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DCUC June 2013 Alert

  1. 1. As a new Board Member, this is my first opportunity to provide the “View from the Board” article. As I pondered what to write about recently, Mother Nature decidedto make up my mind for me. Yes, on Monday, May 20, our community was hit by anEF5 Tornado. Tinker FCU lost our Moore, OK branch, but we did not lose any of ouremployees or members.   Since we are all affiliated with Defense Credit Unions, my article is going to dealwith the need for a strong defense for everyday operations.  We often think aboutdisasters and what we would do to respond to them, but until you actually experience thedisaster you cannot know exactly what to expect. Whether it is a cut utility line that cutsphone service or electricity, a storm that takes out your entire facility or a virus in yourdata processing system, you need to be prepared to respond, and your team needs to knowwhat that response is supposed to be. For us, it was the EF5 tornado on the 20th. Living in tornado alley, where we hearthe sirens regularly, it is easy to forget just how serious an event like this can be and tobecome somewhat complacent to the proper response. Fortunately, our Moore Branchteam paid close attention to the developing weather reports and immediately put intoaction the described disaster steps. The day had started off great, even the weather seemed to be cooperating. We hadjust experienced a series of smaller tornados the day before. Both days had been forecastedto have very serious weather as the Jet Stream and the resulting Heat Dome were lining upto spawn some very powerful tornados. Monday appeared more stable with a coolmorning, but things changed dramatically as the afternoon heating erupted. Around 3:00 p.m., a small tornado touched down just Southwest of OklahomaCity. This seemingly minor vortex began to grow and developed into a very powerful anddamaging EF5 tornado (the top size category) taking a 17-mile path from east to west,directly through the city of Moore. The base of the destruction was from one to two mileswide and destroyed everything in its path. As the local meteorologists reported, if youwere in the path of the tornado and not below ground, you were going to die. Although not certified as a storm shelter, our plan called for all employees andmembers present in the branch to take shelter in our Class 1 Safe Deposit Box Vault.There was time to secure cash drawers and other valuables as the storm approached, before14 employees and 8 members, and one non-member, took refuge inside the vault. Although it only took minutes for the tornado to do its damage, the group inside thevault felt like it took much longer. Inside the vault they could hear the fury of the storm,but had no idea just how much damage was occurring outside. Debris from everywherewas hitting the west side of the vault, including automobiles carried from blocks away.continued on page 5601 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW, SUITE 600, SOUTH BUILDING • WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004-2601 • (202) 638-3950 • WWW.DCUC.ORGIssue 6 • June 2013CEO UPDATE VIEW FROM THE BOARDcontinued on page 3A Good Defense Starts with a Good OffenseMichael Kloiber, DCUC Board Member; President/CEO, Tinker FCUOver the past seven months, our con- ference manager, Janet Sked, hasdone an excellent of detailing the his-tory of The Greenbrier, beginning with itstrademark—the Springhouse and the cur-ing mineral waters from White SulphurSpring—to the conversion of The Green-brier to a 2,000 bed hospital in 1942…the construction of a major “new wing”in the 50s…and the revelation (in 1992by a reporter from the Washington Post)of the highly classified undergroundbunker. A mammoth underground struc-ture, which would have housed membersof Congress in the event of a catastropheduring the Cold War! The Greenbrier isa national landmark, whose history datesback to 1778, and in less than two monthswe will be on site celebrating yet anothermilestone—the Golden Anniversary ofthe Defense Credit Union Council! According to the Merriam Websteron-line dictionary, history is defined as “achronological record of significant events(as affecting a nation or institution) oftenincluding an explanation of their causes.”As I apply this definition to DCUC’sstoried past, and ponder the “significantevents” capturing the Council’s definingmoments, one reason…one cause comes tomy mind—our troops and their families!Remembering OurPast…CelebratingOur FutureRoland “Arty’’ Arteaga, President/CEO,DCUC
  2. 2. 2 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.DEFENSE CREDITUNION COUNCIL, INC.is an association of credit unions servingDepartment of Defense personnel,military and civilian, worldwide.BOARD OF DIRECTORSPatty KimmelChairmanDenise Floyd1st Vice ChairmanGordon Simmons2nd Vice ChairmanDavid DavisTreasurerFrank PadakSecretaryBarb GeraghtyMemberMichael KloiberMemberCOUNCIL STAFFRoland A. ArteagaPresident/CEOBeth MerloDirector for AdministrationJennifer HernandezInformation Technology SpecialistJanet SkedConference ManagerMegan MundtComptrolleris the official publication of the Council. Onecopy of ALERT is mailed first-class to eachdefense credit union as a membership service.Defense credit unions may order additionalcopies (three or more) to be mailed in bulkto one address at $10.00 per copy per year.Individual subscriptions mailed first class todefense credit union members are $15.00per year; to all others $25.00 per year.ALERTis published monthly except for the month theannual conference and membership meetingare held. In accepting a limited amount ofadvertising (two advertisements per issue),the Council as a matter of strict policy doesnot in any way endorse either the product orthe vendor. The right to refuse advertising forany reason whatsoever is reserved. DCUC duesare not deductible as a charitable contributionfor federal tax purposes, but may be deduct-ible as a business expense. Reproduction ofALERT material in whole or in part is authorizedfor Council members only. Address all corre-spondence to Defense Credit Union Council,Inc., 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, SouthBuilding, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20004-2601. Telephone: 202/638-3950; FAX:202/638-3410; e-mail: bmerlo@dcuc.org oradmin@dcuc.org; www.dcuc.org.The Security Service Charitable Foundation recently selected People Helping Peopleas the recipient of a $10,000 donation. Security Service FCU (SSFCU) representa-tives, Renae Cunningham, assistant vice president of member service (far left); GregReed, vice president of member service (second from right); and Ben Wiseman, as-sistant vice president of member service (far right), presented the check on behalfof the Foundation to Kayleen Simmons, People Helping People executive director(second from