Bliss Body Bootcamp


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Bliss Body Bootcamp

  1. 1. If you are currently working out and not getting the results you want….. Is it Working? If you are currently working out and not getting the results you want….. Is it Working? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  2. 2. If you are currently Working out and don’t LOVE who you are inside and out…. there is more to grow? If you are currently Working out and don’t LOVE who you are inside and out…. there is more to grow? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  3. 3. My Story: Struggled for YEARS with my weight, body image, food, sugar addiction, emotional eating, negative self-talk, beliefs and habits. I let the scale dictate my level of happiness if it was “low” I was happier if it was a little “high” the cycle of despair continued. I continued to stay active; running, yoga, mountain biking, mountain hiking, dance, aerobics, weightlifting, and kayaking. I experienced being in REALLY great shape physically , but because my mental, emotional and spiritual self was not on board, I could not appreciate what I had, so I kept trying to get “IN SHAPE, Skinnier, Toned, more fit, leaner” without even realizing I was in a nasty cycle of self deprecating behavior. Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  4. 4. What Happened: I struggled a lot. I kept struggling. I wanted to give up. I Cried. I felt lonely. I felt despair. I felt shame. I felt worthless. I felt remorse. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, my pants did not fit, I could not STAND to go clothes shopping. I associated my pregnancy weight gain and in-ability to just have it melt off right after given birth, as an EPIC failure. Which allowed me to indulge in eating more cupcakes, because I had already failed. Finally, enough was enough. I had tortured myself enough. I knew, in my heart that my weight/body image was NOT who I was. AND I also knew I could do something about it. I knew and accepted the fact that my process of transformation was going to look and feel different than what it looks like for others. I knew that I had to address my WHOLE self: thoughts, words, actions if anything was going to CHANGE. Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  5. 5. What Happened: I took action. I kept taking action. I took more action When things got rough…MORE ACTION. Asked for help, showed up, made phone calls, created new strategies, worked with others, gained new personal development insight, TRIED EVERYTHING…until I have found what I KNOW to be my ultimate solution to living the healthiest, most JOY filled life EVER. Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  6. 6. What it is like now I LOVE who I am from the inside OUT. I am strong, flexible, confident, and SASSy. The scale does not own me. I have self discipline, awareness, and ability to make guilt free healthy choices that are not limiting my experience.  I feel comfortable in my own skin. At 32 years young, I am in the BEST shape of my life! I can appreciate my physical strengths and assets for what they are. My thoughts are healthy, enriching, and creative. I know “this too shall pass, even If it might feel pretty yucky in the interim” Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  7. 7. Here are the excuses I hear the most: I’ll wait to start until things settle down I don’t have the time I want to try yoga, but I am not flexible. That is like saying you want to learn French, and can’t take a class because you don’t already know French. I want to get in better shape, but I want to lose some weight before I join the gym or exercise program. Again, see above French class reference I don’t have the money What If I try it and it doesn’t work, then I will be an even bigger failure Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  8. 8. Thoughts, MATTER. What we water…grows. Do you want to listen to your excuses? Or listen to your inner calling for CHANGE? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  9. 9. Chronic stress aides in many ailments and chronic diseases that our society currently suffers from. How are you living your life: Rushed? Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Are you less patient with your kids, self, family, friends than you would like to be? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  10. 10. What we say, Matters. Are your words in alignment with your thoughts? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  11. 11. What we DO matters. Are your actions in alignment with your thoughts and your words? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  12. 12. Who would you be If you KNEW in your heart and soul there were NO limits. No confinements, no old stories. Just genuine clear present energy. YOU. What would you do differently? Who would you be? How would you feel? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  13. 13. Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  14. 14. If You are Married to the story of what is NOT possible, How are you ever going to experience what IS possible? Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  15. 15. Solution: Bliss Body Bootcamp The Best time to start a new way of life filled with strength, ease, and purpose is NOW. We are meant to live creative, free, fulfilling, love filled LIVES. Here is the comprehensive solution you have been looking for: 12 week full immersion Bliss Body Booty Bootcamp program. Program runs: 9/23/2013 - 12/20/2013 (includes 1 week recess for Thanksgiving) Location Dover NH Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013
  16. 16. Program Details you get the results you work for Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013 What:12 Weeks of 5 day a week training meeting 9-10am Monday through Friday. The training is a perfect blend of: Yoga, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Creative writing Projects, FUNctional high intensity training, strength training, balance, coordination, nutritional education and community support. •Show up 5 days a week for 12 weeks to participate in the most comprehensive training program •Every day we will work: mindfulness, strength training, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and LAUGH •Create healthier happier thoughts/words and actions •Become optimally strong, flexible, balanced and relaxed •Connect with your heart and community so we can thrive in all areas of our lives. •HAVE A TON OF FUN! •Create DAILY practices for yourself that set you up for a day of positivity, success and fulfillment by creating a sadhana; Daily spiritual practice, (which can look like many things, light a candle, say a prayer, meditation, yoga practice, journaling, art, couple of deep breathes for yourself) •Bonus! Prizes and surprises •Bonus Nutritional Education Component- As part of the program you will receive one exclusive one on one DAY with me ( a $300 dollar stand alone value) to get laser focused on actions that will support your optimal version of health in all areas of your life. This could include: vision board, grocery shopping, and cupboard clean out. •Become part of our EXCLUSIVE Facebook support group where we can share our progress, big AHA moments, positive words, challenges, healthy recipes, hilarious set-backs and more. •10 day media, negative energy and sugar detox cleanse! (a $300 stand alone value)
  17. 17. Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013 For those you that do not know I have been working with the wonderful and talented Jennifer Lake since April. This week I'm happy (jumping up & down) to share I have found my core muscles once again probably since the birth of my oldest. I'm teary just thinking about this. After having the boys my abdomen felt similar to a container with no stability. Now when I hear engage your core I understand and am able to do it. Physically I feel much stronger, powerful, and willing to take on new endeavors. I caught a glimpse of myself today and was surprised by the image. It's not the core I use to have in my younger years but I now appreciate it so much more now. Thank you! What Heather says about it:
  18. 18. Fill out the form below to reserve your FREE no obligation ½ hour consultation today! Copyright Be One Yoga LLC @2013