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2011 Malibu Mag Media Kit


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2011 Malibu Mag Media Kit

  1. 1. 2 0 1 1 M e d i a K i t
  2. 2. M I S S I O N Every other month, Malibu Magazine enters the hearts and minds of the top 1% of America’s trendsetters. Targeting savvy, affluent individuals established in the highest levels of entertainment, fashion and design – Malibu Magazine represents a lifestyle sought after throughout the world. Its visual core brings readers up close and personal with the leading celebrities that influence the world of film, music, fashion and literature. Each issue is coveted by the residents of Malibu and greater Los Angeles as well as select locations in New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Malibu Magazine is the premier, upscale lifestyle publication within the Southern California marketplace. Known for its beautiful photography, witty and engaging editorial and cutting-edge fashion, Malibu Magazine continues to set the highest standard in regional publishing. Bar Rafaeli featured in December 08 issue
  3. 3. dress by Chanel at Saks Fifth Avenue tights by DKNY Jeremy: shirt by Juicy Couture Men’s Carolyn Murphy and Jeremy Piven featured in July 07 issue
  4. 4. RE ADE RS H IP With a net worth of more than triple the national average and an average single-home value of $3.8 million, our readers have the disposable income that affords them a life of luxury that includes dining at the finest restaurants, purchasing the newest luxury automobiles, enjoying extravagant vacations and shopping for the couture of the season. Malibu Magazine has an influential readership: It is college educated (90%), professional (92%) and employed (91%), which provides the ideal environment to advertise your product, service or vacation destination. ! ! A U DIEN C E Male & Female: 26-45 Median HHI: $220,000+ Male/Female: 40%/60% Professional: 92% Employeed: 91% College Educated: 90% Principle Business Owner: 64% Average Home Value: $3.8 million !!!!!!"#$!%&&'!()*+),!-.,/)0!12&!"34.*5!6*77!"589:!(*4) Josh Brolin featured in February 09 issue
  5. 5. dress by Betsey Johnson chain bracelet by Juicy Couture shoes by Rodo blouse by Coco de Mer Marisa Miller featured in June 2008 Issue
  6. 6. CIT Y O F MALIB U The city of Malibu is world-renowned for its 27 miles of scenic beauty on the Pacific Coast. Located just northwest of the bustling, urban media center of Los Angeles, Malibu serves as a secluded oceanfront paradise and playground for the rich and famous. Malibu Magazine has an influential readership with a net worth that is more than triple the national average. Malibu is home to many of the world’s most well- known celebrities, but the city is more than just a beachside extension of Hollywood. The residents are affluent and established with discerning tastes. Malibu Magazine caters to this exclusive and savvy community by bringing them the latest in the arts, high-end fashion and design, exotic travel, dining, sports and in-depth profiles of fascinating people. Our challenge with every issue is to be one step ahead of the trendsetters in order to inform, stimulate and entertain this elite group. Malibu delivers today’s most desirable audience: luxury retail consumers with major purchasing power, who rank in the nation’s highest stratosphere of wealth. • The average annual household income is $224,000. • Malibu households generate $276 million in retail sales annu- ally. Of this, $86 million is spent at Malibu retail establishments and the remaining $189 million is spent outside of Malibu. Shops on the Westside capture 18 percent of total spending, Thousand Oaks captures 32 percent, and eight percent goes to Ventura County communities such as Oxnard and Ventura. • Malibu retail businesses draw customers from local house- holds and from vistors. Retailers generate $234 million annu- ally. About $87 million comes from Malibu households and the remaining $147 million comes from shoppers from surround- ing communities, tourists and overnight visitors. -8.,3)+;!"<<5=)+!$)/)58<>)94!?3898>=37!@@@2*+).7*238> Jared Leto featured in August 07 issue