left). The funds will assist People Helping People in its efforts to helplow-income women and single mothers reach their full potential in the workforce. The organization reached more than 2,000 individuals across the Salt Lake Cityarea in 2012 and plans to expand programs into Weber and Utah counties in 2013.The Security Service Charitable Foundation helps to further SSFCU’s corporate goalof community service by contributing to deserving organizations and causes in thecredit union’s market areas. Photo courtesy Security Service FCUSecurity Service Charitable FoundationPresents $10,000 Donation to PeopleHelping PeoplePacific Marine CU (PMCU) is proud to announce the recent donation of $3,000 to the Injured Marine Semper Fidelis Fund (IMSFF). Utilizing the Matching Grant Pro-gram from the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), the two organizations wereable to contribute to the many quality of life programs funded by the Injured MarineSemper Fidelis Fund. Founded in 2004, the IMSFF supports returning heroes and their families by pro-viding financial assistance for immediate and perpetuating needs, such as hospitalization,rehabilitation and recovery costs. More recently, IMSFF has been able to help with handi-cap home renovations, and handicap ready transportation, computers, and software.Pacific Marine CU and the Armed ForcesFinancial Network Donate $3,000to Help Injured MarinesKimberley DeLauro, Marketing Specialist
  3. 3. Once the storm had finally passed, the group was able to force the door openenough to yell for help from the first responders. Debris had piled up outside the doorand had to be cleared away before the 23 survivors could emerge from the vault. Whatthey saw made them thankful that they had been tucked safely inside that tight, claustro-phobic space. Outside the entire branch had been demolished by the strength of the storm. Aroundthem were piles of debris including several dozen cars that were totally destroyed andplanted on top of the debris pile. Their cars were gone along with most of their personalitems. The landscape around them was almost unrecognizable, but everyone was safeexcept for a few small cuts and bruises. This, of course, was only the beginning. Our security and facility teams began theprocess of securing what was left amid a scene of confusion and great loss of property andlives. Securing the vault and its contents was job number one. This was one of the morechallenging aspects of the recovery as most security details had been called into actionto secure the entire tornado scene. Securing the cash safe and cash dispensers, the twoATMs, plastic cards and relevant valuables became a 24 hour project for this team. I am happy to report we recovered everything of value. We were able to balanceeverything to almost the exact penny. Our insurance carrier showed up ready and willingto help, and our equipment supplier played a big role in opening all the damaged equip-ment. In less than a week, we had the debris removed and the lot cleared down to the dirt.Our plans are to rebuild this successful branch right back on the same spot, and you canbe sure we will construct another Class 1 Safe Deposit Box Vault. So, the message I have for everyone is that a good defense always starts with a strongoffense. Your Recovery Plans should try to take into account every situation possibleand should have the appropriate response steps lined out. Of course, ours did, but welearned from this experience that it was not complete. We are analyzing our responsecredit union-wide, but specifically what steps were best in our Moore Branch that day. People always play the most important role in any process, and that proved truein Moore that day. Our Branch Manager, Jan Davis, and our off-duty Moore policeofficer insured that we responded accordingly to the situation, assuring all 24 individualsthat the best place to be was the vault. That quick thinking and reaction to the designedplan insured that everyone survived to tell their story. So, get those plans done and communicated to your entire team. Your responseshould identify who should take charge at each level, including the chain of commandafter them. For us, many of our Senior Managers were on assignment away from ourcorporate offices. With a storm like this you lose most of your communication links, sothose present had to take charge of the situation. I was about a mile north of the storm and did not regain a communication linkuntil text messaging became active again. During that time, the responding team didnot know my status or that of several of the other Senior Managers. Those in charge did agreat job and stayed with the Recovery Plan. As far as Mother Nature, around here you never know about her. A week later sheunleashed another storm that spawned multiple tornados and took a path that affectednine more of our branches and those employees. Fortunately, it was not as powerful, andleft mostly a path of uprooted trees and downed power lines, but there was still a loss oflife and many were without power for several days. As far as support from the Credit Union industry, it has been nothing short ofmiraculous. We have received tens of thousands of dollars of direct support for our 35employees that experienced direct personal losses to their homes and personal prop-erty. Also, the Oklahoma Credit Union Foundation has received even larger amounts ofsupport to help all credit union employees throughout the area. It is great to be part ofthis fabulous credit union community. Our thanks go out to every one of you!VIEW FROM THE BOARD continued from page 1DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 31st Advantage FCU held its 61st AnnualBusiness Meeting on May 9, 2013.The meeting was led by President andCEO, Paul W. Muse and Chairman of theBoard of Directors, Tom Cameron. Thisyear’s meeting focused on 1st Advantageand its dedication and support to the localcommunity. In 2012 alone, 1st Advantagedonated over $90,000 to local communityorganizations. The meeting opened withthe election of the 2013 1st AdvantageBoard of Directors.1st Advantage is pleased to announce its2013-2014 Board of Directors:Tom Cameron – ChairmanSylvester McClellan – Vice ChairmanFred Blough – TreasurerBrenda Dawson – SecretaryPaul Adamo – DirectorMelissa Gutridge - DirectorLarry Smail - DirectorBlair Smith - DirectorAndrae Via - DirectorMichael Flanary – Director EmeritusBetty Wiggins – Director Emeritus 1st Advantage also awarded the2013 Directors’ Scholarships to four well-deserving Greater Peninsula high schoolstudents. In honor of their academicachievements, each student was presentedwith a check for $2,000.1st Advantage FCUHolds 61st AnnualBusiness MeetingJessica Dawson, Marketing SupervisorSign up for theoptional toursat the DCUCConference.See page 4 for details!GOT NEWS?Send your credit union news toBeth Merlo at bmerlo@dcuc.org.
