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Enterprises have moved beyond Sharepoints and intranets; this Webcast takes a closer look at the social-networking tools that enterprises are using (Facebook, Twitter, and wikis, to name a few) to empower employees, disseminate information, and keep tabs on customer requirements and feedback. We look at how these new tools foster collaboration and create new ways to share enterprise data, allowing end users to unlock value and insights that were previously inaccessible.
Jennifer Lindsay is principal of Jennifer Lindsay Digital and is an Emmy-nominated Web strategy consultant. She has demonstrated expertise in connecting with key influencers through utilization of cutting edge social media, SEO, SEM, content strategy, Web 2.0, PR 2.0 and Internet/content management and digital methodologies for major B2B and B2C clients including Microsoft.

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  • Question: Do you currently use any of the following social media resources to help you get the information and resources you need to do your job? Please check all that apply.
    Source: 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study (n=2, 393)
    Most popular social media resources for business information:
    Visiting company or product profiles on social media sites.
    Visiting company blogs.
    Search for information on social media sites.
    Participate in online business communities/ forums.
  • Facebook (3,820 fans)
    Twitter (@salesforce 3,590 followers)
    YouTube (521 subscribed, 91,000+ views)
    LinkedIn (11,825 members)
  • Potential Customers Are Engaged Via Social Channels Throughout The Purchase Process
  • Discussion Forums And Linkedin Are Used To Answer Questions And Connect Users With Business Experts
  • Mozilla Has An Active Community And A Portfolio Of Social Media Sites And Profiles
  • Mozilla Embraces It’s Firefox Community As A Powerful Word Of Mouth Marketing Engine
  • Advocates Are Given Free Tools And Incentives To Spread The Firefox Brand
  • Mozilla Extends Its Firefox Community On To Social Networks To Energize And Inform
  • Social Hub: Lizardfeeder Is A Live Stream Of Mozilla Feeds From Across The Web
  • Socially Enterprising

    1. 1. Socially Enterprising Best Practices & Best in Class Moderated by Terry Sweeney Presented by Jennifer Lindsay
    2. 2. Know Your Audience Targeted messages will be more likely to engage your audience
    3. 3. Tap Into Customer Conversation Exchange of peer-to-peer ideas, information is key
    4. 4. Listening Is Key
    5. 5. It’s Important to Interact – Even With Negative Commentary
    6. 6. Over 2 Billion Conversations Indexed Daily “These conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you want to be part of that or not? My argument is you absolutely do. You can be a better company by listening and being involved in that conversation.” – Michael Dell
    7. 7. Every Customer Is Now… A publisher A subject- matter expert A broadcaster A network A critic Syndicated
    8. 8. Social Media Best Practices
    9. 9. Tune In Listening to your audience means finding them online in the social spaces where your audience is already communicating to better understand them. Five ways to get started: 1.Use a monitoring tool 2.Set up search alerts 3.Set up a few blog searches 4.Set up Twitter searches 5.Search for your organization's name on social networks
    10. 10. Establish Clear Goals & Purpose Set the overall tone by positioning the community behind a clearly defined goal or purpose with members
    11. 11. Fresh Content Keeps Users Engaged Develop a value-oriented content strategy considering content creation, management, integration/ publishing workflow, and user-generated content Campaign Campaign Vibrant Interaction Ongoing LevelofEngagement Time Continuous content publishing
    12. 12. Popular Business Resource Source: December 2009 Social Media Benchmarking Study
    13. 13. Its about executing the right program. Community features should be carefully engineered and phased in Community Tools • Upload Content • Review Content • Rate Content • Rate Reviews • Tag Content • RSS (e.g. Board Topics, Blogs) • Featured Content • Featured Reviews • Polls/Voting • Surveys • Post Announcements • Message Boards • Wiki Support (e.g. Tips/Techniques) • Group Chat / Personal • IM Integration (Yahoo, AOL, MSN) • Blogs (For Members) • Bookmarks (Any Community Page) • Podcasting (Publish/Subscribe Capability) • Messaging Center (Alerts/Emails) • Favorite Links Member Profile • Member profile page • Member ratings • Group level profiles • Friends list • Interests • Personal calendar • Manageable member photos • Presence (I'm online /offline) • Member self marketing tools Target Discovery • Search For Members - By Member Name - By Member Attributes - By Interests • Matching Tools - Find Like Members • Search By Subjects - By Topics - By Community Tags Special Events • Webcasts • Live Chat • Event Bloggers • Streaming Media (Audio and Video) • Sweepstakes Reporting Tools • Dashboards/Alerts • Relationship Interface Engine • Community Activity Reporting - Profiles - Interactions - Topics • Basic Web Traffic Stats Administrative • Community set up admin • Moderate user content • Monitor for abuse / spam • Monitor abusive photos • Ban/block members • Manage “featured members” • Manage “featured reviews” Technical • Community API • LDAP/SSO Integration • Web Content Integration • Mobile Integration • Community Aggregation It’s Not About Features
    14. 14. Leverage social media best practices from brands like Salesforce, Dell, and Mozilla Key Takeaways: • Your Website is the hub = SEO • Focus on a few social networks • Engage on forums, blogs with most engage-able content • Drive traffic on social networks and through engagement back to your site • Publish compelling content on social networks • Scale engagement operations • Incentivize user-generated content • Increase level of engagement and build advocacy over time Example Engagement Model
