Marketing with Confidence


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How to Overcome Fear and Procrastination When Marketing Yourself or Services

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Marketing with Confidence

  1. 1. Marketing with Confidence How to eliminate fear and procrastination when it comes to marketing your products, services, and yourself By Jennifer Barthé
  2. 2. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé This eBook is based on the blog posts found on: © 2009 By Jennifer Barthe Copyright holder is licensing this work under the Create Commons License, Attribution 3.0 Special thanks to Steve Pavlina and David Meerman Scott . Steve helped me realize the importance of marketing from the conscience and David helped me understand the power of transparent marketing. share this book with your friends! Tweet about it, share it on Facebook and MySpace, email to your friends, and post it on your blog. Send it to anyone you think may need it.
  3. 3. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Table of Contents Page 1 Introduction Page 3 Playing the Waiting Game Page 5 Sincerely Believe in Your Product or Service Page 8 Get Out f the Wrong Line of Work Page 12 Get Rid of Your Excuses Page 22 Focus on Social Contribution Page 24 About the Author
  4. 4. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Introduction “What lies Alright, so you’re having a really hard time putting yourself out there and asking behind us and for what it is that you want. Perhaps you’re self-employed and need new clients. Or maybe you’re unemployed or underemployed and need a new job. Whatever what lies the case, the idea of facing rejection is strong enough to keep you in your before us are comfort zone. small matters Some of us were taught as children that it’s rude to toot your own horn or bring compared to attention to yourself. Growing up in the Southern part of the US, I was always told by adults that “Children were to be seen and not heard”. what lies within us.” As adults, many of us are still remaining unseen and unheard. We prefer to remain in the background, in our comfort zones, avoiding failure. Who wants to fall flat on their face and experience the pain and discomfort of disappointment? Ralph Waldo Emerson But by staying in our comfort zone, we deny ourselves of the opportunity to American Poet grow and live full lives. We prefer to remain timid and in return subject ourselves to long-term disappointment, frustration, resentment, and even jealousy. Page 1
  5. 5. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé The purpose of the book is not to teach specific marketing tasks. Instead my aim is to help you recognize why you’re procrastinating and letting fear keep you “Whether you be from marketing yourself, your services, and your products. There are tons of man or woman marketing books that will tell you what steps you need to take in order to promote yourself. However, very few of them describe the type of mindset you you will never do need to have in order to feel good about what you’re promoting. This eBook anything in this aims to fill that void. world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.” James Allen American Author Page 2
  6. 6. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Playing the Waiting Game “Waiting is painful. Perhaps you’re waiting for the right business opportunity or job to show up. Lots of people Forgetting is think that all they need to do is create something and people will automatically painful. But come their way. Unless you already have an not knowing extensive network, only telling a handful of people about your product or service is not which to do is going to get you far. You must be willing to promote yourself on a daily basis, no matter the worse kind how hard or slow it can be. of suffering.” Does this describe you current state of mind? - You’re often stuck in “planning mode” and unable to action. Paulo Coelho Brazilian Author - You’ve read business books but rarely implement the lessons learned. - You think something “out there” needs to change before you can succeed. - You consistently ask others for advice before you’ll take action. - You believe that talent and experience is all that one needs in order to succeed. Page 3
  7. 7. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé What if I told you that the only thing you needed to succeed in life was simply passion combined with self-discipline? Passion by itself is not enough to get us to the finish line. Our level of passion is dependent upon our present mood. Some days we may be extremely passionate about something, but on the next day we may not. Passion by itself is not very reliable without self-discipline to “You win by back it up. working hard, Self- discipline combined with passion helps us get things done when we don’t making tough feel like it. It allows us to stay up until 5 in the morning to finish an important project. It makes us exercise even though we’d rather stay in the house. It pushes decisions and us to go to work in the morning, despite our a long commute or a boring job. building Self-discipline combined with passion creates a consistent flow of action. coalitions.” How can you develop the habit of self-discipline and combine it with passion? John Egler American Politician Page 4