  4. 4. 4 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.50TH ANNUAL DCUC CONFERENCEMoments in Greenbrier History—Final InstallmentJanet Sked, DCUC Conference ManagerConferenceOptional ToursThis year there will be no optional touron arrival. The Greenbrier offers so manywonderful experiences, so we wanted toprovide you with the opportunity to relaxand enjoy this incredible resort.Wednesday, August 143:00 – 5:00 p.m.The Greenbrier Bunker Declassi-fied—30 Years of History RevealedSign up for this complimentary tourbefore you arrive. The tour itself lastsfor half an hour and we must assign youinto a group prior to arrival. This is amust-see tour filled with so much in-credible history. You will walk throughthe actual bunker and experience whatit would have been like for the Congressmembers if they had been relocated to thistop-secret facility. It is a fascinating tourto experience. This tour is complimentaryto registered attendees and guests, butyou must sign up!Thursday, August 1510:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Cost is $200 per person based on a 15 per-son minimumLexington, Lee and Lunch!A visit to Lexington, Virginia is very spe-cial. Many of our members from the EastCoast may already have enjoyed a visit tothis great town, but for those of you fromacross the country, this is a great opportu-nity to visit this historic town filled withmilitary significance. We will drive aboutan hour east from The Greenbrier to visitthe restored home of Thomas “Stonewall”Jackson, followed by a memorable lunchin a local restaurant. You will then havean opportunity to visit the campus ofWashington and Lee University and visitthe Robert E. Lee Chapel, where GeneralLee lays in marble repose. There will alsobe time for a visit to the Virginia MilitaryInstitute (VMI) or to stroll through townfor some light shopping. If you would like to add one ofthese great tours to your itinerary, callthe DCUC office at 202-638-3950.The Greenbrier’s reputation as a prestigious meetings location for American business leaders has continued into the 21st century. A percentage of smaller groups andfamilies also increased and new additions to the resort in 2003 reflected the growth. ALobby Bar was created adjacent to the Upper Lobby and was quickly expanded toaccommodate continual growth. Howard’s Creek Lodge, assembled from historic logsnear the 16th green of The Old White Course, offers an opportunity for destination wed-dings and special occasions, to dine surrounded by manicured fairways and dramaticAllegheny Mountain vistas. In 2002, a four-year combination renovation and restoration of The Old WhiteGolf Course began. Richmond-based architect Lester George oversaw the rebuildingof the course guided by the principals developed 80 years earlier by American designer,Charles Blair Macdonald. A familiar but much more challenging Old White opened togreat acclaim for the 2006 season and Tom Watson (the Golf Pro Emeritus) hit the cere-monial first shot from the first tee box. As many of you may know, this is where famousgolf professionals now gather each July to play the Greenbrier Classic, a PGA TourFedEx Cup event. In 2009, Jim Justice purchased The Greenbrier from the CSX Corporation andhas given this historic property a new lease on life. And a year later, the new GreenbrierCasino Club opened to a celebrity-filled gala. Throughout these many changes over decades and generations, The Greenbrier hasremained a constant beacon in American business, social, family and golf circles. The richhistory and dimensions of luxury pervading the iconic resort have blended to culminatein the signature Greenbrier experience that has met visitors for centuries. This is the final installment in our “Moments in Greenbrier History.” We hopeyou have enjoyed a look back into the fascinating story of this wonderful hotel. Onceagain, many thanks must be accorded to the Greenbrier historian, Dr. Robert Contefor his assistance and support in preparation for these articles.The Greenbrier: America’s ResortWhile the 50th DCUC Annual Conference will focus on topics and speakers that arepertinent and important to all defense credit unions, we also hope you take advantage ofthis very special conference location. The Greenbrier has a history like none other andoffers opportunities to explore, learn and discover a multitude of things. Bask in the lo-cation where many of our distinguished Presidents have stayed, where our troops healedafter WWII, and where Congress would have been relocated if a terrible nuclear disasterhad befallen our nation. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience—not to be missed.SPECIAL NOTEPlease book your room reservationsas soon as possible. We have sold outof rooms at the $249 conference rateonly on Saturday night, August 10.While it is still possible to get roomsfor that night, rates may be higher andthe hotel is taking requests for a wait-list that may open up as we near ourconference dates. The Greenbrier Reservation Deadline is Friday, July 9, 2013. It will be herebefore you know it, so book today at our website: www.dcuc.org
  5. 5. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 5Scott CU recently presented a check for $2,500 to a representative fromMidwest Salute to the Arts to sponsorthis year’s 25th anniversary event that willbe held Aug. 23-25 in Fairview Heights. The event will be held at MoodyPark (Longacre Park) and is billed as oneof the premier art festivals in the nation,featuring artists from throughout thecountry. Scott CU Community RelationsRepresentative Jennifer Riebold present-ed the $2,500 check to event committeemember Sharon Kassing. “This is another opportunity for usto support our community and the peoplewho live here,” Riebold said. “We feel thatit is important that we do what we can tohelp with events here. We are very happyto be a sponsor of this premier event.” The Midwest Salute to the Arts is ajuried fine art festival featuring art from11 different mediums. The event alsofeatures entertainment, an interactive artarea for kids and a food court. For more information about theevent, visit www.midwestsalute.com.RIA FCU staff and Board of Directors would like to congratulate the win-ners of our