What is Derma Rolling?


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What is Derma Rolling?

  1. 1. What is Derma Rolling? Derma Rolling is a cosmetic anti-aging to godeeper into several layers of the skin.procedure that uses a medical device to createpunctures in the skin to allow betterabsorption of derma serum and othercosmetic products used on the skin. Theprocedure opens the pores of the skin to allowthe cosmetics As we grow older, our skin pores get cloggedand as a result, despite using all theprescribed products for anti-aging, we see nodifference. The reason is that these cosmeticproducts remain on the outer surface of theskin, and don’t get a chance to act on the cellsof the deeper layers of the skin, and so theunderfed skin is unable to fight the signs ofaging. http://www.mtsroller.com/
  2. 2. What is a Derma Roller? A Derma Roller is a medical device that features heavy duty plastic roller head covered inhigh quality titanium/steel/plastic needles. These needles are designed to penetrate thestratum corneum, conium, which is the hard outer surface of the epidermal layer of theskin, body as well as scalp. The needles create hundreds of tiny channels in the stratum toopen the pores of the deeper lay bv bnvb ers of the skin. Once these pores open, theapplication of all your skin care products will be more effective. Your skin will be able tocure wrinkles, pigmentation and other skin conditions arising with age.
  3. 3. Different Derma Rollers available in the market Dr Roller :- This is a skin roller with 192 gammasterilized surgical steel micro needles that gently open thepores of your skin. MTS Roller:- MTS Rollers are available in severalmodels with the over 1000 titanium needles that effectivelypenetrate through the epidermal layer of the skin to open thedeeper pores ZGTS Roller :- The ZGTS Roller is another popularDerma Roller brand. Again like the MTS Roller, it comes indifferent models for different uses.
  4. 4. How to use Derma RollerDerma rolling is the cosmetic procedure that lets you effectively fight against skin aging.It works on a dual basis – one, it leads to an increased production of collagen in theskin, which helps in keeping the skin firm, elastic and supple; and second, it opens thepores of the skin to allow better absorption of the skin care products. Home Use Vs Hospital UseThe first question that most people have is whether derma rolling can be carried out athome, or hospital? Actually, derma rolling is possible at home, and in hospitals too; thedifference lies in the use of the needles.http://www.mtsroller.com/
  5. 5. Different Micro-Needles Lengths for Different Skin Treatments Better absorption of skin careproducts Wrinkle treatment and Lose Skin Sun Damage and Pigmentation Scars, Stretch marks, and acnescars Derma Roller for Daily Use Do Not Use Derma Rollerwithout Applying Cream
  6. 6. How to use MTS derma roller at homeSteps that you can follow when using derma rollers athome are:• Cleanse the area of the skin that needs treatment with lukewarm water. Apply asteam towel to open the pores, and tap your skin with a skin-toner.• Use the MTS Derma Roller, and choose the needle thickness carefully as statedabove. After the rolling is over, tap the skin with ample moisturizer.• Use the roller twice a week for 10-15 minutes. Use a crisscross motion forapplication. First roll it top to bottom, then left to right.
  7. 7. What Are The Benefits Of Derma Roller?Derma Rolling is the cosmeticprocedure that slows down theaging process of the skin byenhancing the production ofcollagen and skin’s ability toabsorb skin care products.Benefits of derma rolling thatnaturally helps you to keeplooking young; we know you’rewondering how you should bepurchasing derma rollingproducts from the internet.Read on, there’s more.
  8. 8. Derma Rolling and Hyper-PigmentationWhen the skin is exposed to the sun, it automatically starts producing moremelanin, which absorbs UV and prevents the skin from damage. Derma Rolling and Hypo-Pigmentation : Hypo-pigmentation is the absence ofmelanocytes or the melanin producing cells. Derma Rolling and Acne Scars: Derma Rolling is an effective way of getting rid of thehorrible acne scars we have. But, since it involves single needling, it may take longer than other dermarolling treatments. Derma Rolling and Sun Burns: Derma rollers are highly effective in treating sun burnt skin. Needling and sagged skin: When we talk about derma rolling and sagged skin, we’re talkingabout only mild sags. Past pregnancy sagging, for example cannot be treated with derma rolling. Click For Reed More Information:http://dermarollerus.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1.html
  9. 9. How to Buy and Things to Consider When Buying Derma Roller OnlineDerma Rolleris extremely useful in fighting againstpremature aging by encouraging the production ofcollagen and by helping the skin in better absorptionof skin care products. We also discussed whether it canbe used at home, and if yes, how it can be used athome.
  10. 10. How to Buy Derma Roller Online?Most online portals selling dermarollers like MTSRoller.comrequire registering with them.Once you’re a registeredmember, you can browse throughthe collection of derma rollingproducts, add them to thecart, choose your payment optionthen wait for the delivery of yourproducts at the given dates.
  11. 11. Things to Consider While Buying Derma Roller OnlineSince buyers will not be seeing the derma rolling productsfor real before they order it online, they must make surethey keep the following points in mind• The website must carry only authentic products fromauthorized brand dealers.• Products must carry some verification from themanufacturers to authenticate their quality and price.• These days the market is flooded with cheap derma rollersfrom various unverified manufacturers in the world. Read More Details: http://www.digitaldividenetwork.org/How-to-Buy-and-Things-to-Consider-When-Buying-Derma-Roller-Online.html