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Midway ISD Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes
April 2013

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  1. 1. April 16, 2013 Page 1The Board of Trustees of the Midway Independent School District met on April 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. inthe Board Room of the Midway ISD Administration Building located at 13885 Woodway Drive,Woodway, Texas 76712. The following members were present: Bobby Deaton, Ivan Green, Cheryl Holy,Robbie Jones, Tom Pagel, Pete Rusek, and Susan Vick.President Pete Rusek called the meeting to order. 7:00 p.m.1. Pledge of Allegiance led by Castleman Creek Elementary School StudentsThe Pledge of Allegiance was led by Castleman Creek Elementary Students who are involved with thecampus SWAT (Students Working to Affect Tomorrow) Committee: Emma Trevino, Paige Trevino andPatrick Kilgore.2. Recognition Items2A. State Science Fair CompetitorsA large number of Midway students participated in the Baylor University Regional Science Fair. Studentswho received 1st through 3rd place ranking continued to the state competition which was held in SanAntonio. Special congratulations to Linda Ren for advancing to represent Midway High School at theInternational Science Fair and to Edward Kim for being named the most promising young scientist atregionals by receiving the Bryce C. Brown award.The Board also recognized the following Midway Middle School students who competed at the StateScience Fair: Nathaniel Campbell, Karissa Cleaver, Emmalie Albers, Hannah Peevey, Shannon Sepanski,Pearce Raines, Landry Luker, Connor Pape, and Jacob Spradlin.Midway High School students recognized were Caroline Kutach, Camille Roberts, Wendy Hua, and LindaRen.Science teachers involved in the Science Fair are Melissa Rhoden, Amy Johnson, Dana McMahan, KashaGorham, and Kathy McMillan.2B. Extra Mile Award WinnersCongratulations to Reyes Lopez, Selena Booker, and Nancy Garcia for being named as this quarter’s ExtraMile Award winners.2C. Texas School Public Relations Association State AwardsEach year, the Texas School Public Relations Association honors individuals, school districts, educationfoundations and others for their outstanding contributions in school communications. The awards wereannounced at TSPRA’s annual Star Awards Celebration. Traci Marlin, Public Relations Coordinator,earned a Crystal Certificate of Merit for her year-long recognition campaign of the Midway High SchoolOrchestra Program. Bridget Bussell, Communications Assistant, won Best in State in the Advertisementscategory for her posters and ads entitled “Better Watch Us” promoting the Midway High School SoftballTeam. In addition, Traci and Bridget, along with Communications Specialist Seth Hansen, won 8 gold starawards and 2 silvers for components of Midway’s communications programs including photography,original art, published pieces, the Midway app and the renovation of the Midway website.2D. Castleman Creek Healthier U.S. School Challenge Gold Distinction AwardCastleman Creek Elementary has been awarded the Gold Award of Distinction for the Healthier US SchoolChallenge (HUSSC), which recognizes schools that are creating healthier school environments throughtheir promotion of good nutrition and physical activity. The Gold Award of Distinction is the highesthonor and includes a monetary reward, a plaque signed by a USDA official, a banner to display in theirschool, and their name listed on the Team Nutrition Web site.
  2. 2. April 16, 2013 Page 2The Board of Trustees recognized the Castleman Creek cafeteria staff members: Tanya Burgess, MelissaBrogdon, Julie Garcia, Nancy Guenat, and Debra Richter.Midway’s Food Service Director is Natasha Reagan, Assistant Director of Food Services is Niesha Goff,and assistant is Jan Laney.2E. HEB Excellence in Education AwardTo support education in Texas, H-E-B conducts an annual awards competition of teachers, principals,districts and early childhood providers. The extensive nomination process covers basic district goals,curriculum, test scores, demographics, district highlights, communications and fiscal responsibility. Thenomination for Midway was completed by Traci Marlin, Dr. Brent Merritt, Susan Fletcher and TamiWiethorn. Out of more than 900 applications, Midway ISD was selected as one of 30 state-wide semi-finalists in the 2013 H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards.3. Information Items3A. Quarterly Investment ReportThe Board received the Quarterly Investment Report required by the Public Funds Investment Act. Theinvestment schedule shows the addition of a money market account at BBVA Compass, secured by aFHLB Letter of Credit. The yield is 5 basis points above the 90-day Libor rate, which equates to anadditional $5,000 income, and it keeps Midway money locally. It is unlikely that interest income willreach the budgeted amount of $120,000 in the General Fund. The budget was based on an estimated yieldof .28%, and yields are staying below that. The CD at CNB renewed at .55%. Administration is in theprocess of taking proposals for depository services for the next two years.3B. Midway ISD 2013 Summer CampsThe Board received information regarding the variety of camps being offered this summer to Midwaystudents.3C. Summer School Programs and SchedulesBoard members also received