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Survey Managing Your Career What Keeps You Awake At Night


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What Keeps you Awake at Night?

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Survey Managing Your Career What Keeps You Awake At Night

  1. 1. Survey Results: December 2010 Managing Your Career - What keeps you Most Awake at Night? Summary This survey was conducted across a broad range of executives in different sectors from manufacturing to professional services. The respondents were senior executives or directors, all with management responsibilities. The findings indicate managing workload and connected to this, managing resources is by far the biggest challenge keeping you awake at nights. The results also indicate if the respondents were more confident, had the opportunity to develop their leadership and management skills, and knew how to manage their workload more effectively (which includes utilising their team and other resources) this would make a significant difference to their performance. Interestingly it would be the onset of a crisis such as poor health or stress or career stagnation before action would be taken to seek help. Additionally a majority indicated the first place they would seek help is outside of the workplace. In conclusion this survey highlights the need for support to be provided to top executives to further develop their confidence and in parallel to learn how to apply effective leadership and management skills. To find out how Baker Coaching can help develop your career please see below. Details of the survey results start on page 3. Page 1 of 7Qualified Coach - LCA Tel. 0845 1228016 / Mb. 07870 650175Licensed Career Coach Email: of ICF, MAC, EMCC in England No. 06776961 VAT Number 946867756 Registered Office St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0WS
  2. 2. The survey does of course raise further questions as yet unanswered; such as why doorganisations resist investing in their top management until there is a crisis and in manycases not at all but will invest heavily in products or marketing? The best marketingplans, strategy, product development and new services are a wasted investment if theirpeople are not utilised to the best of their abilities and potential.Jennifer Baker would like to thank those who took part and appreciates their honest input.How Baker Coaching can transform your CareerIn today’s world, Executive Coaching is as valuable as ever.The higher one climbs in most organisations, the less chance you have of gettingfeedback about your performance. Additionally it is easy to set goals and develop actionplans; however it is sometimes challenging to maintain the momentum and focus toachieve the desired outcomes. Additionally, individuals may have old patterns andhabits that may be hindering their success but have difficulty in changing.Coaching opens up new possibilities and supports the client in the sometimes difficultprocess of change. One-to-one Executive Coaching provides feedback,encouragement, focus and direction to help individuals take charge of their life andachieve their goals. It is a partnership that helps clients learn, grow and producefulfilling results. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning,improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life – both personally andprofessionally.Baker Coaching provides one-to-one Career Management Coaching for Executives.The transformation and outcome is from over-worked, stressed and self doubt to a selfconfident and unstoppable performer taking positive action. For testimonials andrecommendations please visit of Survey -Baker Coaching – Success through People Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Other • Making the right/wrong decisions • Problems not solved with customer • Time management/organisation • Office politics • Motivation to make change • Next challenge • Feeling I am being asked to compromise my professional standards • Not understanding how to change others perception of myself.Baker Coaching – Success through People Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. OtherNot delivering for the customerDesire to be effectiveFresh startThis happened to me, it was a wakeup call.Thought of staying here any longer!No longer enjoying my jobBoredom or not believing anymore in "the cause"Baker Coaching – Success through People Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. OtherSelf coachingStep back and take a breakWork it out myselfSpeak with colleagues and contactsI know I need to speak with my boss but she just doesn’t get itBaker Coaching – Success through People Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. • Align everyone behind the same strategies and stop people with-holding info as a means of power • Bring in more revenue. • More thinking time • Help manage change/transition • Provide me with more resources • Create a project plan for my new business idea and kick start. Im finding it so hard to make sense of the information Im collecting. • Greater work life balance. • Help people understand diversity and manage it efficiently • Give me a new job • Marketing - it’s exhausting and I have no money to do it properlyBaker Coaching – Success through People Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. • Take away email! Make me less anxious about to change the status quo • Give me more time • Find a way of communicating complex creative and strategic thought more easily to those that are more fact based • Change my attitude to think like a successful business man and have the confidence and vision • Recruit the right people • Improve technology • Give me more confidence and more opportunity to learn. Connect me to more people who can help me get where I want to be • People meeting deadlines, more pro active time • Even out the workload so that it was more balanced throughout the year. • Remove any personal barriers holding me back • Make every-one around me have a little more self belief and confidence • Expand my "team" by 100% from one (me!) to two staff • Nobody works weekends so everythings stops for 2 days • A new job please! • Make me rich so I can quit • Give me more time in the day to do things and make me invisible so that I could get on and do them without being disturbed • Help me to branch into different areas of business. i.e Marketing. • Financial freedom to decide on a career without money pressures • Avoid doing things twice... • Land me a job with a company that truly cared for its employees. • Bestow some commercial awareness on 3 of our 5 directors. • Confidence and ability to put myself in front of the right customers and say the right thing when Im there • Transfer all my knowledge to my team so they could get on with their jobs better and I could have the time to be more strategic and plannedBaker Coaching – Success through People Page 7 of 7