Annual Scholarship Awards.Moline High School senior, ChandlerCox, and North Scott High School se-nior, Michael Haas, were each awarded$1,000 for the 2012-2013 school year.William O’Brien who attends MolineHigh School, was awarded the $1,000R.H. Mayers Scholarship Award. Thesethree young people, along with other ap-plicants, have achieved outstanding suc-cess in school, while also volunteeringendless time and effort in their communi-ties. Over the past 16 years, a total of over$39,000 has been given to exceptionalstudent members.Andrews FCU joined with the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) to present gift cards to the Joint Base Andrews Fisher House. Andrews Federal, along with AFFN,each presented $3,000 in gift cards, for a total of $6,000 in donations. The gift cards are distributed to families living at the Fisher House to help defraytravel costs and other necessities associated with daily living expenses. For wounded soldierstransitioning from the war zone, the gift cards are a welcomed resource for their fami-lies while they are getting medical treatment. Fisher House serves as a home-away-from-home for our military heroes by providing a calm and caring atmosphere where familiescan gain support and encouragement from each other.Scott CU to Sponsor2013 MidwestSalute to the ArtsAdam J. Koishor, Chief Marketing OfficerRIA AnnouncesScholarship WinnersKim Fein, Marketing DepartmentAndrews FCU Presents Gift Cardsto Joint Base Andrews Fisher HouseScott Bolden, Marketing Communications OfficerPatriotic Blanket to be RaffledOff to Support FundraiserThis beautiful knitted blanket was donated by Eileen Ehrsam from PenAir FCU to helpus raise funds for our injured troops by supporting the National Intrepid Center ofExcellence Satellite Centers being built at Ft. Belvoir, VA and Camp Lejeune, NC. Besure to buy your raffle ticket in the Showcase and you just might be able to take ithome with you. Thank you, Eileen! Photo courtesy PenAir FCU This year’s 50th Annual Conference theme is “Serving Those Who Serve OurCountry” and in my opinion, given the root cause of our existence, those six words speakvolumes of our storied past. They are our trademark and our foundation, and over the pastfive decades, those six words represent a lifetime of support to you, our members, and inessence to our Nation’s Profession of Arms! In August, we will be traveling from near and far, gathering at the Greenbrier, cele-brating the endless contributions of the Council; but more importantly, celebrating yourenduring and steadfast support of the Department of Defense establishment. For becauseof your founding fathers, who had the vision, courage, and leadership to create a council(in support of defense credit unions worldwide), we stand today, as proud as they stood inSeptember of 1963, when they as a body collectively ratified the establishment of DCUC! Our history is your history…and your history is ours, and together we will continueto make history and maintain, not as one, but as many, the trust and confidence imposedon us by our respective founders…and fulfill the cherished responsibility of “ServingThose Who Serve Our Country!”CEO UPDATE continued from page 1
  6. 6. 6 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.DCUC’s 50th Annual ConferenceAugust 12–15, 2013 • Greenbrier HotelWhite Sulphur Springs, WVThe 50th Annual Conference Preliminary Program is nowavailable. Go to www.dcuc.org to see more informationon guest packages, tours, and this year’s fundraiser.Hanscom FCU was proud to award $10,500 in scholarships at its 59thAnnual Meeting, with $1,500 awardsgoing to five credit union members be-ginning their college careers and twofrom a pair of local Air Force JuniorROTC units. The Condon scholarship recipi-ents were Emma Reidy of Norcross, VA;Kristen Vilcans of Littleton, MA; LarsonLinov of Arlington, MA; Cara Minnixof Oak Hill, VA; and Diana Kelley ofBeverley, MA. Named after former board mem-ber John F. Condon, a valued leader atHanscom FCU for 26 years, the schol-arships for Hanscom FCU members areawarded based on academic record, extra-curricular activities and an essay. The top graduates of the Low-ell High and Bedford High AFJROTCprograms, Grecia Aybar of Lowell, MA,and Rachel Aldorisio of Bedford, MA,also received $1,500 scholarships. “Every member of Hanscom FCUcan feel good about the support we’regiving these seven young membersnow,” said Chairman of the Board PaulMarotta. “It’s a great deal of fun to imag-ine what they might be doing just a fewyears from now.”Arkansas FCU was recently awarded the title of “Best Bank” by SYNC Weekly read- ers in their “Best of the Metro” Poll. SYNC is a free, weekly publication that’s dis-tributed throughout the Little Rock metro area, which includes Pulaski, Faulkner, Salineand Lonoke counties. This unique publication that includes everything from dining reviewsand news, to party pictures and music events, targets young, energetic, professionals. “We are so proud of this honor for many reasons—first, it’s great to know we standout enough in the marketplace to not only be nominated for this award, but to win!Another great thing is who voted for us. The younger demographic is a hard group to im-press, so this tells me we are reaching and impacting this group in a positive way,“ ArkansasFCU President/CEO Larry Biernacki said. Forty-eight percent of SYNC’s estimated59,700 readers are between the ages of 25 and 44. SYNC readers submitted their favorite locally owned restaurants, businesses,organizations, people, places and things. After the list was compiled, SYNC opened up thenominees to a readers’ poll. “The irony of a credit union winning best bank is not lost on us. We think it’s greatthat more and more young Arkansans are appreciating the benefits of credit union mem-bership,” Biernacki said.ACU Donates $3,000 to The Pointedu Hoc Foundation on Joint BaseLewis-McChord (JBLM)Amy Tiemeyer, Military Relations LiaisonHanscom FCU AwardsAnnual ScholarshipsPatricia Warden Conty, Hanscom FCUAmerica’s CU (ACU) was awarded the 2013 Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) matching grant as part of AFFN’s Military Community Support Program. Thecombined contribution was donated to