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  1. 1. Explanation of Networks - What is a network? - Why do schools build networks? - Types of networks - Common Terms Photo Credits:
  2. 2. What is a Network? Connects users to devices Consists of:  Clients  Infrastructure  Networking Electronics Photo Credits:
  3. 3. Clients, Infrastructure, Networking Electronics  Clients  These are the users  Infrastructure  The makeup  Wires, fiber optics,…  Networking Electronics  Devices that move  Stores data Photo Credits:
  4. 4. Why do Schools build Networks? Efficient access to information Opportunities for student collaborative learning Interdisciplinary curriculum Professional growth through online courses A more active and connected community Shared access Easier scheduling Shared devices Photo Credits:
  5. 5. Types of Networks LAN  Local Area Network WAN  Wide Area Network WLAN  Wireless Local Area Network MAN  Metropolitan Area Network CAN  Campus Area Network….. SAN  Storage Area Network…. Photo Credits:
  6. 6. Most Common Networks LAN  All clients share a common infrastructure  Typically in the same building WAN  Links two or more LANs  Separated by distance Photo Credits:
  7. 7. Network Common Terms Protocol Platform Media type Topologies Photo Credits:
  8. 8. Protocol Standard for how devices communicate  Physical Protocols  Voltage levels on wires  Network Protocols  Retransmit of data  Protocol Suite  Group of protocols working together
  9. 9. Platform Combination of a hardware & an operating family Examples  Macintosh OS  Windows  UNIX Many school networks are mutiplatform Photo Credits:
  10. 10. Media Type Pathway for the data Examples  Fiber optics  Copper wire  Radio waves Photo Credits:
  11. 11. Topology Shape of a network The most common shape is a star with all the clients stations connected to a central point Photo Credits:,, Star Ring Bus
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