the listing of schedules and summer school programs.3D. New Club Proposed at Midway High School – Political Science ClubMidway High School is proposing the establishment of a Political Science Club.4. Presentation/Discussion Items4A. Financial ReportMr. Karl Kacir presented a brief monthly financial report highlighting enrollment, property taxinformation, and average daily attendance. Revenues and expenditures are, for the most part, veryconsistent with the prior year. Year-to-date Plant Maintenance expenditures, Function 51, are down$277,498. Electricity is down $223,000, and labor is down $120,000, with some accounts showingincreases. Electricity is down due to the favorable rates and lower usage. Enrollment continues to show anincrease over the prior year, but the increase has weakened during the school year. The current projectionis to end the year with an increase in Refined ADA of 126.4B. Preliminary 2013-2014 Budget UpdateMr. Kacir updated the Board of Trustees with information pertaining to the 2013-2014 budget process.The district is projecting an increase of 125 students for next year which includes the current out of districttransfer students. Mr. Kacir indicated the budget will be challenging due to flat funding and another yearof a decrease in state funding.4C. Presentation of Policy Update 96, affecting (LOCAL) policies:
  3. 3. April 16, 2013 Page 3Update 96 focuses on three key issues, prompted by Commissioner of Education activity including newrules on instructional materials, resulting in changes to the following local policies:4C1. DEC(LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits – Leaves and AbsencesThis policy now addresses how state personal leave is accrued and how pay deductions for unearned leaveare calculated. Accrual of state personal leave is based solely on days of employment, not on the numberof days that an employee performs work. This policy removes the option of allowing a salary deduction atthe end of the year based on unpaid status for state personal leave when an employee, who was employedfor a full year, used more leave than he or she had earned. The district is permitted to make salarydeductions at the end of the year for local leave the employee took but had not earned. This policy updatedoes not change our current practice.4C2. EFAA(LOCAL) Instructional Materials – Selection and AdoptionRevisions reflect changes in the selection and adoption of materials and the certification of instructionalmaterials due to the new instructional materials allotment (IMA) system.4C3. FEB(LOCAL) Attendance – Attendance AccountingRevisions include removing the compulsory attendance policy code making failure to attend school anoffense for a student 18 or older. For state funding purposes, attendance is now determined in the secondor fifth “instructional hour,” rather than “period.” Additionally the board may now also delegate to thesuperintendent the authority to establish procedures addressing parental consent for a student to leavecampus during any part of the school day.4D. School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Annual ReportKit Andrews, Coordinator for Health/PE, presented the SHAC annual report to the Board. The state ofTexas requires all school districts to develop a Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to oversee thefollowing 8 Components of Coordinated School Health: Nutrition Services, Health Services, Healthy andSafe Schools Environment, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Staff Wellness Promotion, Parent andCommunity Involvement, Physical Education, and Health Education. The SHAC committee has ThreeMajor Initiatives: Hunger Free MISD; Extending CATCH Program to the Middle School; and ElementarySchools Participating in Dental Clinics.4E. Options for MISD After-School ChildcareDr. Jeanie Johnson, Executive Director for Administrative Services, reported prior to the 2012-13 schoolyear, MISD provided after school childcare through the Panther Kids program. MISD employees managedthe program. Between the years of 2005-2012, the Panther Kids program accrued a fund balance of$273,114. This dollar amount does not include administrative costs such as facility use, utilities, or theinvolvement of business personnel on payroll, ordering, etc. MISD retains a licensed agreement with Kidsand Company for the current school year, which was executed in April, 2012. In considering the district’schoice for an after-school program for the 2013-14 school year, the administration has reviewed thefollowing data: Operating expenses, including projected revenues and expenditures; Student participationnumbers which showed a significant reduction in enrollment from 650 students with Panther Kids basedon an analysis of the last two years to 385 for Kids and Company this year; Concerns voiced to theSuperintendent from staff during Spirit of Communication committee meetings; and Overall purpose of anafter school program for MISD students. After reviewing financial data, child-care regulations, and stafffeedback, administration would like to move forward to restore the Panther Kids after school programbeginning with the 2013-14 school year. In addition to after school care, the administration would ensurethat childcare is also offered on staff development days and holidays.4F. Gifted & Talented Program Annual UpdateGinger Rowe, Coordinator for Gifted & Talented, presented the Gifted and Talented Annual Report to theBoard. The Midway ISD Gifted and Talented program services 911 students in grades K-12. All giftedstudents in grades K-12 are offered differentiated instruction in the four core academic areas. Students
  4. 4. April 16, 2013 Page 4identified as gifted in grades K-4 are currently served once a week in a pullout program housed atWoodgate Intermediate. Students in 5th grade are serviced with a pullout program 2-3 times a month attheir respective campus. Gifted students in 5th and 6th grade are currently grouped together in all corecontent areas. Due to feedback collected from parents, teachers, and administrators, Midway ISD islooking to extend a modified version of the pullout program to all 5th and 6th grade gifted students.5. Consideration Items5A. Consent Agenda1. Minutes of the March 19, 2013 Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting2. Budget Amendment B-13-63. New Club at Midway Middle School – American Sign Language Club4. Revisions to Midway High School Goal Tenders Constitution5. Out of State Travel Requests for Midway High School Studentsa. Student Participation in Future Educators of America National Competitionb. Student Participation in International Science Fairc. Business/Professionals of America Students to Compete in National Competitiond. MHS Robotics Out of State Request to Attend National/World Championship6. TASB Supplemental Employee Benefits Inter-local Participation Agreement7. Early Graduation Requests8. Renewal of Contract for Food Services ManagementThe above items were listed on the consent agenda. President Rusek asked if anyone wished to removeany item from the consent agenda.A motion was made by Robbie Jones and seconded by Bobby Deaton to approve the consent agenda aspresented. Motion carried 7-05B. Proposed MISD Waiver Application for Video Conferencing Attendance CreditDr. Brent Merritt, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, advised when Midway ISDstudents need home bound services because they are medically unable to attend school, a teacher is sent totheir house once or twice a week to ensure the students are receiving appropriate instruction. Midway ISDwould like to submit a waiver asking the state of Texas to give these students attendance credit if thedistrict can serve these students through a technological (videoconference) medium. With advances intechnology, this method is more cost effective and academically suitable for our alternative school staff tovideoconference with these students frequently during the regular school day. This would allow the districtto save money on the cost of homebound teachers, while at the same time allowing the students to stay upto date on their course work.MISD will need to apply for a waiver with TEA related to receiving attendance credit for contact hourswith students through the use of videoconferencing. The MAST committee has reviewed and approved theproposed waiver.Administration recommended the Board approve the application for General Pregnancy Related ServicesOn-Campus (CEHI) waiver.A motion was made by Ivan Green and seconded by Tom Pagel to approve Administration’srecommendation. Motion carried 7-0Proposed Draft of Inter-local Agreement for MISD Police Force ServicesDr. Jeanie Johnson, Executive Director for Administrative Services, advised Administration has beenpursuing various options in developing a district police force. This has involved discussions with thepolice chiefs from the cities of Hewitt, Waco, and Woodway, as well as, with a captain from theMcLennan County Sheriff’s Department. Upon further review, administration believes that the district’s
  5. 5. April 16, 2013 Page 5security needs can be accomplished through the development of inter-local agreements with the Cities ofWaco, Hewitt, and Woodway, and McLennan County.Dr. Johnson presented a draft Inter-local Agreement prepared by the district’s attorney which defined theworking relationship between MISD and the participating entities, including the roles, responsibilities, andexpectations for the participating police officers. This agreement will confer the district’s authority tothese entities, thereby allowing officers to serve any and all campuses within MISD.Mr. Ivan Green, Board Member, voiced concerns with the inter-local agreement with regards to the term“reasonable amount” for additional insurance, and situations that would arise that would cause Midway toneed additional risk pool coverage, and the 30 day anytime termination notice clause.The Board did not take formal action on this agenda item, but expressed their support for Administration tomove forward with negotiations and believed the draft was a good starting framework.5D. Consideration of Out of District Transfers for 2013-2014 School YearDr. Jeanie Johnson, Executive Director for Administrative Services reported FDA(LOCAL) states that theBoard shall approve the list of campuses open for transfer by the regular April Board meeting of each year.MISD currently has 124 inter-district transfer students. Forty of these students were admitted prior to the2012-13 school year, and 84 were admitted for the current school year. Transfer students provide thedistrict with average daily attendance funds. However, the growth expected in the district for