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Alliance brochure


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Alliance brochure

  1. 1. Alliance TM Driving achievement through partnership
  2. 2. The Alliance commitment to Unparalleled on-site support shared goals Alliance is the only K-12 solution that EdisonLearning Alliance™ is grounded combines a research-based design and in the conviction that every student – proven tools with a dedicated local given the proper tools, support and support team that work hand-in-hand environment – is capable, with with administrators and teachers in a encouragement, of exceeding collaborative partnership. expectations. To deliver an The Alliance Achievement Team has outstanding educational experience one mission – to serve the students, we leverage collaborative partnership administrators, and teachers as a that combines your resources and dedicated part of the local school experience with our hands-on expertise community. Staying local allows the and research-based tools, strategies, Alliance Achievement Team to better and methodologies. understand the partner schools, and to dedicate one hundred percent of their Path to success Superior tools, dedicated teams time to address partner needs. Alliance addresses every aspect of As educators, EdisonLearning improving your school’s performance, xx Specialists in leadership, teacher understands there are often effectiveness, curriculum and extraordinary challenges associated but even the best program cannot instruction, and professional with giving students in your care the deliver real results without effective development great education they deserve. We implementation. created EdisonLearning™ Achievement xx Expertise in turning around The EdisonLearning difference is low-performing schools Services to offer you highly effective K-12 achievement improvement solutions. efficient execution. xx Pioneers of positive learning By providing both the critical tools and environments and effective Alliance™, the core offering in the teams necessary to deliver sustainable school organization EdisonLearning Achievement improvement, Alliance allows you to Services portfolio: follow a proven pathway toward xx Hands-on experience with analysis of achievement data and data systems, xx Is designed to both turn around achievement success. as well as student achievement plans struggling schools and help make Alliance tools and systems include: good schools great A transformational program xx a school’s capacity to deliver Builds xx Professional development for teachers tailored to your needs and administrators better education Alliance is not a one-size-fits-all xx Enhances a district’s aptitude to xx Leadership development solution. Schools have differing needs, provide higher quality education xx level district and school Higher driven by achievement mandate among its schools organization, resources and models requirements, budgets, and local xx Implements a structure that helps xx Learning environment and circumstances, and the set of services ensure sustained high performance student management provided by an Alliance engagement will vary. The Alliance program is designed to xx perfectly with the expectations Aligns xx Curriculum and instruction tools be flexible, offering two distinct levels surrounding the American Recovery including state specific of service and support to accommodate and Reinvestment Act: “Companion Guides” specific sets of needs: - Increases teacher effectiveness xx diagnostics School xx I Transform your schools Level - Shows advancement toward college and career-ready standards xx EdisonLearning Benchmarks into true centers of academic - Improves performance in xx Achievement planning and monitoring excellence with proven tools, systems, professional development and on-site low-performing schools xx National support support. - leverages the use of enhanced data - Scheduling, research and systems to monitor and enhance assessment, technology xx II A transitional program Level student progress designed for schools that have been - Conferences for teachers, principals moved off state watch lists. Level II and leaders schools are ready to transition into self xx achievement and On-site serving academic excellence. leadership teams Both levels provide a complete solu- xx High School resources Alliance tion tailored to meet your needs with varying degrees of direct on-the ground involvement from EdisonLearning.
  3. 3. Professional Development EdisonLearning Benchmarks Leadership Schools must collect and analyze Schools must have strong leaders if relevant and timely student data in they are to become centers of academic order to track progress against goals, excellence. The EdisonLearning Alliance and ensure that information on student Leadership Development Program strengths and weaknesses is being provides school leaders with the leveraged in the instructional plan. resources and customized support they EdisonLearning Benchmarks enable need to grow professionally and become schools to accomplish these tasks. strong instructional leaders of A powerful instructional tool for high-achieving schools. teachers and administrators, xx instructional leadership from Strong EdisonLearning Benchmarks... principals supported by a highly effective leadership team xx students monthly with online test assessments written specifically to the xx National conferences for leadership state’s standards. teams bringing together new Alliance Achievement Team principals and team members to xx generate instantaneous reports Alliance Achievement Teams are providing teachers and leaders with help solidify their goals and enhance hand-selected professionals chosen valuable information on how their effective collaboration based on their successful experience students are progressing towards state using EdisonLearning School Designs. xx Continuing local/on-site support end-of-year standards. Achievement teams are local. They Personalized development for teachers xx leverage frequency that optimizes are more than just on-site; they are The Alliance Achievement Team works impact on classroom instruction. embedded in your community and with school leaders to develop personal invested in your success. growth plans for teachers based on EdisonLearning’s research-based frame- Preparing children to succeed in works for highly effective teaching. The team then provides focused coaching today’s world is a complex task. and mentoring for teachers that target Expectations are high on all their identified growth areas. Curriculum Companion Guides fronts, with strict accountability District Alliance Curriculum Companion Guides help In addition to the tailored solutions we mandates, intense competition bridge the disconnect that often exists offer individual schools, District Alliance between expected outcomes, adopted offers a higher level of support. By for college admission, and a job curriculum, and classroom instruction. working with your district team, we market that is more challenging leverage the concept of “teach the xx teachers embed end-of-year Help teacher” so districts can build great standards and skills into reading and than ever. A good education that capacity and, in turn, work with schools math instruction throughout the year to attain greater achievement. xx skills to help teachers Teach helps students reach the highest differentiate instruction for students levels of achievement is the key Alliance High School with special needs The tasks of improving achievement and xx sample assessment questions Feature that opens up life options and ensuring that students are prepared for that are frequently tested on college, work, and life present their own high-stakes exams prepares them for what they’ll set of challenges. Alliance also offers face in the future. solutions designed specifically to address the needs of high schools, The strength of the on-site including: Alliance Achievement Team is Results xx learning communities Small The dictionary definition of “alliance” xx EdisonLearning College NEXT! Program that it can customize the support describes a working partnership xx Across the Curriculum Reading and training it provides to specific between different parties. In an Alliance Program engagement, it’s the partnership between EdisonLearning and local xx Gateway Program individual needs. schools that leads to progress: the xx Dedicated on-site support school culture evolves, and student achievement accelerates.
