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Visible Government

  1. Tools for Transparency
  2. SECRECY TRANSPARENCY  Lack of Accountability  Participation  Corruption  Oversight  Waste  Feedback  Cynicism  Trust
  3.  Only partially available online  Formatted as web page or PDF  Hard to search  Can’t subscribe  Can’t visualize  Can’t re-use
  4. Publishing Structured Data Visualization Feeds • Makes it easy to find new • Ability to subscribe to patterns. interesting data • Data streams can be ‘mashed’ in new ways. Collaborative Crowdsourcing Organization • Combines skills and input of • Tagging, Voting large numbers of people
  5. • Governments publish Governments data streams publish data streams • 3rd parties create tools for analysis and oversight 3rd Issues are Party Citizens monitor data • Citizens collaboratively resolved Tools streams monitor their government • Citizens detect issues, Issues are detected give feedback • Issues are resolved
  6.  Government has no incentive ▪ Usually has disincentive  Don’t want a single Why can’t the monolithic solution government do ▪ Want to allow evolution of best- everything? of-breed tools  Tools created by citizens, for citizens ▪ Ensure participation
  7.  Focus:  US Congress  California Legislature  Gives grants to online transparency tools  $3.5 M Seed
  8. A recent US Congress bill Groups for Groups bill against bill
  9. Votes Donations
  10. Publishing Structured Data Visualization Feeds • MAPLight makes relationship • MAPLight is a mashup of between money and votes data streams from different visible. sources. Collaborative Crowdsourcing Organization • Thousands of journalists, • Advocacy group tags advocates, and citizens can donating companies as browse data and flag issues. belonging to interest groups.
  11. People submit project ideas Core team defines tools Engine for Donation- Based 3rd Party Tool Development Web development groups bid for implementation Supporters donate to fund development
  12. Travel and Hospitality Expense Access to Information Request Database Front-End • Make it easy to sort and • Make it easy to file an access visualize expenses to information request • Make it easy to screen new • Collect statistics on requests expenses and response times • Highlight the areas that receive the most requests
  13. Advisors Volunteers Money • Technical • Planners • Donations Domain Experts, • Organizers • Grants Academics • Evangelists • Advocacy Groups • Journalists
  14. Jennifer Bell