the Pointe du Hoc Foundation on JBLM. Since ACU’s beginning in 1954, they have been an active part of the credit unioncommunity. America’s CU has participated in the AFFN Matching Grant Program forthe past two consecutive years, and collectively our organizations have contributed$6,000 to our US Service Members and their families through this unique partnership ingiving. Ken Leonard, ACU President/CEO, said “Sincere collaboration is the best way toimpact both our members and our community.” The mission of The Pointe du Hoc Foundation was established to construct andsustain a fitting memorial and to provide educational, financial and charitable supportfor Rangers and their families to honor the relentless courage, fortitude and selflesssacrifice of all who have served and supported the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Please visit thePointe du Hoc website to learn more: www.pointeduhocfoundation.com. The donation will be used to help complete the final phase of the memorial thathonors the 2nd Battalion Rangers killed in action and training. ACU has been an avidsupporter for many years now and is proud to contribute.Arkansas FCU Voted “Best Bank”by SYNC Weekly ReadersDenise Goforth, AVP/MarketingIf you are participating in our20th Annual VADM VincentLascara Golf Tournament onSunday, August 11, considerflying into Washington Dullesand leaving the driving to us!DCUC has arranged for aComplimentary Luxury Coachdeparting on Saturday, August10 and returning Thursday,August 15 from Washington,D.C. to The Greenbrier Hotel.Interested? Call the DCUCoffice at 202-638-3950 toreserve a seat. Sponsored byExecutive Benefits Solutions.
  7. 7. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 7Tower FCU announced today that it has received all necessary regulatoryapproval for a merger with the U.S. CoastGuard Community Credit Union (USC-GCCU). The expected merger date is June30, 2013. The Office of the MarylandCommissioner of Financial Regulationand the National Credit Union Adminis-tration (NCUA) approved the merger onApril 29, 2013. On February 28, USCGCCU mem-bers in attendance at a special meetingvoted overwhelmingly to merge with Tow-er. Members will automatically becomeTower members at the completion of themerger integration by the end of June. “This merger will strengthen andexpand the financial services availableto USCGCCU members,” says MartinBreland, Tower’s President and CEO.“Our new members will benefit fromTower’s expanded electronic services, withthe added convenience of Mobile Bank-ing, Mobile Apps, Mobile Deposit and anonline ATM/Branch locator. We look for-ward to welcoming USCGCCU membersto the Tower family and we are commit-ted to making the transition to Tower assmooth as possible.”Belvoir FCU and GEICO partnered together again in 2013 to award $4,000 in schol- arships to one graduating high school senior and one student continuing their edu-cation. Applicants were asked to answer three questions related to mobile banking andremote deposit capture (Deposit Everywhere Mobile), how Belvoir Federal was helpingmembers understand the importance of financial literacy and what could be done better,and the difference between any credit union and bank in relation to products and personalexperience. The answers received from pursuing candidates gave a better understandinginto the way Gen-X and Gen-Y perceive Belvoir Federal and the latest technologicaladvances in the financial industry. The recipients of the 2013 Belvoir Federal/GEICO Scholarships were TaylorMcManus and Jefferson Thompson. The graduating high school senior, Taylor, plans onattending Maryland Institute College of Art to pursue a degree in Illustration. The continu-ing education student, Jefferson, is attending Hampden-Sydney College to advance hiscareer in Medicine and Cardiology through his degree in Biology and Chemistry.The Security Service Charitable Foundation awarded USO South Texas, INC (USOSTX) with a $10,000 grant to support active duty military families at NavalAir Station Corpus Christi and Naval Air Station Kingsville. The check was presentedon behalf of the Foundation by Mike Martinez, senior vice president of military affairsfor Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) and Jim Bounds, area director of busi-ness development for SSFCU’s South Texas region and USOSTX board member. “We’re pleased to support deserving organizations, like the USO of South Texas,that make a positive difference in the lives of military members and their families,”said Jim Laffoon, Security Service president. “This donation is a small token of ourappreciation for all that our military men and women do for this country.” “The grant from the Security Service Charitable Foundation is most appreciated aswe are upgrading our computer systems that are used by our troops for air training or tosend a loving message home to mom or a special someone,” stated Nancy Allen, USOPresident and CEO. “There are many ways the USO serves our military and withoutthe continued support of dedicated sponsors like Security Service things would be veryquiet in our USO Center.” The Security Service Charitable Foundation helps to further SSFCU’s corporategoal of community service by contributing to deserving organizations and causes in thecredit union’s market areas. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Security Service is anindustry-leading financial institution with $7 billion in assets and 70 locations in Texas,Colorado and Utah. The credit union is among the top 10 credit unions in the nationand is the largest in Texas.$4,000 in Annual Education ScholarshipsAwarded by Belvoir FederalAmy McConnell, MBA, Digital Marketing & Public Relations ManagerSecurity Service Charitable FoundationAwards Grant to USO South TexasNancy Allen, President & CEO, USO South TexasTower FCU ReceivesFinal Approval toMerge with U.S.Coast Guard CCUCarla Burger, Senior MarketingCommunications WriterJoin us in wild and wonderful West Virginia for dynamicspeakers, important educational sessions, and networking events.50th Annual DCUC ConferenceAugust 12–15, 2013 • Greenbrier Hotel • White Sulphur Springs, WVAGOT NEWS?Send news aboutyour credit unionto Beth Merlo atbmerlo@dcuc.org.