  4. 4. The foundation of the EdisonLearning approach to Education Our Four Cornerstones™ philosophy Top Talent Culture of Engagement and Aspiration EdisonLearning Alliance™ places great emphasis on A nurturing learning environment that is conducive to learning developing leadership and teaching capacity with is a vital component of all great schools. Alliance™ provides services tailored to meet the individual needs of teacher support to engage and motivate so that students aspire to high and administration. expectations and greater achievement. xx Teacher Development xx organization implementation plan school xx teaching frameworks xx mentorship, support and advisory programs for schools xx professional growth plan xx management handbook, templates and student management training xx classroom observation xx coaching, mentoring, modeling xx learning environment training and observation tools xx Professional Development xx College NEXT! program kit xx research materials college xx professional development for administrators and teachers. Demanding Content and Customized Instruction Achievement-Driven Management The EdisonLearning distinction One of the biggest challenges faced by schools that need Achievement-driven management is a critical component The proof of EdisonLearning’s ability to to improve is the disconnect between expected results and behind keeping your school’s focus firmly on achievement help you deliver great education rests in the instruction provided. The tools, training and professional and continuous improvement. development provided by EdisonLearning helps ensure that nearly 20 years of hands-on experience. Alliance data systems enable you to measure success and the students in your care will meet those expectations both We’ve been put to the test, with hun- continually improve learning. in breadth of knowledge and level of proficiency. dreds of district partners, thousands of Curriculum and Instruction tools: xx EdisonLearning Benchmarks schools, and millions of students served. xx assessments data xx and math Companion Guides reading Our holistic approach to developing xx Reading Across the Curriculum Program xx dashboard school and delivering educational services, xx resources for teachers xx achievement planning tools student our background as educators, and our xx Gateway Program (high school only) culture of collaboration and partnership xx catch-up program schedule and assessment is what makes EdisonLearning a true xx and math intervention reading innovator in the education field. xx advisory programs Find out more For more information about EdisonLearning and our mission to “ A partnership created to improve traditionally low performing schools inspire students to think, learn, and succeed, please visit www. has helped produce major gains in student achievement at several schools, call us at 1-877-I-CAN-LEARN across the Charleston County School District. (1-877-422-6532), or e-mail us at Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT) scores showed that three Working together, we can help every of the four most improved elementary schools, and five of the 16 most student achieve! improved Charleston public schools, were working in partnership with [EdisonLearning] Alliance.” – Charleston County School District Press Release
  5. 5. Case Study Driving achievement improvement in The Aloha State In 2009, EdisonLearning increased its total number of partner schools in Hawaii from 12 to 35, after three years of demonstrated improvement in student achievement led the Hawaii Department of Education to expand their partnership with us. xx Between 2005 and 2008, 1,600 additional students reached “grade level and above” in reading in the schools where EdisonLearning provides the Alliance service. xxthe same period, 1,800 additional students reached In “grade level and above” in math. xx the three years of EdisonLearning’s involvement, During achievement has increased 22 percent in reading and 30 percent in math. xx of the original twelve schools working with Eight EdisonLearning in Hawaii have made adequate yearly progress (AYP), the level of improvement school districts and student groups must achieve each year in reading and math. Results As depicted in the chart below, average three year reading and math gains at EdisonLearning’s Hawaiian Alliance partners significantly exceed state averages. EdisonLearning partners vs. Hawaii state average Reading Growth 25% 20% Hawaii 15% 10% EdisonLearning 5% “We are looking forward to continued 0% 2006 2007 2008 and expanded success with our Alliance 1 yr gain 2 yr gain 3 yr gain partnership. EdisonLearning’s high expectations for student learning, relentless EdisonLearning partners vs. Hawaii state average commitment to building local capacity for Math Growth 30% improving classroom instruction, and the 25% Hawaii outstanding customer service provided by both 20% 15% EdisonLearning the Hawaii based and headquarters teams 10% continue to exceed expectations.” 5% 0% – Ronn Nozoe, Complex Area Superintendent 2006 2007 2008 Hawaii Department of Education 1 yr gain 2 yr gain 3 yr gain
  6. 6. ©2009 EdisonLearning, Inc. All Rights Reserved EdisonLearning,TM the EdisonLearning logo, EdisonLearning Alliance, Alliance,TM and TM Four CornerstonesTM are trademarks of EdisonLearning, Inc.. Offering details are subject to change, and may vary by individual client engagement. Student and school performance depends on many variables; as such, specific results are not guaranteed and may vary. EdisonLearning, Inc. 485 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017 w w w.e d iso n l e a r n i n g . co m /a l l ian c e AS009 09.09