    15. 15. Strategically plan and seed forums with topics, content, and selected member evangelists to establish and drive the right tone and conversations CompanyCompany SolutionSolution Area 1Area 1 SolutionSolution Area 2Area 2 SolutionSolution Area 4Area 4 SolutionSolution Area 3Area 3 Specific ContentSpecific Content Specific ContentSpecific Content Specific ContentSpecific ContentSpecific ContentSpecific Content Online Conversations Company-Level Discussions Content Categories Specific Content Engaging the community discussion at different levelsEngaging the community discussion at different levels 11 22 33 Jumpstarting the Conversation
    16. 16. Participant Acquisition Social Media Programs ROI Value What’s the cost to gain participants? What’s the interaction with customers and prospects? What’s the financial impact to the business? Value Analysis • Which campaigns draw participants? • Which what type of users are you drawing? • What are the most cost-effective tools? • Content analysis (topics / conversations) • Participant analysis (relationships / analysis) • Overall social media strategy (tools) • Commerce revenue (leads, commerce) • Compare social media participants vs. site members • Collect available data and analyze cost savings Key Metrics • New participants and discussion • Buzz around company announcements / information • Page views (tools and site) • Size of following • Frequency of activity • Relationship quality • Types of posts and depth • Most popular keywords • Viral growth • Direct value (commerce, cost savings, leads) • Indirect value (insights, user-generated content) • Stronger customer relationship / accessibility to prospects Report Sources • Social media reports • Listening tools • Consumer-generated media mining •Activity on social networks • Reach key influencers directly, transparently • Audience profiling • SEO Metrics & Measurement
    17. 17. Foster participation, interaction, and loyalty. Users are recognized for achievement Timely tasks give incentive to return and engage Users can create profiles Virtual prizes keep community incentivized Utilize Member Recognition
    18. 18. Utilize social media to extend the community and build critical mass Where to start: •LinkedIn •Twitter •Facebook Also consider: •Slideshare •YouTube •Flickr •Orkut Promote on Social Networks
    19. 19. Interacting with your community and using social media become an inherent part of doing your job and change the way you work • Actively Participate: Content, conversations, and ideas • Analyze Program Reports: Marketing, community, commerce • Extract Value from Conversations: Product ideas, customer needs, insights, member profiles • Checkpoint: Purpose, direction, progress, and value • Optimize and Refine: Refocus direction, expand initiatives, improve content, topics, and/or features Commit to Being Involved
    20. 20. • Make social-media training required • Have policy posted on intranet and on homepage of your blog or primary social hub • Policy is required reading for employees who participate in social media – that is, every employee Use Best Practices to Mitigate Risk
    21. 21. Examples of Successful Social Media Engagement
    22. 22. Salesforce’s Approach Salesforce SMB page displays Tweets of customers praising the products • Salesforce’s small business center is the central hub and then leverages multiple social-media sites to engage • Landing page features an interactive product tour, free trial offer, customer video testimonials, Salesforce in the news, and customer Tweets • Salesforce engages customers on multiple social-media sites
    23. 23. The Purchase Process Salesforce starts conversations by sponsoring UGC contests and sharing interesting content The Facebook wall serves as a sounding board for brand advocates Multiple Twitter streams address different customer needs Individuals are engaged on Twitter and Facebook to offer relevant and value-driven content as a part of outreach
    24. 24. Users can post questions, Re-Tweet answers, and award points to the best solutions LinkedIn discussions let users ask questions and receive answers from experts and peers Very active LinkedIn community with 5-20 updates per day Connect Users With Experts
    25. 25. Mozilla’s Approach Mozilla offers a number of support forums and wikis Mozilla has a number of blogs, social network profiles, social news, and event profiles
    26. 26. Community as WOM Engine • is the hub of the Mozilla Firefox community featuring a campus rep program, community news, and events, projects, and resources • Firefox enlists its community to undertake marketing projects to earn points and gain recognition Firefox provides a community marketing guide and allows members to call-in to a bi- weekly conference call In 2008 Mozilla broke the world record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours – reaching 8 million+ using viral marketing tactics
    27. 27. Equip Community With Tools Members are encouraged to place badges and links on their profiles, blogs, websites for points Firefox awards users with prizes and recognition for completing marketing projects and linking to their site A community store lets users create their own Firefox T-shirts and share their designs
    28. 28. Social Networks Energize & Inform Facebook is used to promote contests, feature UGC, share interesting news and technology content Firefox interacts with users on Twitter, promotes updates and spotlights community members and featured contests Users can download Firefox directly from the Facebook page
    29. 29. Social Hub: LizardFeeder Real-time feeds include micro-blogs, blogs, code, wiki, discussions, bookmarks, add-ons and events
    30. 30. Case Study: The Obama Campaign
    31. 31. • Barack Obama won the presidency in a landslide • The campaign’s use of online advocacy is a major reason for his victory • They converted everyday people into engaged and empowered volunteers, donors, and advocates • This was done through social networks, email advocacy, text messaging, and online video Campaign, Community & Social Media
    32. 32. • has had as many as 8.5 million monthly visitors • “How to Help Haiti” and “We Want Our Money Back” are examples of topical content to keep users engaged Community Hub
    33. 33. Extend the Message On Social Networks Barack Obama has 7.2 million followers on Facebook and 3.2 million on Twitter to engage and energize
    34. 34. Questions?