Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery


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Perfect software for damage NSF File Recovery.

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Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery

  1. 1. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery
  2. 2. Summary Need of Software Key Feature Of Tool How to Install Working Of this Application How to Buy
  3. 3. Need Of SoftwareWhen user has already run all default commands like fixup,compact and updall and finds no change in its corruptedNSF file that may be the affect of software/hardwaremalfunction, virus attack, accidental shutdown of thesystem, migration time corruption, checksum mismatchetc.
  4. 4. Key features of third party tool Absolute recovery of NSF file with effective scanning method. Recollects all corrupted emails, tasks, contact lists, attachments, appointments as well as OLE objects, Java applet, style sheets etc. Perfectly fits to work with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000 and NT (SP6) Facilitates NSF file search option from any location of the system and provides clear preview of recoverable items like emails, notes, journals, calendar events, contacts etc. Create log report of recovered data with all details.
  5. 5. How to Install To start this software click on its exe file (StellarPhoenixLotusNotesRecovery.exe). A dialog box will open then click on “Next” button. Then license agreement screen will come, click on “I agree” button and click on “Next” button. Tick mark on required check boxes in the “Additional task screen”. Then “select Destination Location” screen will open. Give the way where you want to store set up of this software by clicking on “Next” button. Provide the path for the shortcut of the software when “Start Menu Folder” screen will appear, then click on “Next” button. There is a facility to recheck the setting in “Ready to Install” screen. If all is ok then click on “Install” button. At the last, When installation process will finish the “Completing the Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery Setup Wizard” screen opens then click on “Finish” button.
  6. 6. If user knows thelocation of damage NSFfile then click on “SelectNSF File” button. Ifdoesn’t then “Find NSFFile”.Click on “ChangeDestination” button ifuser want to change pathof recovered file. First Step of the Recovery
  7. 7. This will appear whenuser doesn’t know thelocation of the file to berecovered and click son“Find NSF File ” button.After clicking, softwarestarts finding file for itsrecovery. Second Step of the Recovery
  8. 8. After finding damagedNSF file click on “Start”button.As user clicks thisbutton scanning processautomatically will takeplace.There is a facility forthe user to stop thisscanning by clicking on“Stop” button. Third Step of the Recovery
  9. 9. When this scanningprocess will come to an endall files and folders willappear in detail view for therecovery process.From this tree structureuser can select which itemshe wants to recover or canselect whole available data.After selecting data, software will start LotusNotes Recovery and save therecovered file in thelocation that he selected inthe starting of the recoveryprocess. Fourth Step of the Recovery
  10. 10. How to Buy To buy this software click here:- Click here Once you buy, you can upgrade your software via clicking on “Live Upgrade” option with recent software update. You can also enjoy its risk free demo version from here:- Free Download To know more about Lotus Note and NSF File Recovery click here:- Click Here