  8. 8. 8 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.At Keesler FCU’s 2013 Annual Mem- bership Meeting the followingwere re-elected to the 2013-2014 creditunion Board of Directors, Richard Moss,Jaime Perronne and Jon Rivera. The cred-it union’s dedicated Board of Directorsserves as volunteers. The 2013-2014 Board of Directorsare as follows:James Hollingsworth, ChairmanJerry Caldwell, Vice ChairmanAdrien Augustine, TreasurerJamie Perronne, SecretaryCynthia Payne Childers, MemberRichard Moss, MemberJon Rivera, MemberJosie King, Associate Board Member The Board appointed the followingmembers to the Supervisory Committee:Bobby Landry, ChairmanMike LadnerAllan L. MickschJosie KingGregory ToddLeft to right: Service CU Assistant Vice President of the Contact Center Larry Stuk-er, David’s House Executive Director Dawn Stanhope, Service CU Vice President ofMember Services Dan Clarke, David’s House President Emeritus Dick Cyr, ServiceCU Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Branch Manager Frank Klymm and ServiceCU Assistant Vice President of Member Services Richard Martell. Photo courtesyService CUService CU Donates $25,000to David’s HouseLori Holmes, Assistant Vice President of MarketingKeesler FederalAnnounces 2013-2014 Board ofDirectors andSupervisoryCommitteeNell Schmidt, Director BusinessRepresentatives from Service CU were on hand recently to present a $25,000 contribu- tion to David’s House in Lebanon, N.H., as part of the Keeping David’s Promisecampaign. David’s House provides a home-away-from-home and support for the familiesof children receiving treatment at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-HitchcockMedical Center. The campaign focuses on adding four additional bedrooms, building anendowment and securing annual, operational support. “David’s House is truly appreciative of the generosity of Service CU and its com-mitment to the Lebanon and Hanover communities. We are an independent non-profitorganization and rely on the support of such organizations such as Service CU to keep ourdoors open every day to families who need housing during their child’s hospitalization,”says Dawn Stanhope, David’s House Executive Director. David’s House was founded in the memory of a young boy named David Cyrwho passed away at the age of five from leukemia. During David’s frequent visits to thechildren’s hospital, at that time in Hanover, NH, his father, Dick, met many parents whoslept in their cars or in chairs in their child’s hospital room, unable to afford any length ofstay at a nearby hotel and unwilling to leave their child’s side. Likewise, each time David was discharged, he begged his parents to take the otherkids in the pediatric departments with them to their safe, comfortable home in nearbyVermont. David passed away on September 8, 1984 and within a week, the Cyrs andtheir friends and family were raising money for David’s House. David’s own $300.78in birthday money and spare change became the seed money of this home-away-from-home, and on January 20, 1986, David’s House in Lebanon opened its doors. “This donation will help David’s House to continue providing a safe and comfortableenvironment during a difficult time for families,” says Gordon Simmons, President/CEOof Service CU. “We are pleased to provide this donation to David’s House and help theLebanon community where we have two branches. David’s House offers vital assistance toparents and family members whose only wish is to remain close to their loved ones.” Since the doors of David’s House opened, over 12,000 families have called it theirhome-away-from-home. Countless others have used the house on a day-guest basis—fora shower, a nap, a meal, or any other service they provide apart from an overnight room.For the latestcredit unionnews, visitwww.dcuc.org.
  9. 9. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 9Scott CU recently presented a check for $1,000 to representatives fromthe National Children’s Cancer Societyto sponsor this fall’s NCCS Charity Runto be held Sept. 14 at SIUE. The event will feature a 5K run withmedals being awarded for first, second,and third place in several age categories. Scott CU Community RelationsRepresentative Lauren Hoefert presentedthe $1,000 check to NCCS Develop-ment Manager Tricia Collins. “This is another opportunity forus to support our community and thepeople who live here,” Hoefert said. “Wefeel that it is important that we do whatwe can to help this very worthy cause.We are very happy to be able to helpraise money to support the work thatNCCS does in our area.” For more information about theNCCS 5K Charity Run Presented byScott Credit Union, visit the NationalChildren’s Cancer Society web site atwww.thenccs.org/5Kcharityrun.On Thursday, April 23, Fort Campbell FCU continued to show their support for the military by treating Active Duty Military and their families to a complimentarymovie. For the past six years, Fort Campbell FCU has sponsored Warrior Week MovieNight at the Great Escape Movie Theatre. This year 453 active duty soldiers and familymembers came out for the movie The Croods by Dream Works. In addition to the movie,every child went home with a special gift. Movie Night is a favorite among the Credit Union employees as it allows them toshow their appreciation to those who are serving our country. Credit Union member-ship is available to anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Montgom-ery or Stewart counties in Tennessee or Christian, Trigg or Todd counties in Kentucky.The Credit Union believes in actively showing support for our soldiers and their familiesand is already looking forward to next year’s Warrior Week events.Warren FCU SupportsBike to Work DayMichele Bolkovatz, CommunityRelations ManagerSAN ANTONIO, TX—Security Service FCU (SSFCU) is pleased to announce thepromotion of Priscilla Palmer to branch manager of its 410/Rigsby location. In her newposition, she will be responsible for the overall operation of the branch, including cashoperations, member service and facility maintenance. Palmer holds a Bachelor’s degreein Human Resources from St. Mary’s University and a Master’s degree in Business