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The journey from a ‘like–based’ social strategy (circa 2010) to a ‘lead-based’ ROI strategy (today) is more of a path of discovery than a straight line for many businesses.

At Salesforce.com, we began to make this shift almost a year ago as our goals related to social strategy matured. We did not have a compass or blueprint to guide us at the time, but looking back, we see ten key steps that set us on the path to a fully working inbound content engine.

This is an overview of 10 proven steps to build a content marketing strategy that will bring new sources of leads to your business.

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10 Steps To Pivot To Content Marketing by @jennydburnham

  1. 1. 10 Steps To Content Marketing Director of Social Content Marketing Jennifer Deming Burnham @jennydburnham
  2. 2. Social Media Face-to-Face Call Centers Websites Traditional Media Advisory Groups Partners Source: 2012 IBM Global Chief Executive Office Study PercentofInteractions Customer Touchpoint's Are Changing Customer Interactions
  3. 3. Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Behavior On The Web [Pre-Facebook][Facebook Era] Sarah Webb Works at Genwatt, Inc Lives in Hoboken New Jersey Married to John Webb Studied Business Administration at Johns Hopkins Interesting concept This might be helpful I’ve got a question Worth reading Status update Like +1 The Rise of the Social Customer
  4. 4. Interruption Marketing Social Marketing Publishers My Service My Product Our Customers Attract Entertain Inform Producers Community Managers Storytellers Journalists
  5. 5. We see brands doing it right
  6. 6. Start with Channel Alignment Consistent Branding Map Your Channels No Broken Windows 1
  7. 7. Grow Subscribers to Reach Critical Mass Subscriber Growth Leaderboard 2 Top Tactics: Content Calendar, Like Gate Campaigns, Advertising Set a Target: Need to Grow Subscribers 6% M/M to Maintain a Channel
  8. 8. Create Content That Delights Retweets Likes Comments Shares Positive Sentiment Embeds 3
  9. 9. Start To Blog4
  10. 10. Create Offers Across Buyer Stages5
  11. 11. Promote Your Offers Big Offer / Month Blog Posts / Month FB Posts / Month Tweets / Month 1 4 4 16 Suggested Cadence 6
  12. 12. Track Your Campaigns7 http://salesforce.com/form/?id=7013000sqyyhttp://bit.ly/salesprocessmap http://na1.salesforce.com/701
  13. 13. Nurture Content Marketing Leads Clicks on a Tweet Watched a Video Posted a Question Read a Post Viewed a Presentation Became a Fan Liked a Post Re-Tweeted a Post Brand Mention SEM Free Trial Contact Me Event Registration eBook Offer Lead Scoring1 Personalized Journeys2 Campaign Attribution3 Marketing Automation 8
  14. 14. Views Nurture Form Completes Views | Visits | Subscribers Offers | Campaign IDs | Dashboards Email Journeys | Lead Scoring Sales Specialization Content Promotion Optimization Soft Offer Landing Page Confirmation Page Lead Nurturing Sales Follow Up Sales Effectiveness ACV ($) Pipeline Create A Predictable Engine for Leads9
  15. 15. Activate Your Networks10
  16. 16. Give me a predictable engine for driving growth Show me how social media… • Contributes to health of the business • Provides new sources of prospect traffic • Collects valid leads • Drives real $$ Metrics That Really Matter
  17. 17. New Pipeline Engines SEM (Google Search) Click Click Click Click Impression Impression Impression Impression +Email Addresses +Ad Dollars +Social Media Subscribers Fuel the Viral Loop Email Drop (Newsletter, Offer) 3rd Party Sites (Display Ads) Click Click Landing Page B (eBook, Contest, App) Social Requires More Soft Offers Social Post (Facebook, Twitter...) Social Ad (Facebook, Twitter...) Hard Offer Soft Offer Content Great content & engagement earns subscribers Advertising is the fastest way to grow subscribers Content (Blog Post, Video, Website) +Ad Dollars Display Advertising (Ad Networks) Content Marketing (Social Heart of Marketing) Social Advertising (Social Heart of Marketing) Sharing, Likes Users are cookied for ad re-targeting Capture new subscribers with reveal pages, great content, & website integration Promoted Content Impression Search Results (Google AdWords) Social Profile Email Marketing (Heart of Marketing) New email addresses go into marketing automation system Top Content Leads by Source Campaign ROI Subscribers Engagement Qualified Leads Lead Quality Conversation Volume Landing Page A (Free Trial, Demo) SEO (Google Search) Click Impression+Inbound Links Search Results (Organic Results) Shares, likes, and comments influence search rankings +Ad Dollars Social Adds Two New Pipeline Engines "" Impacts Our Existing Pipeline Engines""
  18. 18. Thank You!