Pinterest 102: Effective Marketing Strategies


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Pinterest: Effective Marketing Strategies
Make your business POP! Profit on Pinterest is this step-by-step Video Training Package with tips, tricks and to make Pinterest work for you & your business.

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Pinterest 102: Effective Marketing Strategies

  1. 1. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012
  2. 2. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012Greetings!I hope you find Pinterest Introduction – Part 2 helpful. Pinterest is a great toolfor your business.If you need help with understanding social media, be sure to contact me. I canhelp you expand your reach, build relationships, generate more leads, andincrease your sales. Most importantly, I can help you to save time with yourmarketing, leaving you with more time to do what you do best.I also offer a great Do-it-yourself Pinterest Video Training Series here:www.ProfitonPinterest.comLet me know if you have any questions. I look forward to chatting with yousoon.Jennifer HenczelMarketing
  3. 3. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012Why Care About Pinterest?Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history. With all the attentionits gotten, it left businesses and marketers drooling to get in on all the action. Theresgood reason for their desires, too. Pinterest has become a top traffic driver for brands.So businesses are wise to want to learn what they can about Pinterest early in thegame so they are ready as the site experiences even more growth.Its important to know that the growth of Pinterest isnt just a mirage.Pinterest is the fastest growing standalone website in history. It passed the 10million mark in January 2012. Its expected to crack into Alexas top 50 soon. So howcan your business tap into this tidal of a social media for bigger profits? There aremany strategies you can take, none of which are wrong. Some may be more right foryour company than others. But, first, you need to understand what Pinterest is andsome of the philosophies that drive it. Then you can figure out how to get yourbusiness on board. Thats when the real fun begins!What is Pinterest?Pinterest is a social network that allows its users to share whats important tothem. The hook of the website is what they share must have a picture somewhere on
  4. 4. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012the webpage. This will be whats displayed or "pinned" on Pinterest. You can have"pinboards" that are a collection of "pins" that revolve around a common theme.Pinterest uses a visual emphasis and is very much focused on a personslifestyle. Users can share their tastes and interests with others and discover likemindedpeople. The social networks goal is to "connect everyone in the world through thethings they find interesting." Users can either use images they find online or ones theytake themselves.Just like any other social network, users can follow the boards of friends, likethings others post, comment on each others pins, and re-pin things they findinteresting. They can even share things they like on Facebook, on Twitter, in email,and they can even embed individual pins on their blog.The Magic of PinterestWhile an entire book could be written on exactly how to use Pinterest, for thesake of this report, we will focus on 2 of the most important elements when it comesto marketing on Pinterest: Make Your Content Pinnable Make Your Content Eye-Catching
  5. 5. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012Make Your Content PinnableIf you have a Wordpress hosted website, youre in luck because making yourwebsite pinnable is a piece of cake! There are a number of plug-ins available you canuse so pinning is just a mouse click away for visitors. Theres the Pinterest “Pin It”Button Plugin and Slick Social Media Share Buttons, to name just a few.If you arent on a Wordpress hosted website, dont worry, theres hope for you,too. While visitors to your website will have to take a little more initiative to pinsomething, chances are good they will if they like what they see. Pinterest is visual sothey need to see pictures they like first and foremost.Its a good idea for any website owner to do a practice run and pin some ofyour webpages just to see how they show up on Pinterest. Are the images highquality? If not, get some new ones pronto! This small little exercise will give you ageneral idea of what you need to work on to get your website "Pin Ready."You can also use the online pin board to see the type of images that otherbrands in your niche are sharing. Remember: Pinterest is a visual platform, so userswill look for the largest and most appealing photo available. In other words, makesure to pin the best image that your website has. This cant be stressed enough!!