Man-agement from the University of Phoenix. She joined SSFCU as a senior member servicerepresentative in 2001 and has since held positions of increased responsibility, most recentlyserving as assistant manager at the credit union’s highway 90 branch… YORKTOWN,VA—1st Advantage FCU is pleased to announce that Matthew Turner has joined thecredit union as the newest Relationship Manager for their Newtown and Sentara Branchlocations. Matthew has six years of experience in the financial industry. As RelationshipManager, Matthew will help oversee operations at the branch as well as focus on develop-ing, growing and retaining relationships with members and business partners.BELLEVUE, NE—SAC FCU has opened opened a full-service credit union facility in-side the Peony Park Hy-Vee Supermarket located at 7910 Cass Street, Omaha, Nebraska.This new branch, the 10th in-store location and 21st branch location, is a reflection of theCredit Union’s strong growth and a result of its strategic expansion plans. The new facilityoffers extended evening and weekend hours, including Sundays, and provides a completerange of consumer financial services. A ribbon cutting was held Wednesday, May 22.DEFENSE CREDIT UNIONS IN THE NEWS…DEFENSE CREDIT UNION PEOPLE IN THE NEWS…Hundreds Come Out for Warrior WeekMovie NightSusan Dickinson, Membership Development DirectorOn Saturday, May 4, Fort Campbell FCU employees braved the stormy weather and helped 151 local households reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud whilehelping the environment. Cintas was on hand to receive the sensitive documents oflocal residents with just over 8,100 pounds of shred. Cintas takes the shredded paper tobe recycled into secondary paper products such as paper towels and tissue which helpsprotect our natural resources.151 Households Take Advantageof Free Shred Day EventVickilynn Gillette, Membership Development SpecialistScott CU toSponsor NCCSCharity Run inEdwardsvilleAdam J. Koishor, Chief Marketing OfficerWarren FCU, Wyoming’s most con- venient credit union, provided acontinental breakfast for Bike to WorkDay on Wednesday, June 19 at three War-ren locations. Bike to Work Day is cele-brated nationally and is supported locallyby Cheyenne Cycling Club and WarrenFederal Credit Union. “We believe inhelping our community to be physicallyhealthy as well as financially healthy,” saidStephanie Teubner, President/CEO.GOSend news about yourcredit union to Beth Merloat bmerlo@dcuc.org.
  10. 10. 10 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.Army Aviation Center FCU (AAC- FCU) is proud to award ten $1,000scholarships to area high school seniors.Scholarship winners competed againstmore than 75 other students from AACF-CU’s service area and scored as the topten candidates. Applicants were judged onacademic achievement, extra-curricularactivities and essay responses. “We were extremely impressed withthe high caliber of students that applied,”said Lisa Hales, AACFCU Vice Presidentof Marketing. “We are very proud to helpthese students further their education.” Scholarship winners are as follows: Trey Davis, Enterprise, AL: Gradu-ate of Enterprise High School attendingIndiana State University Patricia Decker, Dothan, AL: Grad-uate of Northside Methodist Academyattending Union University Tyra Griffin, Brundidge, AL: Gradu-ate of Pike County High School attendingTroy University Olivia Hudson, Troy, AL: Graduateof Charles Henderson High School at-tending Auburn University Seth Hundley, Enterprise, AL: Grad-uate of Enterprise High School attendingTroy University Alexis Lee, Dothan, AL: Gradu-ate of Northview High School attendingTroy University Oanh Nguyen, Samson, AL: Gradu-ate of Samson High School attendingAuburn University at Montgomery Vanessa Robinson, Enterprise, AL:Graduate of Tallulah Falls School attend-ing Amherst College Andie Stokes, Dothan, AL: Graduateof Northview High School attending theUniversity of Alabama Sky Warganich, Enterprise, AL:Graduate of Enterprise High School at-tending Troy University Army Aviation Center FCU offersten $1,000 scholarships to high schoolseniors each spring. A student must bea member of AACFCU to be eligible toapply.Volunteers from Tower FCU and the Gilbane Building Company teamed up April 27at the Prince George’s County Christmas in April event to help with home repairs inLaurel, MD for a disabled Navy veteran. Photo courtesy Tower FCUTower FCU Employees Help RenovateHome for Navy VeteranNatasha Henry, Tower FCUAteam of 46 volunteers from Tower FCU and the Gilbane Building Company partic- pated in the Prince George’s County Christmas in April event on April 27, 2013.Christmas in April is a national nonprofit that rehabilitates homes for low-incomehomeowners, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities. The team of volunteers arrived early on a Saturday at the home of a disabled Navyveteran living in Laurel, MD, and put in a full-day’s work providing much-needed repairs.The first-time homeowner was overwhelmed with a number of serious home repairs—primarily roof and foundation leaks—that resulted in as much as two feet of water after aheavy rainfall. The volunteers repaired roof leaks, replaced a storm door, installed a new frontporch, repaired and painted the back porch, repaired gutters, removed dead bushes andtrees in the front yard, and added new flower beds. In addition, the team re-secured anareaway wall—the toughest task to complete that day. “Thanks to everyone’s hard work and support, the homeowner now has a fresh startin her new home,” says Ramona Riordan, an employee at Tower who coordinated theTower and Gilbane volunteer team. “Thanks again to all of the volunteers and tradecontractors. This could not have been done without the generosity and care from each andevery person involved.”Army AviationCenter FCU AwardsScholarships toLocal StudentsLisa Hales, AACFCUTwo seats on the DCUC Board of Directors will be filled at the annual business meeting at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV, Wednesday, August 14.The regular three-year term of the Marine Corps Representative and a Representative-at-Large expire this year. At this writing, David Davis, the incumbent Marine CorpsRepresentative will not be seeking re-election. Denise Floyd, the incumbent Representa-tive-at-Large, will be seeking re-election.Two Directors of the DCUC Board toBe Elected at Annual Conference
