . Media Kits Contact PHANTOM POWER for a FREE Needs Analysis and Estimate