  6. 6. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012Make Your Content Eye-CatchingMuch of the information about creating pinnable content applies here, as well.You MUST have photos that are eye-catching or Pinterest marketing wont work nomatter how much work you put into it. Pinterest is like a scrapbook sans the scissorsand glue. You wouldnt put an old ugly photo in a scrapbook, you would putsomething in it that was memorable and meaningful.The most commonly shared photos on Pinterest are emotional ones, the onesthat make you either want to laugh or cry. Keep that in mind when you select yourphotos. Thats not to say if you sell lawn equipment youre going to find a photo thatmakes someone want to cry. But, if you try hard enough, you can probably find onethat makes people want to laugh. If you cant find one, take one yourself.Marketers who are able to leverage great visual content on Pinterest can weavetheir boards into a cohesive social experience within their social community. Granted,some brands translate better to a “visual bulletin board” social experience than others.But most brand need to be on Pinterest marketing themselves to the masses.Clothing retailers, shoes stores, jewelry, and the like certainly benefit from a sitelike Pinterest. But what about a website that specializes in something like homeimprovement…can they benefit? They just have paint brushes and ladders. This takessome creative "out of the box" thinking, but most goods and services can. For those
  7. 7. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012DIYers business people who think Pinterest isnt for them….think again! What aboutbefore and after shots of room designs for that home improvement site? Remodelingideas, furniture, patio designs, the list could go on and on. Dont let yourself belimited to thinking theres nothing eye-catching about your business.People Love Sharing Images and PhotosThe real attraction and viral capability of Pinterest is that people will “share”images and photos much more readily than a boring piece of text. The web is movingin the direction of being a more visual medium. Facebook is trying to keep up andrecently increased the size of images in its new Timeline user interface. This visualphenomenon is why Pinterest has gone viral.If your company has products to sell or services to provide that require photosits more important than ever to have quality photos displaying these. Paying extra fora quality photographer is worth it because your company will benefit tenfold in thelong run. Funny, cute, and emotional photos are best on Pinterest. So even if you sellshoes, throw in a few quirky photos of your shoes that are more likely to get pinned.In fact, they dont even have to be shoes. You can add some artistic flair to yourwebsite with a few random eye-catching photos. This is where your business will
  8. 8. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012benefit greatly from Pinterest. Taking advantage of an increasingly visual online worldin your business that now consumes and shares rich media images on a social web isnow vital and essential.8 reasons Why Marketers Should Use PinterestPinterest and business together may be a hard concept to wrap your mindaround. It was at first when Facebook came out but most businesses caught thephenomenon that social media was creating eventually. If they didnt, they were surelyinfluenced by products that did, even if they didnt know it.So why should marketers jump on bandwagon of Pinterest now? Here are 8reasons you should be using Pinterest as a part of your marketing plan. Or, if youre apessimist, 8 reasons youll regret not using Pinterest in your marketing campaign.1. Shift in Consumer Behavior from Search to DiscoveryThe Internet has been all about searching for answers. Pinterest is different. Itsabout discovery. Discovery is about finding inspiration and that is somethingthe Internet community as a whole has been lacking and Pinterest has filled thishole. It could change how we purchase items. Right now we are trained to
  9. 9. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012search for items we need or want. Pinterest starts before the search. Before weeven realize we need or want something. This is where the heart of marketing isanyway. A user might go to Pinterest to browse recipes and then land on apiece of interesting bakeware and end up purchasing it. The search was for arecipe but the discovery and purchase was the bakeware.2. Little Interaction Needed From BrandsAny time a new way of marketing comes up a legitimate concern arises: Do wehave the manpower to make this happen? The nice thing about Pinterest isthere is very little overhead. Besides the occasional pinning, categorizing,tagging images, you dont have to worry about managing comments or playingthe follower game. You do Pinterest at your own pace.3. Connect with a New Segment of Your Audience: The Visual SegmentPinterest is visual. It attracts visual people. These may be people who preferimages over the written word. These may be people who have missed your othermarketing campaigns. You can open the doors to a new segment of buyers whomay be interested in your product but may not even know about it by building
  10. 10. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012a community around the images you pin. These images can draw others in andinspire them and, in the end, lead to referrals.4. Inspires the Introvert Content CreatorThere is a term online for people who dont build blogs, dont speak up onforums, in blog comments or really anywhere else online. Theyre called"lurkers." Chances are theyre shy and dont really want to put themselves "outthere." But they need to be marketed to, too. Pinterest is great for thembecause it doesnt require them to write, it just requires them to find things theylike and pin them on their boards. They dont have to do anything original.These people shouldnt be ignored in a marketing campaign and thats whyPinterest is valuable for this market.5. Magnifies the Content of the Original CreatorsThe average Tumblr blog post is shared 9 times. That means it is reaching farmore people than just those who visit the site it was originally on. While therearent firm numbers on "re-pins" for Pinterest, you can assume the same thing:content is re-pinned and shared across a broad audience. So if you create
  11. 11. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012content on Pinterest and it is shared on Pinterest, chances are good it will reachfar more than just those who like it at your original pinning of the content fromyour website.6. "Re-Pinning" is the new "Re-tweet" or "Facebook Share"Online social media is all about community. Its almost like high school whenthere was an elite group that all the others paid attention to. Social media is nodifferent. There are those who have a mass following. Pinterest is just likeTwitter or Facebook where you can build a following simply by "re-pinning"just like you can by "re-tweeting" or the "Facebook share."7. Tap Into NichesYou can build a board on anything in Pinterest. This means you can have boardson many different niches. If youre a business, this is great because you canreach different groups of people based on your different boards.