  8. 8. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Sincerely Believe in Your Product or Service One of the main reasons people procrastinate when it comes to marketing, is because they don’t really believe in what they’re “Self-confidence promoting. It doesn’t matter if they have is the first years of experience. Being talented is not important when you lack faith in yourself. requisite to great Even having connections won’t matter if you undertaking.” don’t believe in your ability to create and provide quality products and services. Samuel Johnson English Author Let Go No one wants to admit that they’ve invested a significant amount of time into a project, task, skill, or product that’s mediocre. Instead of facing the truth, we try to justify our lack-luster results. We hear ourselves say that “It’s the economy that’s to blame. If more people were interested in what what we had to offer, then business would go up. If companies we’re hiring more, it would be easier for us to get a job” and etc. But why do we like to hold to our excuses? Page 5
  9. 9. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Why is complaining so comfortable? Complaining protects us from making mistakes. “Working How to Let Go hard and You know it’s time to let go of a product, service, job, or just about anything when you: working smart - Cringe every time you tell people about what you’re promoting. sometimes can - Pray that people don’t call you back complaining about what you sold them. be two - Spend all of your spare time immersed in leisure activities to avoid reality. different - Find yourself unable to get past fear, procrastination, and worry. - Do just enough to get by or not get fired. things.” - Don’t take the time to cultivate our abilities or talents. - Complain about what’s not working, but do nothing to change the situation. Byron Dorgan - Talk about what you’re going to do instead of actually doing it. American Politician - Continue to invest in a business that’s not working but you stay to save face. - Do the same things over and over again but expect different results. - Keep yourself busy when all you’re really doing is spinning your wheels. Page 6
  10. 10. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Just because you’ve invested time and effort into a project, product, or your career, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it if it’s not working out for you. “Risk means everything from I’ve written plenty of blog posts that have never published. In 2008, I created being honest about three other blogs before launching Jennifer in 2009. It took me your faith, to weeks to re-design the layouts of my old blogs and to come up with writing topics. Yet, because I didn’t really believe in what I was doing, I took all of the moving, to quitting old blogs offline. a job that's paying you a fortune but Even though I worked really hard at creating nice web designs, the quality of my it's not what's in content was sub par. I had invested time and money into these blogs and read your heart. Risking plenty of blog marketing articles, but I never did anything with what I learned. I could have saved face and kept on blogging for months, putting out superficial things is one of the posts and building a bit of web traffic. However, I didn't want to live my life that biggest fears we way. It was the same story with my marketing career. I had invested years into have.” my identity as technology marketer, I didn’t like my job anymore, and I knew it was time for me to walk away. I was too scared to do anything about it though. John Tesh TV PersonalityMusician So for months, I didn't do anything but focus on figuring out why I was having such a hard time getting ahead. After 9 months of intense journaling and reading, I realized that I letting go of what no longer served me was only the first step, to really make progress I would need to go a step further. Page 7
  11. 11. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Get Out of The Wrong Line of Work No matter how hard I tried, I could not operate at my fullest potential while being in the wrong “You have to career. Duh! I had to allow myself to let go of the ledge and move on to something better. I risk going too needed to find out what I really wanted to do far to discover with my life. Sometimes we can fall into the right line of work through trial and error. Or we just how far might have to try out ten things before finding that which we’re good at. It’s precisely for this you can really reason that being between jobs and careers could be a blessing in disguise. go.” Turn Around and Change Direction -T.S. Eliot If you’re self-employed and not doing well, then maybe you’re in the wrong American Poet and Critic type of business. Or you could be in the right line of work, but your products need to be upgraded or replaced. If your career has become stagnant, then get out of your current job or upgrade your skills. Whatever you decided to do, take a step back and ask yourself how you can do things better. It makes no sense to hold on to your old way of living if it prevents you from experiencing true joy. Page 8
