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Through use of social media platforms you can access information about jobs, network with people in your industry (or in a new industry), and gain insights to companies and organizations that are hiring.

Job seekers able to use social media in a professional manner have a distinct advantage over those who ignore social media. This seminar will provide keys to building your career search strategy and the knowledge to:

• Apply Social Media and technology concepts for professional career search use.
• Determine the effective ways to use tools and platforms for facebook, twitter, linkedin and other platforms based on your career goals.
• Develop a strategy and best practice guide for your job search.

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  • Back in the day… mail in resume. Walk in applications. Newspaper adds. 1990’s – the wonder of fax machines… Today – Big job boards are dying. Job Search Aggregators. Search Engines.
  • Do a quick search… There are thousands of jobs available
  • Ok, so it’s not that easy…
  • ATS and HRIS applications that take hours to complete… Easy to get lost in the cobwebs of the internet… ENTER: Social Media.
  • A little reverse engineering:Where do companies find their employees? Look at “Employee Referral”, “Career Site” and “Other”.So you need to: know someone (How do I meet them?) [They’re probably on social media!] know how to get notifications from the career site. (There are so many to keep up with and most aren’t well organized) [Social media searches] Figure out what other is (yeah… ok) [Other could be “I forgot, social media, google)
  • Look at “Employee Referral”, “Career Site” and “Other”.So you need to: know someone (How do I meet them?) [They’re probably on social media!] know how to get notifications from the career site. (There are so many to keep up with and most aren’t well organized) [Social media searches] Figure out what other is (yeah… ok) [Other could be “I forgot, social media, google)
  • Social Media – NEW in 2011. Again look at Referrals.
  • If you recognize this meme… You’ll be just fine. If you don’t there’s still hope! It’s not hard. Set a specific amount of time daily. Familiarize yourself with the tools. If you get stuck… ask your kids.
  • No one will do this for you (Well, maybe if you pay well). Either way, you’ll have to determine, what platforms you want to use and what message you want to convey. Not having a presence makes a statement.
  • Purpose = who do you want to connect with? Where can you find those people? What companies are you interested in? Where do they advertise?
  • Privacy Settings: Familiarize yourself with these! Publish what you want.
  • Have fun!
  • Job search using social media

    1. 1. Optimize your Job Search using Social Media Jennifer Novak, PHR
    2. 2. More than you probably want to know about me… Experience -Human Resources - benefits, payroll, on-boarding, off-boarding, employee relations, training, internal communications, policy/ procedure and recruiting. -Recruiting - information technology, , graphic design supply chain and distribution, manufacturing, textiles, pharmaceutics, call centers, legal, accounting, finance, healthcare, aerospace and engineering. -Social Media - Yes… Keep reading. Formal Education -PHR Certified (Professional in Human Resources) -BS degree in Psychology. -MBA in progress at Webster University Blah, blah, blah, etc. Volunteer -#JobHuntChat Co-Moderator -Social Media/Blog Team Coordinator - HR Florida State Conference -VP Programs - SHRMA (Suncoast Human Resources Management Association)
    3. 3. Stuff I Do
    4. 4. So you’re looking for a new job… Pre-80s: Mailing in resumes, Walk-in application, Newspaper ads 1980s-1990s - Fax Machines 2000s – Big Job Boards (Careerbuilder, Monster, Yahoo job and Hotjobs 2010s – The rise of the search engine & aggregators
    5. 5. Good news! There are 18,954 jobs listed in Tampa, FL on Yeah… Sure…. if only it was that simple…
    6. 6. Just do a quick search… You’ll find something soon.
    7. 7. ATS applications that take hours to complete… Waiting to hear back after applying… Waiting to hear back after interviews…. Sound familiar?
    8. 8. It’s all about perspective So how to you turn this: to this:
    9. 9. A little reverse engineering Where do companies find their employees?
    10. 10. Where are companies finding people?
    11. 11. Where are companies finding people?
    12. 12. Fear of Social Media
    13. 13. Social Media will take a lot of time. I don’t know where to start. Social Media will be too hard to learn. My kids play on Social Media. How can it have value for me.
    14. 14. Other Social Media Stats Are people on social networks actually social? • Social networking sites are increasingly used to keep up with close social ties • The average user of a social networking site has more close ties and is half as likely to be socially isolated as the average American • Facebook users are more trusting than others Facebook users have more close relationships • Internet users get more support from their social ties and Facebook users get the most support
    15. 15. Who is managing your brand? If you don’t manage your brand online, who will?
    16. 16. OK, I’ll hop on the Bandwagon… Now what to I do…
    17. 17. What is your purpose?
    18. 18. Reverse Engineering your Job Search
    19. 19. LinkedIn + Facebook + Twitter + Instagram = a really good start!
    20. 20. LinkedIn Use Method • Personal Profile • Send personal invites to those you know or if you have a reason to connect • Groups will enable you to connect with more people • Share industry related articles & news • Recommend others you have worked closely with and expertise with those you haven’t. • Make sure to update your profile periodically. • Follow company profiles for job listings. • Search jobs (don’t forget those in the groups). – 1st, 2nd & 3rd connections – Connect with groups – Updates, recom mendations & expertise – Company Profiles
    21. 21. Facebook Use • Personal Accounts • Follow companies Method • Manage your privacy settings. • Update work history. • Follow companies you want to know more about. • Research companies – what do they post? How do they operate? What can you tell about how they value employees? • Contact companies sparingly. • Use common sense: Don’t complain about their hiring process on their page!
    22. 22. Twitter Use Method • Personal Accounts • • • • • – Bio – Locations – Settings • Business Accounts Posting frequency Follower Ratios @Mentions #hashtags RT @Mentions #Hashtag
    23. 23. Social Media Management Tools
    24. 24. Instagram Use Method • Personal Accounts • Update your bio to include career info (job title, industry, etc) • Follow companies you are interested in and look for recruiting accounts. • @Mentions • #hashtags – Bio – Locations – Settings • Company Accounts Bonus Point Section!
    25. 25. Forrester’s 4-Step approach to set social strategy • People – Assess your customers’ social activities • Objectives – Decide what you want to accomplish • Strategy – Plan for how relationships with customers will change • Technology – Decide which social technologies to use
    26. 26. Overwhelmed?
    27. 27. References Profile websites • • Social Media Management • • Twitter Hashtag Trackers • •
    28. 28. Questions?
    29. 29. Thanks for Sticking Around! Let’s Connect: