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Assessment photo album

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Assessment photo album

  1. 1. Purpose
  2. 2. Mrs. Lesner’s First Grade
  3. 3. Spinning top1. Students will understand and be able to apply appropriate science vocabulary.2. Students will understand, describe and communicate objects can be balanced in many ways and there is a balancing point when an object is balanced.3. Students will understand and demonstrate motion is a change in position over time.4. Students will understand, describe and communicate objects can be in motion in different ways and a force is needed to initiate the motion.5. Students will understand the amount of force is related to the objects amount of time in motion.
  4. 4. • Vocabulary (learning goal 1) • Paper-and-pencil, informal observations in group discussions, science journals• Balance and balance point (learning goal 2) • Paper-and-pencil, small group performance tasks, orally describe, science journals• Motion (learning goals 3, 4, 5) • Paper-and-pencil, lesson observations, end of unit performance task, science journals Twirler we will make
  5. 5. K.W.L Chart • You will be adding to this chart throughout the unit. Adding to what you want to know, answering your questions, and adding what you learned. Student example of KWL
  6. 6. Parent/Student Survey • Questions asking parents about their understanding and experience with balance and motion. If they have any work or volunteer skills they could present to the class. • Giving information about the learning goals and support/extension ideas you can do at home.
  7. 7. • Exit Slips • Write one key concept you learned, make up a test question, or answer a question• Observations • Individually, small group, and whole group• Science Journals • Make predictions about what you think might happen, facts about what you learned from the experiments, and adding new science vocabulary with definitions • You will write the learning goals in your journal connecting your thinking and learning with the learning goals. • Critically think and reflect about your learning and learning behaviors. Write learning goals and self-assess if you have met your goals.
  8. 8. • Pretending you are car engineers you are going to design a new car for the company you work for. • The goal for this task is to work cooperatively in small groups, share ideas, problem solve, use scientific vocabulary, and transfer knowledge. Based on the information and theories you learned in the unit, in small groups you will design and create a car that will roll to the bottom of a ramp without falling over. • You will create a blueprint, follow the blueprint to create the car, test drive the car, modify the car, and present your car to the company persuading them to purchase your car while you use the appropriate force to make your car down the ramp. Blueprint Model Test Drive
  9. 9. Building A Structure : Designing and creating a car Student Names/Group: ________________________________________ CATEGORY 3 2 1 Plan is neat with clear Plan provides clear Plan is not clearly drawn or isDesign drawings and labeling for drawings and labeling for inadequately labeled all car parts using all most parts using some science terms science terms Student work show Student work show some Student work lacks understanding orScientific adequate understanding understanding and transfer no understanding is showKnowledge and transfer of science of science terms and terms and theories theoriesModification/ Clear evidence of testing Some evidence of testing Little evidence of testing the car is the car is show. the car is show. show. Modifications are not based onTesting Modifications are based Modifications are based on scientific principles or no on scientific principles scientific principles modifications were madeConstruction Great care was taken in Some care was taken in Construction of car appears careless. construction process so construction process, car Many details are missing from design,- Care Taken the car is neat, attractive is presentable. Car was or design was not followed and follows design created with some use of accurately the design Used appropriate force to Used appropriate force, Did not use appropriate force andForce and start car in motion, was but had little explication or could not explain why force is neededMotion able to explain why they used inappropriate force, chose to use that amount but explained why force is of force and why it was needed effective
  10. 10. Building A Structure : Designing and creating a car (group assessment) Name: ________________________________________ Members in group:________________________________ CATEGORY 3 2 1 I helped create a plan for I helped a little to design the I did not help very much. I didPlan designing the car. I added car. I added little details not add ideas. I need to work on my ideas adding my ideas to group work I helped my group and I helped my group a little. I I did not do my part. I couldScientific added to the conversation added to the conversation and have added more scienceKnowledge and construction by using construction by using science vocabulary and made my science vocabulary and vocabulary and transferring knowledge heard within the transferring knowledge knowledge but I could have group from class done more. I helped my group change I helped my group a little. I I did not help change ourModification our car to make it better. I knew we had to change the car group’s car. I need to work on/Testing used science vocabulary but I did not know why, or I did transfer of knowledge or ask my and knew why we needed not add my ideas group members for help to change the car I tried my best to construct I helped with creating the car I helped with creating the car butConstructio the car according to the but I did not use the design plan I did not look at the plan or In - Care design plan. as much as I should have did not help very much in creating the carTaken I used appropriate force to I used appropriate force, but I did not use appropriate forceForce and start car into motion, was had little explication and could not explain why forceMotion able to explain why force I used inappropriate force, but is needed
  11. 11. Proposition:If you want to make an object move there needs to be a force to start the object into motion such as a push orpull. There are several factors that need to be considered when using the correct amount of force: the type ofsurface, the balance of the object, and the distance the object needs to travel.True True/False Item:A force causes an object to go into motion.False True/False Item:You do not need a force to make an object move.Short Answer or Fill-in-the-Blank Item:What is one factor you need to consider when deciding the amount of force to use when putting an object intomotion? _______________________________________________________________Multiple-Choice Item:What is not considered a force?a. Pushb. Pullc. BalanceEssay Item:If you wanted to push a car down a steep ramp explain how you would put your car into motion and tell howyou know what amount of force is needed.