  7. 7. D I S TRIBU TION RATES BASE: 35,000 SUBSCRIPTION: $29.95/year (6 issues) SINGLE COPY: $4.95 S U B SC R IPTIONS / NEW S TA N D Malibu Magazine is available for purchase at high visibility newstands in southern california and the New York Metropolitan area with Prime exposure at Barnes & Noble and Borders Superstores. Targeted mass market circulation at Ralph’s, Walmart, Bristol Farms, and strategic airport locations. Suscriptions represent 80% of single copy sale. CO NT ROL LED CI RCU L AT I O N/ EV ENT DI S TRIB UTI O N Controlled circulation efforts include Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills. This speciality distribution targets luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants, retail locations, salons and medical offices. Additional copies are distributed to select events as well as Malibu Magazine-sponsored events. S E LE CT L U XURY HO TELS : (Gift Shop, In-Room) Malibu Magazine is available in select upscale hotels in locations that include Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach and San Diego. Issues are produced bi-monthly, but are distributed monthly. Olivia Wilde featured in August 09 issue
  8. 8. 2011 ADV ERT ISIN G RAT E S RETAIL - NET ! ! ! !! ! !1X 3X 6X 9X ! Full Page $3,570 $3,430 $3,285 $3,145 Half Page $2,360 $2,265 $2,170 $2,075 Third Page $1,575 $1,510 $1,445 $1,385 Quarter Page $1,180 $1,135 $1,085 $1,040 ! ! Cover Premiums Inside Front Cover $7,670 (requires purchase of Page 1) Inside Back Cover $7,375 Outside Back Cover $8,260 *RATES APPLY to both four-color and black & white advertisements *RATES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST for inserts, custom brochures and additional colors 2011 CALENDAR ISSUE EDITORIAL FOCUS SPACE CLOSE MATERIAL CLOSE ON SALE DATE Dec/Jan Art & Entertainment November 10 November 13 December 1 Feb/Mar Spring Fashion January 7 January 14 January 29 Apr/May Art and Entertainment March 10 March 17 April 1 Jun/July The Blue Issue May 5 May 12 May 27 Aug/Sept Fall Fashion July 7 July 14 July 29 Oct/Nov Art & Music September 8 September 15 September 30 Michelle Monaghan featured in October 09 issue
  9. 9. ADV E RTI S I N G SPECIFICATIONS F I L E S P E C I F I C AT I O N S COLOR GUIDES All files must be to size. Supply color matchprint that represents final file at Acceptable file formats are: 100%. Proof must have crop marks indicating PDF X1A with 300 DPI images embedded trim. Malibu Magazine cannot guarantee color TIF at 300 DPI if required proof is not supplied. EPS with 300 DPI images embedded and with text outlined. SHIPMENT All Images must be supplied as CMYK. Please send digital files with proofs to: All fonts must be embedded. Files must not contain any TrueType or Advertising Department Multiple Master fonts. Please provide all trapping Malibu Magazine requirements. Printer will not apply trapping. 22333 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 210 Please keep registration marks or color bars Malibu, CA 90265 away from bleed dimensions. Registration marks (310) 456-3336 and color bars should appear on Slug area. PLEASE EMAIL ALL ARTWORK TO: S U B M I T T E D F O R M AT Mac-Compatible CD s If your file is too large to email please contact the Include: Name, Phone Number and Address of Malibu Magazine office at 310-456-3336 the creator of the file in the case of a problem. for our FTP information. NO FILM ACCEPTED $150 charge per page for material NOT submitted to Malibu Magazine specifications. FLIGHT CHECKING All files must be run through a flight checking application before submission, to ensure: PDF X1A Compatibility Image resolution of 300 DPI All fonts are embedded Color space is CMYK
  10. 10. !"#$%&''#$ THE SECOND ANNUAL JULY 2010 | Volume 8 Issue 4 | U.S. $4.95 OCEANIC ACTIVIST JANUARY JONES Jan 08 Volume 6 Issue 1 !"#$%&'#$(")#!""#$%&$#'()#*+% %*,$%-$(-&$%,!)$%.-(/$"#*#")+#,(-+#!./#"(0+1#%-#)%$!&/#2(..# !' *+,-./%01/%+234.-5%6278.%29 Malibu Magazine U.S. $3.95 #")+#3)%"%4&!3)5#%-#0!""1%2&#"2,% " !"##$%&#'(") "##"! !$"%& #6!3!.7#'&((03%.$4%!"0%*$!5.%$(")#6!0(+#8&(1(9'# $&$2*#("%"#6,*%$(")#4(/+%.#5!4% '%:27074-0%29%4%;143<-2+ (1&!+,(#1:3+&0%/+,#'!5%5!7!$&#% !
  11. 11. C O N TA C T I N F O 22333 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 210 Malibu, CA 90265 P:310.456.3336 F:310.456.3369 w w w. m a l i b u m a g . c o m Publisher: Jason Rouse - Assistant Publisher: Kristen Spaulding - ABC?(!"(D!EF!-"G?!C"HGIJ