  12. 12. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé If you don’t really believe in: “Many are - Your products or service, I mean really believe in them stubborn in - Your abilities and talent - Your right to success and true happiness pursuit of the - The fact that you can make a difference in the lives of others path they have - Putting your conscience ahead of money chosen, few in - Proving people with social value pursuit of the Then you will always procrastinate and make excuses goal.” when it comes to market your business or yourself. The only thing that’ll be easy for you to market is what’s not working in your Friedrich Nietzsche life. You won’t have problems telling people about the bad economy, the lack of German Philosopher jobs or business. It doesn’t matter how many business books you read. It doesn’t matter how many blogs you subscribe to. It doesn’t matter how much education you have. If you don’t have faith in what you’re promoting, you’re just wasting your time and giving people sub par service. Let go of what’s not working and see how much fun authentic, conscious marketing can be. Don’t be so stubborn. Page 9
  13. 13. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Get Rid of Your Excuses Excuses are comfortable because they allow us to justify our actions. We get sympathy from well “Several meaning folks and that make us feel good. Unfortunately, excuses only lead to long-term excuses are denial and resentment. When we hold on tight to our reasons for why we can’t do something, we always less settle for life’s bread crumbs instead of the whole loaf. Isn’t it better to just let go, face our fears and convincing go after what we really want? Here are some of the common reasons why we don’t let go: than one.” Excuse #1: “I’m scared of being rejected. So what? If someone rejects your offer or product, then move on to someone Aldous Huxley who does want it. If you’ve got a worthwhile product or skill and market it like English Novelist hell, then in the end people will come looking for you! Please remember though, that not everyone is your ideal customer. Trying to sell to anyone with a pulse is a waste of time. Page 10
  14. 14. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Excuse #2: “Only Marketing people know how to do Marketing.” Everyone knows how to market a product, service, or person. When you “Complainers badmouth a certain former US president (you know who), you’re practicing word-of-mouth marketing. You didn’t read a book or get a degree in mass change their communications to learn how to do it. You just opened your mouth and let your opinion out. Marketing is simply telling people about a certain something . complaints, Every time you tell someone about the latest sale at Macy’s, why you don’t like but they never McDonald’s burgers, or post videos of your new car on YouTube, you’re marketing. reduce the amount of Excuse #3: “I’m only looking for a job, I don’t have time to learn marketing.” time spent in If believe that you don’t have time to learn how to market your skills, then you could be costing prospective employers millions of dollars to NOT be complaining.” employing you. Think about all the great things you could be doing for a prospective employer, how much money you could make for them and yourself, and how you could improve their product line. If you’re really good at what you Mason Cooley American Writer do , then get out there and let people know. Screw sending out resumes whenever a job opening pops up. Network with recruiters and companies on social networking sites, in person, blog, podcast, do whatever it takes. Page 11
  15. 15. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Excuse #4: “I don’t know how to market.” Earlier, I showed that bad-mouthing a certain former US president is considered “If you have to be a form of marketing. Anyone can get good at marketing themselves and their products, provided their willing to learn. When you first start out, it can be time to whine a bit scary, but if you keep trying, you’ll build up the skills needed to succeed. and complain Improving your marketing skills is easy, just as long as you really believe in about what you have to offer and you’re willing to work hard. There are plenty of great books, CDs, blogs, podcasts, college courses, and real life situations to something help you get your feet wet. Even if it takes you a while to get results, don’t give then you have up. the time to do The benefits of learning how to market what you really believe in includes: something - Helping millions of people improve their lives (the Internet can help with that) about it.” - Becoming an expert in your field - Being in able to meet your physical, emotional, and financial needs Anthony J. D'Angelo The only benefit of not learning how to market is that you get to complain about everything. But who wants to be around a complainer? Page 12
  16. 16. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Excuse #5: “I’ve read marketing before, they don’t work.” Perhaps you bought a book and did what most people do after reading it, “Action and faith NOTHING! enslave thought, both of them in One of the worst habits you can develop is to be addicted to buying self-help and business books and not using them. You’ll fool yourself into thinking you’re order not be making real progress because: troubled or inconvenienced - Buying books feels like you’re really doing something about your situation by reflection, - You get to tell all your friends about which trends and authors are hot criticism, and - You entertain yourself by reading interesting material - You let other people borrow your stiff, which makes you look smart doubt.” But here are the REAL The benefits of the habit: Henri Frederic Amiel Swiss Philosopher - You waste money and time - You stay in denial - You’ll experience emotional highs and lows whenever the novelty wears off Page 14
