Evaluating sources


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Evaluating sources

  1. 1. Mermaid Skeleton Found in Bulgaria You may have seen this image floating around on Facebook or another social media – a mermaid skeleton has been discovered and is said to predate the Great Flood over 8 thousand years ago. The discovery was made near Sozopol Beach in Bulgaria by a Professor Dimitrov (pictured). Think about it… What is your reaction to this image and story? Have you seen this on the Internet already? It looks authentic, and facts are stated. How can we know if it’s true or not?
  2. 2. Mermaid Skeleton a HOAX The skeleton image is, in fact, a hoax. The photograph was digitally altered from the original photo (below, left) of a skeleton excavated in Ireland. The mermaid skeleton photo was created by a contestant in a Photo Effects contest. He won 6th place. Images like this one and many, many others are products of a Web 2.0 world where content is being created by anyone. It begs the question: How do we know what information to trust?