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Online identity gcep585-j heine2013 final


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Online identity gcep585-j heine2013 final

  1. 1. JENNIFER HEINE, MAGCEP/TRMA 585: Developing AProfessional Online Identity Spring 2013
  3. 3. LINKEDINAreYOU LinkedIn?Beforetheonlineidentity classIwaslisted on LinkedIn. But now Iam LINKED with morepeople,contact information, and addeddetailsabout my experience/background – anyonehiring?•Helpsyou connect and networkwith other professionals•Add information about work,education, specialties, build yourbrand, resumeand reputation•Customize– Connect, andBuild Your Network - Find ajob!
  4. 4. ONLINE PRIVACYAll of my defensewent up when discussing my onlinepresence, becausethatmeant exposure! Staying vigilant about what you share, with whom, andwhat for iscrucial for your brand aswell asyour safety. Learn whatcompaniesknow about you, and what they do with your information! Eventhedeceivingly simplewebsiteslikePinterest, gather your information.Check out thisanalogy about what Pinterest, isdoing with your personalinformation!’sasmall world – after all!Remember: it isYOURresponsibility to read thefineprint and guardyour information!
  5. 5. TWITTER #GCEP585What isTwitter? Micro-blogging!Information squeezed into 140-charactersor less= TWEETS!It’slikelittleburstsof information from who you “follow” –read moreby following others, or simply skim theheadlines.Plenty of quick information!Twitter opened my eyesto moreabout thedifferentpossibilitiesfor using thisnetworkFind you want to know about Twitter
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGESFacebook istheLargest Social Networking SiteBusinessesuseFacebook to promotejust about everything!Social commerceisamultimillion dollar business– just “like” and “share.”Theethical dilemmasconversationscontinuefor Counselors/Therapistsutilizing FB for clientele. I am on facebook asmy personal page, and haveself-advertised personal counseling asself-carein posts. I am undecided onwhether to moveforward with professional Facebook page.Find meat: businessstrategiesuse•Photosand engaging conversation•Appealing and open atmosphere•Comments, questions, and welcomefeedback•Network with other social mediasites
  7. 7. GOOGLE PLUS (G+)I choseno t to sign up with Gplus, asI havetoo many sitesto manageand information overload! Gplusisan upgraded-hybrid version ofMySpace, Facebook and alittleYoutubeall combined to bring usersanexciting way to engagewith people. Herearesomecool features:•“Hang out” using video chatswith family, friends, or even celebrities, andworld leadersin amoreinteractiveway. Thiswastheweek wewatchedPresident Obama’sFiresideChat wherehespokedirectly to several familiesand individualsall acrossAmerica.•Gaming, messaging and waysto manageyour family, friendsand othergroupswith “Circles”Sign up hereto seethelatest andgreatest happening on Google+every week:
  8. 8. BLOGS: BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, TUMBLRTo Blog, or not to blog … that isthequestion for Mental Health Therapists.Wordpressisthelargest blogging tool, and free! Tumblr on theother hand iscriticized heavily for reblogging w/o obtaining permission, aswell asadultgraphic media, imageporn.Many peoplefind blogging fun, therapeutic, and useful in order to promotetheirreputation, their business– even generateincome. It hasplusesand minuses– thebiggest for meisthetimecommitment, along with alwaysknowing what to sayand to what audience. It feelsdaunting right now, but after graduation, maybe!Therapistspublishing must bemindful of:•Privacy & Ethical issues•Bemindful of your audience{present, and future!}•Reach out to your followers, build your brand and reputationPsych Central list of Mental Health Blogs www.gabrielweinberg.com
  9. 9. LEARNING FROM MENTAL HEALTHPROFESSIONALS & ORGANIZATIONSWehavehad theGREAT opportunity of learning from other professionalsandorganizations. Following in successful footstepshasbeen awonderful way tolearn, – my favoriteisJulieHanks!•Sheisan outstanding examplefor successful Mental Health Onlinebyreaching out to countlesspeoplethrough all thevarioussocial networking sites.Sheregularly contributesto Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.Below isalink to avery helpful articleshewroteregarding 8 Real WorldMarketing StrategiesFrom Successful Therapists:
  10. 10. MANAGING YOUR ONLINE IDENTITYWith all of theonlinesocial mediasites, managing your onlineidentity and processing of information can feel overwhelming!Hootsuite and Tweetdeck aretwo social mediadashboardswhich manageyour social media•JulieHanksmediamanagement expertsutilizesemployeestohelp manageher accounts, that isdoable!   •My favoritebenefit aretheinterestalertsset to individual specifications,mineisset to “Play Therapy.” 
