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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Writing a Quality Comment Collaborate and Communicate Grade 4
  2. 2. Blogging and Commenting Are you a Quality commenter? Do you inspire people with your comments? Do you make people think? Do you help further or improve the conversation on the topic?
  3. 3. Quality?
  4. 4. What DoYou think Should Be included in a quality Comment? Discuss this with your neighbors.
  5. 5. Writing a Quality Comment
  6. 6. Making A Quality Comment1. Be Polite. 2. Be Specific 3. Make Connections 4. Proof read your comment for spelling, complete sentences, and proper capitalization and punctuation marks. 5. Try to inspire the author to want to reply to your comment. 6. Add your own information
  7. 7. Put it into Action  Login to your kidblog account (from hand-out folder) and find a peers’ All About Me slideshow. Use the Checklist we came up with to help you write a QUALITY comment on your peers’ work.  Check to see how many of the criteria you were able to meet.  Write 3 or more comments to other people’s blogs and submit them.  Remember, I approve them before they can see them. 