upcomingyears, based upon PASA’s demographic study, does not take into account the addition of inter-districttransfer students.Administration recommended that all campuses with MISD be closed to inter-district transfers for the2013-2014 school year. Currently enrolled inter-district transfer students may retain their transfer status ifthey have met the requirements detailed in FDA(LOCAL).Robbie Jones made a motion to accept Administration’s recommendation to not accept out of districttransfers for next year and to accept current out of district transfers. Susan Vick seconded the motion.Motion carried 6-15E. Consideration of Resolution from Greater Waco Area School Board Collaborative Calling forLegislature to Restore Public School Funding and Honor Local Control on Public EducationSuperintendent Kazanas reported the Greater Waco Area School Board Collaborative (GWASBC) met onMarch 25, 2013 at Baylor University and passed a resolution calling for the legislature to restore publicschool funding and honor local control on public education.Administration recommended the MISD Board of Trustees pass the said resolution.A motion was made by Tom Pagel and seconded by Ivan Green to approve Administration’srecommendation. Motion carried 7-05F. Consideration of Personnel5F1. Selections, Separations, Leaves of Absence, Transfers and ReassignmentsAdministration presented the following professional recommendations for hire:Kimberly Dougherty, teacher Castleman Creek ElementaryJessica Fernandez, teacher Hewitt ElementaryHeather Henslee, teacher Hewitt ElementaryFredrick Herrera, teacher Hewitt ElementaryJennifer Sykora, teacher Hewitt ElementaryJeff Bell, teacher/coach High School
  6. 6. April 16, 2013 Page 6Dustin Loyd, teacher High SchoolJulie Powers, teacher High SchoolDustin Sykora, teacher High SchoolKelsey Weisinger, teacher High SchoolBonnie J. Floyd, teacher Speegleville ElementarySharon Bernard, teacher Woodgate IntermediateElaine Canham, teacher Woodgate IntermediateChris Woods, teacher Woodgate IntermediateKellie Clarkson, teacher Woodway ElementaryCaleb Overstreet, teacher Woodway ElementaryA motion was made by Bobby Deaton and seconded by Tom Pagel to approve Administration’srecommendation. Motion carried 7-0Randy Weisinger, Athletic Director, introduced Jeff Bell, and his wife Jennifer, as Midway High School’snew varsity basketball coach.The Board noted the following:Professional Separations:Nancy Carter, Special Education – Co-Teach Hewitt ElementaryJohn Gates, Fourth Grade Teacher Hewitt ElementarySara L. Jones, Fourth Grade Teacher Hewitt ElementaryKevin Buck, Science Teacher High SchoolCathy Michalak, Social Studies Teacher High SchoolSteven Oliver, Science-Biology/Coach High SchoolMelinda Vorderkunz, Special Education Teacher – Life Skills High SchoolTammy Molnar, First Grade Teacher South Bosque ElementaryLinda Everett, First Grade Teacher Speegleville ElementaryJana Fewell, Art Teacher Speegleville ElementaryEmilee Ashenfelter, GT Specialist Woodgate IntermediateProfessional Transfers:Garrett Hines, Art teacher, from Woodgate Intermediate to High SchoolKimberly Johnson, Special Ed teacher, from South Bosque Elementary to High SchoolAmanda Vasek, from Reading Instructional Specialist to Assistant Principal, WoodwayElementaryParaprofessional Separations:Cindy Koon, ADC Aide Hewitt ElementaryKendall E. Nowotny, Title I Assistant Hewitt ElementaryTiffany Jackson, Computer Lab Assistant River Valley IntermediateDarlene Larue, PEIMS Specialist Instructional TechnologyGail Kinsey, Computer Lab Assistant Spring Valley ElementaryParaprofessional Transfer:Sharon Bernard from PE assistant to teacher Woodgate Intermediate5F2. Consideration New Positions RequestMary Lou Glaesmann, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, presented a new position request,District Truancy Officer and Supervisor of Attendance and Dropout Prevention and Recovery, to theBoard. She informed Administration is committed to ensuring student attendance in an effort to maximizecompletion rates and supporting those students that are at risk of academic school failure or drop out.
  7. 7. April 16, 2013 Page 7District Truancy Officer and Supervisor of Attendance and Dropout Prevention and Recovery: Thisposition would direct and manage the activities of the district’s attendance, monitoring truancy and dropoutprevention and recovery program to increase and ensure student attendance in an effort to maximizecompletion rates. Support at risk of academic school failure or drop out. This position would also provideguidance and interpretation regarding compulsory attendance laws and school policy to parents, students,and staff.Administration recommended approval of the District Truancy Officer and Supervisor of Attendance andDropout Prevention and Recovery position as presented.Administration indicated this position will not be a licensed police officer.A motion was made by Ivan Green and seconded by Susan Vick to approve the new position.Motion carried 7-06. Superintendent’s Communication6A. Update on Bond ElectionDr. George Kazanas gave a brief update to the Board regarding the election.6B. 83rdLegislative Session UpdateDr. Kazanas also brief the Board with information pertaining to the 83rdlegislative session.7. AdjournPresident Pete Rusek declared the meeting adjourned. 9:06 p.m.Pete Rusek, PresidentRobbie Jones, Secretary