Codepalusa 2013 Key Takeaways


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Codepalusa 2013 Key Takeaways

  1. 1. What do you get when you cross hundreds of the world’s top software developers, 25 fast-paced learning sessions and three days of fun in Louisville, Kentucky? You get Code PaLOUsa 2013. For the third year in a row, Code PaLOUsa transformed Louisville into the center of the software develop- ment world. The annual event was founded in 2010 by Chad Green, a Technical Delivery Team Manager with HP Enterprise Services, with the goal of providing a forum for the software development community to learn, laugh and show-off their skills. Adecco is a proud sponsor of Code PaLOUsa and, if you couldn’t make it to Kentucky, we’ve got you covered. We spoke with all of the key spon- sors, exhibitors and developers to bring you the key takeaways from the event. Read on to find out what they were. Open source is on everyone’s mind. Nearly every breakout session, workshop and discussion at Code PaLOUsa revolved around a common theme — a free, open web for all. The idea of a “free web” isn’t about money, but about accessibility. By providing a forum for people to share ideas, companies can spur innovation and development and, ultimately, create better and cheaper solutions. That’s great for your repu- tation and your bottom line. Developers and development com- munities can play a critical role in the future of the free web by actively discussing innovations, best practic- es and lessons learned. Within your company, encourage developers to release code updates immediately in order to empower everyone in your organization — operations, QA, project management — to quicken the pace of development from concept to production. Become an outlier. In one of the best presentations of the event, Cory House, renowned coder and the founder of the well- known blog, offered advice for “becoming an outlier,” to go from a standard to standout. It’s advice that applies to everyone in your organization, not just developers. • Think like a Sims: Like those pesky people in a Sims game, you have habits that you repeat every day. Try new, beneficial things and repeat them often; eventually these actions will become habits, too. • Manage your image: Hone in on specific skills, market them and let others know how good you are. Create a unique brand for your unique skills and personality. • Own your trajectory: If you want something to happen, work towards it. Don’t just see where things go, ask for a promotion, pursue professional development opportunities and communicate your value and your desire to contribute. Adecco is committed to developing better workforces for companies today and tomorrow. That’s why we participate in and sponsor cut- ting-edge events like Code PaLOUsa. To see all slides, content, sample codes and information from this event, visit, and for access to conversations and content discussed during the event, follow the hashtag #cpl13 on Twitter. Key takeaways from Code PaLOUsa 2013 • ©2013 Adecco To learn more about what happened at Code PaLOUsa, or to find out how we can help you connect with top developers and IT talent, contact us today. Learning the code Information Technology