  17. 17. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé - People will start to see you’re all talk and no game - You’ll lose faith in yourself “Faith is to believe what Excuse #6: “I don’t want to feel like I’m selling something.” When you’re promoting anything you believe in, whether it’s your business or you do not yourself as a job applicant, then you’ll feel bad if you don’t tell others about what you have offer. Now that doesn’t mean you try to make everyone your see; the customer or you apply for every job in sight. However, it means you focusing on reward of this providing real value to the people who need your services most. faith is to see Excuse #7: “I’m shy and don’t feel comfortable promoting myself. what you Read books on self-confidence and get over the shame of tooting your own horn. If you’re doing something worthwhile, don’t feel bad about telling other people believe.” about it. People can tell how you feel about yourself by the way you speak, dress, and by what you talk about. If you don’t come across as confident, you’ll have a hard time getting what you want. Perpetual shyness is just a way to avoid St. Augustine rejection. Excuse #8: “I’m too old, young, live in a small town, am broke…” It’s never too late or too early to learn or do anything new. There are people 16 Page 15
  18. 18. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé and 60 years old using Facebook. I’m 28 and am writing this book. It costs next to nothing to market a product online and you can promote it from any location, just as long as you have Internet access. Money, age, location, and skill level is not an excuse for doing nothing. “Life is Excuse #9: “I DO believe in what I’m promoting, shut up.” Then how come you’re not dying to tell everyone about what yourself? If you’re hard. After spending more time talking about why people aren’t buying your products, hiring you for a job, or even taking you out on dates, then you’re right, you do believe in all, it kills what you’re promoting. Trouble is you’re promoting bad news that no one wants to hear but you! you.” Ultimate Excuse: “The economy is bad, ain’t no jobs, and business is dead.” Katherine Hepburn Opportunities are available for those who really want them. It may not be easy to American Actress create your own luck, but it’s certainly not impossible. Lot’s of people have prospered in bad times and through personal hardships. Want to know what really hard times looked like? Life During and After the Civil War President Lincoln had to deal with a war-torn nation and the economic tensions between The North and The South. The Southern states (Confederacy) were cash Page 16
  19. 19. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé poor and depended upon forced slave labor to feed its economy. The Northern states (Union) had skilled laborers and its economy was depended upon “America will Industrialization. During the Civil War (1861-1865), money was tight for both sides, but the Confederate states suffered the most. never be destroyed from When the Confederacy seceded from the Union, it started printing its own the outside. If we currency. But when the Union began to block the Confederacy's trade routes, preventing Southerners from getting food, clothing, and weapons, widespread falter and lose panic and inflation took place. Basic food staples such corn and bread became our freedoms, it too expensive for the average family. In addition, farmers could not afford the grains needed to plant crops and many of them went bankrupt. will be because we destroyed As the war progressed the number of slave ourselves.” revolts increased (a good thing) and more slaves ran away. However, many of the slaves whom stayed behind, were subjected to increased Abraham Lincoln violence and diminished food supplies. They Former American President were forced to work barren lands and weren’t even allowed to keep the small amounts of food they grew. Damage from the war also accounted for failed crops. Soldiers from both sides Page 17
  20. 20. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé slaughtered farm animals, crops, and stole food. Everybody in the South was either going hungry,bankrupt or crazy.And to think, for what? They weren’t “An institution or even winning the war! There were riots and protests all over the place. During The Richmond Bread Riot of 1862, 3,000 hungry people people went into the reform movement streets of Richmond, Virginia, shouting “Bread or Blood!” At that point, that is not selfish, people were more concerned with eating rather than fighting a losing war. must originate in the recognition of But despite all of these problems, a few individuals made good of what they some evil that is could find during and after the war. These people created their own good luck. adding to the sum of human suffering, Clara Barton or diminishing the sum of happiness.” Clara Barton was a nurse for the Union during the war. She created a program to help bring medical supplies and health care to soldiers located in remote battlefields. After the war Clara Barton ended, she established a relief program to help relocate Nurse and Philanthropist missing soldiers. She personally went into battlefields and searched for the dead and wounded who were left behind. Next, she set up a program to help war-torn families on both Page 18
