Social Media Opportunity For Winemakers


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Presentation created for the Wine Institute, the public policy advocacy group of more than 1,100 California wineries and affiliated businesses that initiate and advocate state, federal and international public policy to enhance the environment for the responsible production, consumption and enjoyment of wine. The Wine Institute membership represents 85 percent of U.S. wine production and 90 percent of U.S. wine exports. Omitted from this presentation is a proprietary case study of one of the member organizations as an example of what could be done to optimize programs. Presented at the Wine Institute (425 Market St # 1000) in San Francisco on October 16, 2009.

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  • Include buttons to add the social media press releases to services such as, StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit can be done through a ShareThis or AddThis button. Technorati tags are also helpful here.
    Presentations, optimally presented as embedded media via or
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  • Social Media Opportunity For Winemakers

    1. 1. Social Media Means Business Presented By Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institute Social Media Strategist. Speaker. Broadcaster. Consultant. | | BlogTalkRadio/JenniferLindsay LinkedIn: | Facebook: October 16, 2009
    2. 2. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu2 Agenda Benefits and Best Practices Where to Start Understanding Your Online Thumbprint Why You Should Care About Your Online Presence
    3. 3.  Why You Should Care About Your Online Presence The New Marketplace
    4. 4. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu4 It’s All About Being ‘Found’ The Power of Search “Small rectangular pieces of cardstock with your name, phone number and company logo are going the way of the land line, compact disc, and yellow pages. It's pretty simple: Google is the new business card.”  Gina Trapani, Harvard Business August 10, 2009
    5. 5.  Understanding Your Online Thumbprint Can You Be Found By Buyers?
    6. 6. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu6 The Online Thumbprint Online Presence Audit Methodology  The Online Presence Audit is a benchmark document that reveals your online thumbprint by examining:  Where and you’re represented in social media and other key areas on the Web.  How you size up against your top competitors, and appear in your market and/or verticals.  Opportunities!
    7. 7.  Where to Start The Importance of Strategy
    8. 8. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu8 Social Media Strategy  Social media must be treated as any other marketing or public relations practice and be goal- driven.  Each social media tool should be used tactically.  Without a strategic through-line, it is impossible to grow or mature social media program.  User engagement cannot be holistically leveraged if social media programs do not logically connect to action.  Measurement must be key from the get go.
    9. 9. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu9 Content Strategy  Content is key to search engine rankings and how influencers interact with your brand.  Create an editorial calendar of topics that target your influencers and is seasonal.  Diversify content types to draw different crowds to your site, e.g. text, audio and video.
    10. 10.  Benefits and Best Practices
    11. 11. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu11 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits and Best Practices  Benefits  Site traffic.  Brand recognition.  Sell product & lead generation.  Launch a new product(s).  Push a message or idea.  Combat bad publicity.  Best practices  Make sure your Web site has a title, meta description & meta keywords.  Description that is similar, but not the same as your site content.  Dynamic title-tagging.  Link to sub domains within your site.
    12. 12. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu12 Social Business LinkedIn  Benefits  Connects you with 21 million experienced professionals, representing 150 industries.  Increase brand awareness and goodwill among purchasing decision- makers, potential partners and recruits.  Best practices  Leverage the platform to emphasize your credibility as an expert industry resource.
    13. 13. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu13 Email Marketing Fine Tuning Interaction  Best practices  Allow users to forward to a friend or colleague.  Create central hub of links or buttons to social sites.  Users are more likely to click on your content if there’s video or images.  As you require a detailed amount of information at sign up, its important to create or source a product of value such as promotion code or content links - especially to rich media - as a thank you.
    14. 14. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu14 Social Content Importance of Viral Sharing Features  Benefits  To gain customers as well as press interest, you will want to make sure all information supplied on own Web site and social sites is easy to find, use and share.  Best practices  One-click access to information about your company, linking directly from the home page.  Where-possible, make content printer-friendly. It's a small touch, but one that many Web sites neglect.  Provide links to popular bookmarking sites so visitors can share news items and tags to improve the online visibility of each news item.  Incorporate rich media like video and audio.
    15. 15. 01/28/15 ©2009 Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institu15 Other Content to Consider What’s Right For YOUR Business  Blogging  Commenting  Community  Social Media Newsroom  Content Sharing  Lead Generation  Measurement  Policy  Training
    16. 16. Social Media Means Business Presented By Jennifer Lindsay for the Wine Institute Social Media Strategist. Speaker. Broadcaster. Consultant. | | BlogTalkRadio/JenniferLindsay LinkedIn: | Facebook: October 16, 2009