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Simmons College Assistive Technology Program Information 2016


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Information about the Simmons College Assistive Technology Program. This is an off-site blended learning program. Cohorts meet in Williamstown, MA or Walpole,

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Simmons College Assistive Technology Program Information 2016

  1. 1. Simmons College AssistiveTechnology for Special Education
  2. 2. What is AssistiveTechnology? • Assistive Technology Device: “Any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is use to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of children with disabilities.”  Low-tech Pencil grip -> Mid-tech communication device - >High-tech eyegaze control of computer • Assistive Technology Service: “Any service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition or use of an assistive technology device.”  Awareness -> Assessment ->Implementation Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 1997
  3. 3. Consideration of AssistiveTechnology is the LAW Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 1997reauth)  ALL students, regardless of their abilities, must be given the opportunity to become involved with and progress in the general education curriculum. Every student must have access to what is being taught. – IDEA  In order to support the inclusion and participation of students with disabilities in regular education classrooms, ALL Individual Education Programs (IEPs) developed for children identified as needed special education services MUST indicate that Assistive Technology has been considered.
  4. 4. We believe AssistiveTechnology is Important There is no such thing as an average student. ALL children can learn. We must honor all learning differences and support all students in the classroom..
  5. 5. “Just because I can’t speak doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say…” We believe in using the SETT Framework Student Environment Task Tools
  6. 6. We Believe in Universal Design for Learning Accessible, Flexible and Customizable Curriculum: Goals Methods Materials Assessments
  7. 7. AsTech Program info • Degree: • MSEd OR • EdS (If you already have a Masters Degree. Program is the SAME.) • NOTE – this degree does NOT lead to licensure • Off-Campus • Next cohort at TEC Walpole, MA to launch May 2017 • Next cohort at TRI Williamstown, MA to launch January 2017 • Cost per course is approximately 60% of on-campus cost (about $1800- 2200 per course including books/materials) • All Courses meet on Weekends, most are blended with online coursework and reduced face-to-face meeting times. (Fridays 5-10, Saturdays 8:30-4:30 and some Sundays 8:30-4:30) • 4 Semesters/15 Months • 9 Courses/36 Credits • 15-20 person cohorts (~225 graduates to date) • 7 Faculty Members • AsTech Launched 1998 Courses: • SPND 422 • SPND 458 • SPND 456 • SPND 473 • SPND 470 • SPND 475 • SPND 453 • SPND 423 • SPND 463 AsTech for Life: Professional Learning Community!
  8. 8. Simmons College AsTech Course Descriptions  programs/special-education-assistive-technology-ms-or-eds
  9. 9. SPND 422 – Jennifer Edge-Savage Differentiated Instructional Strategies UsingTechnology Across the Curriculum
  10. 10. SPND 458 – Rachel Kuberry Curriculum Access Using AssistiveTechnology Devices
  11. 11. SPND 458 – Karen Janowski Curriculum Support for Learners with High Incidence Special Needs UsingTechnology
  12. 12. SPND 470 – JeanneTuthill Curriculum Modifications Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Technologies
  13. 13. SPND 473 – Jennifer Buxton Providing Specialized Curriculum and Environmental Access Using CustomizedTechnologyTools
  14. 14. SPND 453 – Kelly Fonner Language and Cognitive Development and Alternative Assessment usingTechnology
  15. 15. SPND 475 – Brenda Doucette Evaluation of Internet Resources and Educational Software for Curriculum Support
  16. 16. SPND 423 – BobTucker Using Multimedia to create Curriculum Interventions for Learners with Special Needs
  17. 17. SPND 463 – Mike Marotta Universal Classroom Design: Creating an Accessible Curriculum in the Inclusive Classroom
  18. 18. Nationally Recognized Simmons AsTech Alumni Samuel Sennott '07GS: SimmonsAlumnus Invents iPhone Application A graduate of the assistive technology program, Samuel Sennott '07GS is co-developer of the Proloquo2Go ™, a communication application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps individuals who have difficulty speaking. The phone application has a basic screen with a variety of graphics that represent a vocabulary of more than 7,000 items. Portable and easy to use, the user touches the graphic on the screen, and it talks and can even automatically conjugate verbs. The application currently is available in the English language through Assistive Ware, with work underway to support other languages. Sennott credits his Simmons degree for guiding his vision. "Madeleine Pugliese (clinical instructor and Assistive Technology Program Coordinator at Simmons) and her team provided instruction in this cutting- edge technology. They also gave me a framework of how to help people and teach them, using technology tools that will last me a lifetime. Although it was a highly technical degree program, it stayed focused on both the people who are being served, and the teachers. This focus is truly something to model after." Sennott recently completed his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University and is now and Assistant Professor of Special Education at Portland State University, Oregon. One of his research interests is Google Glass and its applications for students with special needs.
  19. 19. Simmons AsTech Alumni become…  BetterTechnology-Using Educators  Private PracticeAssistiveTechnology Specialists  District BasedAssistiveTechnology Specialists  Higher Education Faculty  Leaders in the Field of AssistiveTechnology  InstructionalTechnologists able to supportALL students  AssistiveTechnology Product Developers  Corporate AssistiveTechnology Professionals  Regional, National and International Conference Presenters  State and National Policy Leaders  …What do you hope to accomplish with your degree?
  20. 20. Applying to the AsTech Program:  Apply online: G.ssc  Completed Application Document  Resume  Transcripts  Statement of Purpose – most important  Two Recommendations  GRE is NOT required  Application Fee isWAIVED if you attend an open house (online or in person)
  21. 21. Simmons College AsTech Program Transforming Education We believe with the right combination of general education technology tools, good educational strategies and the appropriate assistive technology, all students can successfully access the curriculum and become lifelong learners.
  22. 22. Thank you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Jennifer Edge-Savage Associate Professor of Clinical Practice, Director, Simmons College AsTech Program, Education Department