  11. 11. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 11Navy FCU is sharing financial advice for members and U.S. federal government employees facing a loss of income due to sequestration. “Being prepared as early as possible and making sure your finances are in ordercan help you adjust to a reduced paycheck,” says Claudia Warszawski, personal financemanager at Navy Federal. “It’s so important to follow a sound budget plan. It won’t beeasy, but every dollar saved can help you live comfortably within your new means.” Navy Federal offers the following expert advice for individuals and families facedwith a sudden loss of income in the upcoming weeks and months:1. Set a Budget and Cut Unnecessary ExpensesNavy Federal recommends the first step when anticipating a loss of income is to assessyour current financial situation. Review your new monthly income and subtract all antici-pated, recurring living expenses, including credit payments. Adjustments are necessary ifthe resulting number is negative or too low for your comfort.“Examine your weekly expenditures for areas where you can cut expenses such asdining out or entertainment,” says Warszawski. “Eliminating daily coffee trips, cablesubscriptions and take-out lunches can put more money back into your wallet.” For necessities such as groceries, cut costs by buying generic items, eliminatingjunk food and shopping at discount stores. Look for other areas that can be trimmed, too,like refinancing major loans and lowering monthly payments.2. Adjust Your Means of Transportation“With gas prices hovering near $4 per gallon (depending on your location), your commuteto work can be costly. Taking public transportation or finding a carpooling partner canhelp you save,” says Warszawski. For instance, paying $40 a week in gas totals $160 each month. Cutting the week-ly cost in half to $20 by taking public transportation or carpooling amounts to $80 permonth. Over six months, that’s a saving of $480. Over a year, you’ll save $960. Addition-ally, less driving also means less ‘wear and tear’ on your vehicle and fewer trips for costlymaintenance and repairs. If carpooling or public transportation is not an option, seek out ways to get bettermileage on your current vehicle or trade for a more fuel-efficient one. The U.S. Departmentof Energy’s website features a variety of fuel economy tips and vehicle comparisons.3. Make it a Family GoalTeaching the value of a dollar can be more meaningful when the entire family getsinvolved. If you have a spouse and children, it’s extremely important that they understandand assist in the new savings goal. “Share with them your new financial challenges, stressing that everyone can play animportant role. Bringing bag lunches to school, game nights at home, and free outdooractivities can all help the family save,” says Warszawski. If there are teenagers in the house, their involvement is even easier. With summerapproaching, help them find a part-time job where a portion of their income can becontributed to family expenses. Additionally, everyone can participate in organizing a yardsale. Plan one, and you’ll end up reducing clutter and getting paid in the end. Having a family discussion about finances isn’t easy. But, it will be a valuable lesson—especially for younger children—in teaching solid money habits.4. Talk to CreditorsIf in the end you find yourself still unable to pay some or all of your bills, contact yourcreditors immediately. Explain to them your financial situation and request informationabout their hardship programs where you may be eligible for temporary deferment orpayment reductions.$150,000 Raised forUSO and Hope forThe Warriors®Ceci Markwick, AVP MarketingAfter two years of dedicated service to the Defense Credit Union Council,Jenny Kenney, our Executive Assistant,has departed our ranks. Jenny has accepted another positionminutes from her home and her threebeautiful children versus 35-40 milesaway with an hour and a half commuteeach day…one way.  Quality of life (es-pecially in DC) is paramount to all else,and by accepting this job, Jenny increasedher quality of life tenfold! Thanks for ajob well done, Jenny. Please join us in wishing Jenny thevery best in her new career. Navy FCU Shares Financial Advice for ThoseFacing Income Loss Due to SequestrationAdam DeSanctis, Corporate CommunicationsDCUC Bids a FondFarewell to Jenny KenneyBeth Merlo, DCUC Director forAdministrationIn a charity golf tournament that isbooked solid two months prior to theevent, Marine FCU once again, broketheir fund raising record at their 19th An-nual Charity Golf Tournament! Betweensponsors and players, a total of $150,000was raised for Hope for the Warriors® andthe Jacksonville USO … each receivinga check for $75,000. Next year’s tourna-ment is slated for April 25.
  12. 12. First Class MailUS PostagePAIDAnnapolis, MDPermit 163Defense Credit Union Council601 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Suite 600 SWashington, D.C. 20004-2601For the latest creditunion news, visitwww.dcuc.orgor scan theQR code below:Army AviationCenter FCUDonates $17,729to the CysticFibrosis FoundationLisa Hales, AACFCUPictured is AACFCU’s children’s sav-ings account mascot Kirby Kanga-roo with part of AACFCU’s donationpresented at the CFF Great StridesWalk in Dothan, AL. Photo courtesyAACFCUArmy Aviation Center FCU (AAC- FCU) donated $17,729 to the CysticFibrosis Foundation (CFF) after a com-pany-wide fundraising campaign in Apriland May. Because of the generosity ofAACFCU employees and members,$12,729 was raised in donations while theCredit Union donated an additional $5,000to the Foundation. “We would like to thank our membersand employees for supporting this organiza-tion,” said Lisa Hales, AACFCU vice presi-dent of marketing. “Being involved in thecommunity is very important to the CreditUnion, and we are grateful for the opportu-nity and support that allows us to be here.”