  12. 12. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 20128. Build Your ExpertiseEven if your brand isnt a perfect fit for Pinterest, you can still share yourexperiences and build your expertise in a particular location, industry orthrough relationships. Dont allow yourself to be limited just because yourbusiness isnt that perfect fit. Find a way to engage with customers in whateverway possible on Pinterest. By developing relationships, you develop trust andthat can lead to an excellent way to promote your business.Effective Marketing Strategies to Use on PinterestSo where should you start when it comes to marketing on Pinterest? Thatdepends on the type of business you have, of course. The one way not to do it is makeyour Pinterest boards look like ads for your business and nothing else. That will getyou nowhere. Remember, Pinterest is a community. You need to treat it as such. Evenif youre a business trying to promote your products, you still need to interact withothers and provide something meaningful. Create some boards that have nothing todo with your business but are inspiring to others, such as quotes, photos, or anythingelse that might get someones attention.
  13. 13. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012Once you understand that Pinterest is a community, you also can know its OKto market. Thats what youre there for after all! Here a few strategies to help. Online Catalog: This is the most likely way for a business with physicalproducts to sell on Pinterest. Just make sure you separate things by boards so itdoesnt get overwhelming for the viewer. For example, if you own a pet store,you might have a board for cat toys, one for dog toys, one for pet cages, onefor bird products, etc. Dont forget to add the price tag to each image. Makesure the image links back to the product description page of your website, too. Grow Your Pins and Boards: In order to successfully market on Pinterest,you must pin your boards regularly so the Pinterest community knows yourpresence is alive and well. You might consider keeping a schedule to keepyourself on track. You also want to keep your eye on popular pins or re-pins soyou know whats trending. That can give you an idea of what to pin or re-pin.This will help people flock to your boards to see what you have to offer. Show the Human Side of Your Brand: Surprise, surprise! Pinterest doesnthave to be all about hard core marketing your brand. Social networking is aboutreal people and people love seeing the human side of things. Show yourfollowers behind the scenes of your brand. Show a silly side of something ofyour brand. Show something emotional. These are the things that get shared the
  14. 14. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012most on Pinterest. This is what will initially draw in your audience. Only thenwill they start to pay attention to your other pins. But being real and honest isvital in the social medium. Pin About Your Event: If your brand or business hosts events, create a boarddedicated solely to each event. You can pin content leading up to the event tocreate interest. You could pin profiles of the speakers. You could highlight anyspecial events that might happen during the event. You could highlightworkshops that might be there. After the event, post pictures of the event, asynopsis (you could have more than one, each highlighting one aspect), and soon. This is a great way to keep your board alive and generate interest in anevent. Its sort of a "two for one" deal. Create a Board for a New Product Launch: Similar to creating buzz for anevent, you can also create a lot of buzz about an upcoming product launch onPinterest. Create a board devoted to the new product. Dont wait until itsreleased, create a board a few months before its released to start buildinganticipation. You can pin pictures, features, or anything else about the productyou think consumer will get out of your product. When its released, dont stopusing your board. Keep posting pictures, customers reactions, and anythingelse you think might benefit your product. You might even set up a board for
  15. 15. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012customers to leave feedback. This can be a bit tricky if you think there might besome negative feedback but it can also payoff in the long run because peoplelove honest reviews. Offer Exclusive Discounts Only Good for Pinterest Followers: The mostdirect way to promote your product is to offer exclusive deals to Pinterestfollowers. While this might seem boring and done by the masses, it works! Amore "out of the box" way to do it might be to pin a QR code with interestingcontent that makes visitors immediately want to click through to a descriptionof the product. This could work for local businesses, too. They could offer QRcodes for iPhone users to bring to their stores for special discounts. Create a Video Gallery: Videos have their home on Pinterest. They also havea lot of capabilities for anyone who wants to create a tutorial or recordsegments of a webinar, conference, or anything else. A great way to drawattention to your videos is to add annotations. This is basically a call to actionfor you audience to pin videos they find appealing. These annotations shouldtell the visitor to “pin this video to Pinterest” or provide a link to yourPinterest profile. The annotation also serves as an invitation to users to engagewith you in another way in a different community.
  16. 16. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012 Welcome and Encourage Comments: Popular pins on Pinterest have threethings going for them: likes, comments, and repins. You have the power toinvite users to do one of those things, rather than leaving it up to them tomaybe remember they can or should. Its easy to engage your audience to getthem to leave a comment. For example, you might post an interesting beachpicture and say, "Guess where this was taken." Use your new pins and boardsas opportunities to converse with users on Pinterest. Add Watermarks to Your Images: Its important to remember that most ofthe pins on Pinterest are re-pins. So the pin of the pair of shoes youre sellingmay eventually be from an unknown source to someone. Then you start to losethe marketing impact you initially set out for. To keep that from happening,add a watermark to each image you post on Pinterest. It can be your websiteaddress or your brand but it needs to be something that reminds the viewerwhere the picture is from. Use Pinterest as a Focus Group: Focus groups are an excellent way to findout what your target market is thinking. You can create a new board on a newproduct youre developing and see how your followers react. This gets into themind of your target audience to really see what theyre thinking. This may besome of the most important marketing you will do. Invite feedback from
  17. 17. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012followers. Ask them what they like or dont like. Ask them what they wish theproduct had or didnt have. The only way youre going to know what youraudience wants is to ask them.Top 20 Websites Shared on PinterestIts important to remember anything goes with social media. So just because onecompany does well doesnt mean everyone else should give up. But its nice to knowwho the "heavy weights" are when it comes to any sort of business so you have asuccessful model to follow.Pinterest is pretty quiet about who does well on their site. This silence has left alot of people wondering why they are so quiet and exactly who is performing well onthis earth shaking social media website. Businesses want to know for the sake ofmarketing and the general public would like to know for nothing more than merecuriosity.RJ Metrics decided to take matters into their own hands. They wrote a scriptand analyzed random Pinterest user data. The end result was that about 1 million pinswere examined. So this data is not from Pinterest itself, but is probably a pretty good
  18. 18. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012indicator of what Pinterest would offer if they were offering anything in terms ofstatistics.Keep in mind, most pins are re-pins so most people arent necessarily evenvisiting the site that is pinned. Theyre just pinning something they like and may ormay not come back to later. There is also a very large spread of websites that arepinned on Pinterest. The top website pinned only made up 3% of the total pins.1. Etsy2. Google3. Flickr4. Tumblr5. WeHeartIt.com6. MarthaStewart.com7. Polyvore.com8. BHG.com9. Houzz.com10.Pinterests iphone
  19. 19. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 201214.Amazon15.SunSurfer.Tumblr.com16.Anthropologie.com17.Ffffound.com18.Blogs.babble.com19.Piccsy.com20.RealSimple.comWhat do most of these have in common? For one thing, they have greatpictures. As has already been said, Pinterest is a visual community. If you want to dowell on Pinterest with your marketing efforts, your top priority needs to be greatimages. This is the first thing that draws consumers in to re-pin and re-pinning is theonly way something will go viral. The websites above also show the sites largelyfemale demographic. In recent months more men have started to join Pinterest butfor now females still dominate.The takeaway? You must adapt to this visual community or you wont survive.And, for now, market to women. Keep your eye out for changing trends though,because men may begin to creep up there and change those top websites.
  20. 20. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012Top Brands on PinterestWant to know what brands do well? Remember, this doesnt mean if your brand isntlike any of these you wont do well. But its worth taking a look at jut to see what issuccessful. Many of these brads were "early adopters" and have been on Pinterest fora while. Theyve built their following and their Pinterest site up to what it is today.Follow the early adopters to get a sense of how theyre using it. Whether theyre bigcompanies or individuals with a big following, pay attention to them so you can learnwhat theyre doing so you can follow their success. Even if theyre a brand that is thecomplete opposite of what you sell, you can still learn something from them. Its notthe brand youre trying to emulate, but the way they use Pinterest. These molds can fitany business. Whole Foods Martha Stewart Better Homes and Gardens Real Simple West Elm Bergdorf Goodman The Today Show Travel Channel
  21. 21. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012What Are You Waiting On…Get Started!The only limitations on how you can use Pinterest for marketing is yourimagination. Thats an old cliché saying, but its true. There are countless ways tomarket on a social website like Pinterest. The great thing about the ever changingnature of the Internet is that it allows for so many creative ways to market. But, thisdoes mean you need to keep up on trends and know how to market to the everchanging marketplace.You cant ignore Pinterest if you have a business, particularly if its a businessthat offers goods or services to the public. Some of the methods mentioned in thisbook might be out of your "comfort zone," but there should be at least a handful thatresonate with you and your business.So marketing today involves "pinning," "repining," "liking" someones pictureand even commenting on some elses pin. Sure, it sounds funny but there is a LOT ofpower in that last sentence.So what are you waiting for??….Get started!!If you need help with this stuff, take a look at thishelpful video training series…
  22. 22. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pinterest | Data as of March 2012It’s an easy to follow, step-by-step video training series that will show you howto use Pinterest to build relationships, build your exposure, build yourbranding, and build your