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Getting Started: LinkedIn For the Mortgage Industry


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Loan Originators, Mortgage Brokers, and Mortgage Lending companies in the Financial Industry have been slow to adapt to what social media has to offer. Jennifer Brabson, the new Marketing Director for Village Mortgage Company in Connecticut, starts LO's, realtors and brokers out on how to start using the social media tools (especially LinkedIn) for lead generation and becoming an industry leader.

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Getting Started: LinkedIn For the Mortgage Industry

  1. 1. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Getting Started : LinkedIn for the Mortgage Industry Presentation created by Jennifer Brabson, Marketing Director – Village Mortgage
  2. 2. About Village Mortgage 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Village Mortgage continues to be a leader in mortgage lending, by offering innovative technologies, an expansive mortgage product line, competitive rates, and customer service that makes Village Mortgage, New England's premiere choice for mortgage lending. Founded in 1996, Village Mortgage offers an array of mortgage products including: Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans, USDA Loans, and Jumbo Mortgages, as well as many other unique products for brokers and borrowers alike. Village Mortgage Company is a direct mortgage lender and servicer/seller of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac products. Equal Housing Lender. Village Mortgage Company,  30 Tower Lane, Avon, CT 06001, NMLS # 6331, is a licensed lender in Connecticut (NMLS #6331); is a Lender in Massachusetts having Mortgage Lender license # ML6331, and is a licensed lender in Rhode Island (NMLS #6331).
  3. 3. About Jennifer Brabson 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Marketing Director Village Mortgage Company Avon, CT 06001 Jennifer Brabson has been involved in social media and online marketing long before Facebook and Twitter. As a student of globalization, her love of the dissemination of information across borders in mere seconds has brought her full circle as an established Social Media and Online Marketing professional and educator in key industries. She’s been fully integrating branded experiences through the intelligent use of digital media and marketing strategies for the past decade, in publishing, recruiting and now the mortgage and real estate industries. Education: Agnes Scott College – International Relations Former Positions: Digital Marketing Manager, Adecco Group NYC Marketing Manager, Onward Search, ITG & Recruitics Wilton, CT Jennifer is available for social media and marketing training. Contact Michelle Lucia for more information.
  4. 4. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   LinkedIn by the Numbers 259+ 84+ 11.3+ Million Users Total Million Users in US Million users in CT, MA, RI The Mortgage Industry in NEW ENGLAND on LinkedIn 3,600+ 35,000+ 7,500+ 20,800 2800 Mortgage Brokers in CT, MA, RI Realtors in CT, MA, RI CPAs in CT, MA, RI Real Estate LinkedIn Groups Mortgage LinkedIn Groups
  5. 5. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Setting up your profile – Get seen! •  Make sure your profile is 100% complete, this includes: o  Adding your photo o  Adding your skills o  Adding a description and proper headline (using keywords – LOCATIONS) o  Connecting with your Company’s LinkedIn Page vs   good better
  6. 6. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Staying Compliant on LinkedIn According  to  the  FFIEC:  A  financial  insJtuJon  should  have  a  risk  management  program  that  allows  it  to   idenJfy,  measure,  monitor,  and  control  the  risks  related  to  social  media.         You  should  also  re-­‐read  your  company’s  social  media  guidelines  for  further          regulaJons  and  rules  specific  to  your  company.     Don’t  forget  to  add  your  NMLS  #  to   your  profile!     Be  aware  of  the  Truth-­‐In-­‐Lending  Act  (TILA)  when   introducing  any  mortgage  informaJon  through  social   media.    Keep  your  communicaJons  minimal  and  high-­‐ level  instead  of  discussing  pricing  or  fees  via  LinkedIn.     Keep  your  message  simple  to  stay   compliant  and  capJvate  your  audience   with  useful  informaJon.   -­‐NaJonal  Mortgage  Professional  (2012)  
  7. 7. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Make it easy to connect with you Be sure to include your LinkedIn URL and Company’s URL in your email signature, on your website, info tab on your Facebook profile and blog, as well as on your print marketing collateral and business cards. •  You’re here to be contacted, make it as easy as possible. …and  here   …and  here   …and  here   …and  here   …and  here  
  8. 8. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Build your connections •  See who you already know – Referrals, referrals, referrals! •  Upload your contacts Helpful Marketing Tip: You can also export your LinkedIn connections for email marketing campaigns! See last page of presentation for instructions on how to export your LinkedIn connections. •  The more people you know, the more referrals and leads you will receive. •  Join LinkedIn Groups (and be active!) è   è NMLS  #6331  
  9. 9. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   View Your Own Profile, Often! •  Check your Network Stats regularly – if people have viewed your profile, Connect with them! o  You  can  see  informaJon  about  your  network,  including  how  many  users  you  can  reach   through  your  connecJons.   o  To  get  there,  click  on  the  Profile  tab,  and  you’ll  see  four  more  tabs:  My  ConnecJons,   Imported  Contacts,  Profile  Organizer  and  Network  StaJsJcs. NMLS  #6331  
  10. 10. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA     Connect with LinkedIn on your smartphone •  ConnecJng  with  people  on  LinkedIn  via  your   smartphone  is  easier  and  uses  less  restricJons   than  on  the  computer.   •  You  can  add  your  phone’s  contacts  to  your   LinkedIn  ConnecJons  and  vice  versa.     •  Using  the  iphone  app  –  CARDMUNCH  will  allow   you  to  take  photos  of  a  business  card  –  it  will  add   the  connecJon  to  your  contact  list  AND  connect   you  automaJcally  to  them  on  LinkedIn  
  11. 11. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA     Stay tuned… for the next presentation Optimizing LinkedIn for Your Mortgage Lending Business conn ore et m G ons! ecti Conn ect w more ith lead s! e an ecom Leader B stry Indu Close more loans!
  12. 12. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Helpful Hints: Expor/ng  your  LinkedIn  Connec/ons   You  can  export  your  connecJons  from  the  Contact   Se_ngs  page.     Note:  Only  the  full  name,  email  address,  current   employer,  and  posiJon  are  exported.     To  export  your  connecJons  list:     1.  Move  your  cursor  over  Network  at  the  top  of  your   homepage  and  select  Contacts.   2.  Click  the            Se@ngs  icon  near  the  top  right.   3.  Under  Advanced  Se@ngs  on  the  right,  click  Export   LinkedIn  Connec/ons.   4.  Enter  the  security  text  if  prompted.   5.  Click  Export.   6.  Save  the  file  as  a  .csv  and  then  save  it  somewhere   you  can  easily  find  it,  like  your  computer's  desktop.     Note:  If  you're  using  Internet  Explorer  and  you  see  a   yellow  pop-­‐up  blocker  across  the  top  of  the  page,  click   the  yellow  bar  and  then  select  Download  File.  
  13. 13. 30  Tower  Lane     Avon,  CT  06001   NMLS  #6331  –  CT  &  RI     ML6331  -­‐  MA   Connect  with  us     hcp://­‐mortgage-­‐company     4