  21. 21. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé the North and the South get food, money, clothing, and emotional support. Later in life, she established a little organization you’ve probably never heard of, The “A man's Red Cross. character Years on non-stop work for a cause greater than herself and all of the toiling in the battlefields looking for missing soldiers, diminished her health. Yet despite always takes this she continued her work. She traveled all over the world to establish Red its hue, more Cross offices in Europe, Turkey, and China. In addition to her selfless dedication to the Red Cross, she tirelessly fought for the equal rights of freed or less, from slaves and for women’s right to vote. Clara was an un-married woman, living in war damaged 19th century America, and yet she managed to accomplished quite the form and a lot. color of things about him.” Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass was born a slave in Maryland in 1818. He illegally learned how to read as a child and taught other Frederick Douglass slaves how to read in secret as a teenager. He was American Author/Activist repeatedly beaten with whips because of his kindness towards others. On his plantations, he was always tired instill hope in the other slaves, convincing them that slavery would one day end. He taught them that they were human beings who were being stripped of their basic rights. He escaped slavery at age 21. Page 19
  22. 22. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé After becoming a free man, he built a prolific public speaking career at the age of 23. He published his autobiography by age 27. He was not only a tireless “A battle lost or advocator for the equal rights of slaves and but also for American women. won is easily After the Civil War ended, he served in public office as the President of the described, Reconstruction-era Freedman's Savings Bank, a bank set up by the US understood, and Government to help the freed slaves become financially independent. He was also the first African-American to be nominated for President by a major party appreciated, but roll-call vote during the 1888 Republican National Convention. He later lost to the moral growth Benjamin Harrison for the final Republican Presidential Nomination. of a great nation Douglass, a former slave in the 19th century,managed to accomplish quite a bit. requires He was also married to a white feminist at a time when women weren’t allowed reflection, as to vote and interracial marriage was illegal in some parts of the country. well as observation, to If Clara Barton and Frederick Douglass could shake things up at a time when minority groups were oppressed, the nation was in ruins due to a brutal war, and appreciate it.” NetFlix wasn’t invented (ok, bad example), then what’s stopping you? Frederick Douglass American Author/Activist Page 20
  23. 23. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé Focus on Social Contribution “Men value Once you decide to stop pimping so-so products or things in three services, and are ready give up your excuses, then it’s ways: as useful, time for you to start focusing on what you can do to as pleasant or make a difference in the lives of others. sources of Your main concern should be to focus on creating or pleasure, and as providing a valuable service to others. The product can be your skills, something your company has created, or excellent, or as a service you want to offer. intrinsically admirable or But what if you don’t know what you want to do? honorable.” Ask yourself the following questions until you can come up with answer: What am interested in? Mortimer Adler American Philosopher What do I have offer? What are the real benefits of what I’m offering? How am I denying people of the services they need when I don’t market myself? . Page 21
  24. 24. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé If I need to improve my skills, how can I get started today? Am I willing to price my services accordingly? “To succeed in Keep asking yourself these questions until you can come up with answers that life in today's makes sense to you. world, you must Conclusion It’s doesn’t matter how much time you spend learning how market yourself or have the will business, you will not be able create consistent results if: and tenacity to - You’re not passionate about what you’re doing finish the job.” - You don’t want to develop the self-discipline necessary to market on a consistent basis - You’re marketing a mediocre product or service and you know it Chin-Ning Chu Chinese Businessman - You like to make excuses for why why you can’t make it in life - You’re not interested in proving real value to other people I’ll close this book with a wonderful quote from the Buddha: “A good person gives in five ways: out of faith, with respect, at the right time, generously, and without denigrating the other.quot; Page 22
  25. 25. Marketing with Confidence Jennifer Barthé About the Author Jennifer Barthe is a former a technology marketer who now spends her time teaching others how to perform authentic online and viral marketing. She is dedicated to taking the fear out of marketing, thereby helping people market their skills, services, and products with greater ease. She blogs and podcasts at and can be found on Twitter several times throughout the day. She currently resides in Boston, but loves to hang out in NYC on the weekends. Find Jennifer on: