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The OneSource Experience


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The OneSource Experience

  1. 1. OneSourceThe world leader in real-time intelligence and business information solutionsLiveContent powering critical Business Information Systems and Processes © 2012 OneSource Information Systems
  2. 2. Mission The Leading Global Provider of Enterprise Solutions for Sales, Support, Marketing Research & Strategic Planning Delivering Comprehensive Business Information & Real-time Intelligence Resulting in The Highest Value: Incremental Revenue Impact & Improved Productivity © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 2
  3. 3. OneSource Solution (What we do) External Data Internal Data Press Releases, Annual Customer, Prospect, Reports, Company & Contact Marketing, Finance Info, Web Mining, Social Support & Operational media, etc. Data Sales Marketing Research Support Planning Powering Critical Business Information Systems and Processes© 2012 OneSource Information Systems 3
  4. 4. Unique Value Proposition (How we do it)• Integrate OneSource Live Content with Customer Content Sources• Delivering Real-time intelligence into CRM Systems, Internal Portals, Business Systems & Mobile Applications External Data OneSource Internal Data ► Editorial Content Professional Services ► Prospect Content ► Licensed Content ► Customer Content ► Social Media OneSource End User ► Support Content ► Web Mined Solutions Systems ► Finance, Billing & Shipping Content Linkage with OneSource Key ID Software + Content + Services © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 4
  5. 5. Industry Leaders Choose OneSource Information Technology Financial Services Business Services Major Corporations © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 5
  6. 6. Use Models (Who are the power users) Sales Marketing Research Support Planning ► Business Executive ► MDM ► Financial ► Proactive ► New & Industry Analysis Support Markets Intelligence ► Territory driven by real Planning ► Underwriting time triggers ► New ► Account Products Management ► Market ► Risk Analysis ► Current & Retention Segmentation Client ► New ► Credit Segments Intelligence ► Prospecting & ► Account Analysis ► Legal ► International Lead Generation ► Support & ► Sourcing Account ► Sales Operations/ ► Improve data ► Mkt Management Support Quality Research ► M&A Business & ► Risk Analysis ► ► Email ► Tier GTM Commercial Campaigns Analysis Banking © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 6
  7. 7. Hard Dollar Benefit – ROI (Proof it works) • Business Impact – Our clients tell us that OneSource helps “Increase opportunity size & spend more time selling & less time researching” • Revenue Impact – Sales success story: • Leading global information technology company - $44 Million in deals were influenced, prior to pipeline entry delivering Net New opportunities - $114 Million in opportunities were influenced, after pipeline entry accelerating the sales cycle iSell gives each rep their own ‘command- OneSource offers more reliable central’ where they create a highly information than any other source, personalized selling environment, giving including private company data. It’s a them a critical edge and supporting their must have tool for any sales person. sales process. -Nancy Nardin, -Michael Ryan, Founder, Smart Selling Tools VP Sales, ADP © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 7
  8. 8. Competitive Advantage• Only solution which integrates, enhances and delivers:• Global company coverage• Real-time Sales Intelligence• Social Media• Editorial Content• Web Mining• Linkage to Internal Content Providing the Deepest and Broadest LiveContent for Real-time Intelligence © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 8
  9. 9. Industry Recognition (Proof we are different)• 2010 Top Sales 2.0 Solution• 2010 New Product or Service of the Year• 2011 Top Sales Productivity Solution• 2012 Best Lead Generation Service• 2012 Best Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution The fact that iSell has won this coveted award two years in a row, amply demonstrates the value of harnessing Trigger Events to reach highly motivated prospects before the competition. And iSell does this so well - obviously better than anyone else. -Jonathan Farrington, CEO, Top Sales World © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 9
  10. 10. 10Flagship Product- iSell Sales Enablement platform: focuses sales reps on their best opportunities  Prioritized, personalized feed of hottest prospects • Customized real-time triggers drive sales effectiveness/productivity • Extensive contacts, emails/phone numbers to connect to the right person fast • Information to craft a compelling reason to call  Serves a wide range of sales professionals from inside telesales to strategic reps  Geographic options: North America and U.K. editions with Global Add-on  Premium subscription solution providing access to robust, integrated business data: 21 Million 40 Million Industry Sales Company Executive Sales Triggers Profiles Profiles PrimerCONFIDENTIAL | WWW.ONESOURCE.COM
  11. 11. State of the Art Professional Services Experts in Data Fusion, Enterprise Integration and Mobil Applications Content Services Application Development Third Party Enterprise Custom End Trigger & Portal Mobile Data Fusion Data Analysis Data Mining Application User Events Integration Applications Integration Applications OneSource Content Live Internal & Sourced Content 11
  12. 12. Summary• OneSource works with many vendors to supply accurate, complete data to our Preferred Territory Managementclients• The data is organized with a OneSource key ID to code content for futurecleansing and group data by corporate family Live Content Profiling• Data can be integrated into any solution: Salesforce, internal CRM tools, HR Prospectportals, mobile devices, iPads, etc. Manager Profiler• Third party vendors can be combined with OneSource data for a complete all inone package• Our flagship product, iSell, offers: Real-time Targeting Applications • Prospecting tools • Industry overviews •SWOT analysis and financial records iSell • Watch lists which come from synchronizing with Salesforce • Custom based triggers• OneSource products are awarded platforms and are known in the sales andmarketing departments to increase ROI and produce efficiency internally © 2012 OneSource Information Systems 12