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Kim Il Sung

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Kim Il Sung

  1. 1. Kim Il Sung <
  2. 2. Biography Kim II Sung was born on April 15, 1912 in Mangyongche, Korea. He dies on July 07, 1994 in Pyongyang, North Korea . The cause of his death was a heart attack in Korea. Kim II Sung belonged to the nationality of Korean . He moves to China with his family in 1925 there in China he attends a middle school. He was president form 1972 until death . At the age of fifteen he was arrested and imprisoned for being a member of the <http://vaiguoren.word South Manchurian Communist Youth League. korea/>.
  3. 3.  After his release in the 1930s he joined the Korean revolutionary Army. By 1932 he was the leader of the guerrilla group in Korea. Once he was noticed by the Soviet military authorities he was sent to the Soviet Union for military and political training and there was were he joined the local Communist Party. Over the next years he launched a series of attacks against the Japanese . He became head of the state and was the country’s ruler .
  4. 4. Achievements From 1932-1945 Kim fought over 100,000 times not losing one engagement , witch made him a leader who always ended up with victory. He was a successful leader of many groups and organization throughout his life time . He is known as the “Great Leader” for all the fantastic accomplishments he made. He was prime minister of his country He was not only very important in the DPRK, but he was head commander if the DPRK. The formation of the Korean’s people army in 1948 was one if his biggest "Kim II Sung." Download Exclusive Royalty Free achievements. Images, Search for Free Photos and Find Stock Vector Art - Cutcaster. Web. 30 Nov. 2011. <>.

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