  11. 11. PORTFOLIOS & PROFILES easy,fun, anduser-friendlyway to shareInformationabout yourself.•I recommendit for thoseofuswho aremorecreativethan technical!
  12. 12. CURATION TOOLS: SCOOP.IT/PINTERESTSOCIAL MEDIA ETHICS FOR THERAPISTSSimilar to museum curatorsareo nline curators, who “scoop,”“bookmark,” or “pin” itemsof interest from all over theinternetfor other viewers. You can follow items, or peopleof interest onjust about any topic.Find something that interestsyou?Pin it,, or Bookmark it!Look for thesmall icon, click, and it goesright onto your page.Common curation sitesarePinterest,, Diigo and Delicious.  Find ME at: my 12 pinsfor “Ethics &Social Media forTherapists”
  13. 13. WEBSITES & DOMAIN NAMESBeing connected isimportant for thesuccessof your business,buying aDomain namesecuresyour personal brand nameforonlineidentification.A few waysfamiliar Websitesand Domains:•••Squarespace•GoDaddyGuru JulieHanksoffered 6 reasonsshelovesWordpress.org1) Personal touch (you can bethewebmaster), 2) Freethemes, 3) Pluginsandwidgets, 4) Easeof useand navigation, 5) Inexpensive, and 6)Integrated blog right on her 
  14. 14. MAKING A DIFFERENCEGOALS & STRATEGIESTherearemany waysto reach out and makeadifference, big or small.Set your goal, makestrategies, and go for it!A few thingsto keep in mind:•Instantaneoustransmission of information createseven higher levelsofobligation to validatecontent becauseof thevast amount many peoplecounting on it. •Thisbecameevident in thesecondsfollowing theBoston bombing, notingthetragedy and triumph highlighted theimpact of youtubeand other socialmediasitesand theimportanceof maintaining set goalsof impact. •Asmental health clinicians, spreading information, and hopeduring timesofhigh stressbecomeparamount.  Having carefully created an onlinevoiceandpresenceallowspeopleto turn to usin timesof fear and questioning.  Itsahugehonor, and responsibility!
  15. 15. SLIDESHARESlideshare, my first thoughts… Why haven’t all of our MastersClassesused it aswepost, present, and shareour work?!Lovetheprofessionalsharing of power-point slideshows!Makepublic, orprivate. Great foronline-learning orfor making yourwork availableto your clientele onlinematerial reference.
  16. 16. FINAL THOUGHTSProfessional OnlineDevelopment Classwasfun, and very educational.•Thiscoursepushed meWAY beyond my comfort zone, away from theeaseofface-to-facecontact toward thetechnical end, strategic end of successfulbusinesspresenceonline.•I havebeen ableto connect with classmates, other professionals, build mypagesup in LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,, and I amconsidering expanding my voicefurther with blogs, and other social mediaoutlets. Wow.•Becausethiswasout of my “league” – I am grateful for Robin’spatience, anddoableassignmentsleading usinto theonlineworld of social media!•Of all thelearning, I will continueto check for new tweets, network for jobswith LinkedIn, stay connected with Facebook, continueto expand my Pinterestaccount beyond DIY projects, and most likely useSlidesharewith my clientelefor them to referencetopicsand subject matter.