Can Sentiment Equal Success? #MSM10


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Imagine everything that you said at a cocktail party could be parsed, analyzed and categorized as a 'positive,' neutral' or 'negative' comment? How accurate do you think the categorization would be? Consider that entire multi-billion dollar enterprises are relying on what is essentially a similar process to guide, focus and determine the ROI of their online efforts. However, what if the categorization is wrong? What happens if nearly everything is scored 'neutral'? There are manual fixes, but that can be less effective than employing people to hand-score all online data related to your brand. The reality is that Social Media Monitoring is an emerging area of tracking and - if used with standard Web tracking that's been around longer and many consider more reliable - the combined findings are more impactful, reliable and actionable. We'll look at use cases inside some of the largest technology companies to see what they did to use complimentary tools to get the information they needed for measurable success. Presented at Social Media Monitoring Conference at The Box SF (1069 Howard Street) San Francisco on October 21, 2010 and training bootcamp on October 22, 2010 at 111 Minna in San Francisco.

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  • There is general concern around sentiment because it’s often the first time C-levels see what actual people are saying about their company or products
  • Central to any scalable engagement initiative is a social media listening tool. These tools help understand the context and content of posts that are driving the results. The advantages of using a social media listening tool are:
  • Some of the challenges you could encounter by using a social media monitoring tool:
  • Listening and monitoring efforts are inherently different than engagement-focused use of social media monitoring tools. When using the same tool to do both, conflict is likely. No matter the goals, expect ongoing refinement and iterations. It’s a normal part of working with a social media monitoring tool.

  • Filtering for High-Volume of Engageable Content
  • Can Sentiment Equal Success? #MSM10

    1. 1. Can Sentiment Equal Success? Presented By Jennifer Lindsay Principal, Jennifer Lindsay Digital @jennifered +1 (415) 633-6131
    2. 2. Sentiment = Worry
    3. 3. “Central Concern” • According to Nielsen, one of the central concerns of CEOs today is using a ‘listening program’ efficiently and effectively. • Case Study: The Power of Listening: How KRAFT Leverages Social Media Insights for New Product Development
    4. 4. From Worry To Wins Problems Solutions • Often the first time the C-level is seeing actual customer feedback. • Lack of control over what’s said. • Often do not have context. • Reporting tools lack analysis of what sentiment means. • Not tied to a KPI – seen as immeasurable. • Review customer comments over time. • Realize that outreach done correctly often levels conversations. • Look at the actual conversation. • Seek sentiment analysis. • Make effort central to a KPI.
    5. 5. Nielsen’s Listening Formula
    6. 6. Results of the Deep Dive When Kraft focused in on conversations specifically around “sliders” or mini burgers, they found some common themes and “Positive Triggers” across audiences to help focus their thinking. • Sharability: Social networking helped highlight the fact that sliders are more likely to be enjoyed at a social function, a happy hour or similar events. • Kids Love ‘Em: Parents of picky eaters found it a fun dinner option. • Multiple Meal Satisfier: Sliders can be consumed as an appetizer, snack or light dinner.
    7. 7. Case Study KPI: Advocate and influence SMB customers through engagement. • Ambassador: Engaged in discussions in a meaningful, yet relatable manner. • Encouraged a connection – a reciprocal relationship – with customers. • Earned honors, such as “best answer” in heavily trafficked SMB communities on answers sites.
    8. 8. Conversation s Responses Feedback Formula For Success
    9. 9. Advantages • Comprehensive collection of engageable content from customers in communities, social networks, blogs and forums. • Target engagement by community. • Filter data by solution area, sentiment, language, geography and more. • Workflow and engagement management. • Ability to collaborate on engagement as a team. • Tracking engagement activity.
    10. 10. Challenges • Successful posting rates vary depending on the sites being engaged on. • There can be a delay in seeing your content post to target site. • Bringing in the data you want and exclude the data don’t want, such as spam. • Complicated mix of keywords and phrases required. • Limits on the amount of data you can manage in tools.
    11. 11. Conflicting Goals? Monitoring • Includes company and competitor Web sites • Focus on brand and customer discussions • Content may not be engageable • Analysis more important than volume • Infrequent refinement of content Engagement • No engagement on company or competitor Web sites • Focus on customer discussions • Content must be engageable • Engageable content volume must increase • Consistent refinement CONFLICT
    12. 12. Defining Success Acquiring high-quality, engageable content is an art form. We looked to refine for content with the following characteristics: • On topic • Engageable (respond in meaningful way) • Doesn’t include competitive points of view • Outside of company properties • Current content • U.S.-based • English-only
    13. 13. Types of Engageable Content There are three types of conversations we looked to engage in during the pilots: • General Inquiry: These are questions that are company-specific, and where there are specific Web sites we can send users to for more information or for the answer to their question. • Support Question: While the Ambassador’s goal and expertise is not in product support, they do send customers where they can get support. If it is apparent that a link to a Web site is not going to solve the problem, they escalate the problem to ensure timely resolution. • Response to Comment: The bulk of the Ambassador’s engagement lies in this category. These are generally non-company-specific inquiries that can influence a purchasing decision by assisting a key influencer.
    14. 14. Questions? Presented By Jennifer Lindsay Principal, Jennifer Lindsay Digital @jennifered +1 (415) 633-6131