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Properties of 3 d shapes


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Properties of 3 d shapes

  1. 1. What is a 3-D Shape?This is a cube height lengthIt has 3 dimensions – length, height and depth.All 3-D shapes are solids.
  2. 2. Labelling the Parts of a 3-D ShapeA Cube Edge – a line where two faces Face – the flat meetsurface of a 3-D shapeA cube has: 6 faces Vertex (vertices) – the point 8 vertices where three or more faces meet (corner) 12 edges
  3. 3. The Shapes you need to Know SPHERE CONE SQUARE-BASED PYRAMID Click on each shape to find out more about CUBE it! CYLINDERLook at this one first! CUBOID TRIANGULAR REGULAR PRISM TETRAHEDRON
  4. 4. Cuboid Key Feature Six faces which are all rectangles. Faces 6 Vertices 8 Edges 12 Can you work out how many faces, vertices and edges I have? Click to check your answers…Click on me to check outother shapes…
  5. 5. Cube Key Feature Six faces which are all squares. Faces 6 Vertices 8 Edges 12Remember to work out how manyfaces, vertices and edges I havebefore clicking to check youranswers…
  6. 6. Triangular Prism Key Feature A prism with a triangular cross-section. Faces 5 Vertices 6 Edges 9 What’s a prism?Click here to find out…
  7. 7. Prisms• A prism is a special kind of 3D shape .• Prisms have two ends which are exactly the same shape and size.• If a prism is sliced parallel to one of its ends then the new exposed ends will be exactly the same as the old ones.• A prism is the same shape and size all the way through. Examples of prisms: Hexagonal Prism Triangular Prism
  8. 8. Regular Tetrahedron Key Feature Four faces which are all equilateral triangles. Faces 4 Vertices 4 Edges 6
  9. 9. Sphere Key Feature Every point on the surface of the sphere is the same distance from the centre.Faces, Vertices and CornersThe normal definitions of faces, vertices and edges are notappropriate for a sphere
  10. 10. Cylinder Key Feature A prism with a circular cross-section. Faces, Vertices and Edges The normal definitions of faces, vertices and edges are not appropriate for a cylinder.
  11. 11. ConeKey FeatureThe point of the cone is directlyabove the centre of the circularbase.Faces, Vertices and EdgesThe normal definitions of faces,vertices and edges are notappropriate for a cone.
  12. 12. Square-Based PyramidKey Feature Faces 5A shape with a square base and Vertices 5triangular sides that meet at a point. Edges 8
  13. 13. Nets of 3D Shapes
  14. 14. Check this out!1. 3D Shapes 1 - this is a game of matching pairs.2. Can you arrange the shapes below in a chain so that each one shares a face (or faces) that are the same shape as the one that follows it? (The faces do not have to be the same size.)