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5th Back to School Presentation


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5th Back to School Presentation-2015-16

Published in: Education
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5th Back to School Presentation

  1. 1. Back to School Night Elkridge Elementary
  2. 2. Meet the Teachers  Sherri Sloat  Liz Bauman  Laura Grabowski  Melissa Stahr  Julianna Walsh  Caroline Staffa (Intern)  Debby Dickstein (Intern)  Kelsey Schriefer (Special Educator)  Jean-Marie Fahey (Special Educator)  Malinda Burroughs (Paraeducator)
  3. 3. Our Vision & Mission VISION Every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel MISSION We cultivate a vibrant learning community that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic world
  4. 4. Elkridge Elementary News: email System-wide Weekly News for Parents: email Emergency notices (school closings/delays): text and/or email Sign up at HCPSS News
  5. 5. School Closing/Delay Notifications Email and text: HCPSS News System website: Facebook: ols Twitter: @hcpss
  6. 6. School website
  7. 7. Elkridge Elementary Twitter: @hcpss_ees HCPSS Facebook: HCPSS Twitter: Interact with the Superintendent: Twitter: Blog: Social Media
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Synergy will replace Aspen and is the source for official student records & grades. Synergy Student Information System
  11. 11. ● Student Demographics ● Enrollment ● Registration ● Scheduling ● Attendance ● Final Grades ● Discipline ● Transcripts ● Master Schedule Synergy Student Information System
  12. 12. ● What is Family File? ● Accessing the Family File ● Opting In or Out Options in the PTA Directory ● Accessing the PTA Directory Family File
  13. 13. ➔ Access to their child’s class information ➔ Communicate with teachers ➔ One Login ➔ Consistent experience Canvas Learning System | Parents
  14. 14. To provide students with a common platform to submit assignments, collaborate with other students, review announcements and grades and utilize a personalized calendar. Canvas Learning System | Students
  15. 15. ➔Record Attendance Electronically ➔Post a Teacher Page for Each Course TEACHERS WILL
  16. 16. For login and password issues - contact school GETTING HELP For Resources - HCPSS Connect Homepage
  17. 17. August 17 - Staff Access August 17 - Family File Access August 31 - Student Access August 31 - Initial Parent Access TIMELINE
  18. 18. 9:10 Morning Work 9:30 Morning Meeting 9:45 Related Arts 10:45 Math 12:00 Recess 12:30 Lunch 1:00 Language Arts 2:45 Content (Science/Social Studies/Health) 3:45 Pack-up 3:55 Dismissal Your Fifth Grader’s Day
  19. 19. English/Language Arts
  20. 20. Homework  Students will record all homework assignments in their agenda books. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  Math and Language Arts (and once in a while in content areas).  Homework is part of the learning behaviors’ section of the report card.  Any further announcements will be pushed through HCPSS Connect.
  21. 21. “What? No Homework?” When homework is not turned in on time, students fill out a homework excuse note. One copy is kept at school and one copy comes home to you. This copy needs to be signed and returned back to the teacher.
  22. 22. Content Units Social Studies The American Revolution Building a New Nation A Nation in Conflict We the People Science Patterns and Cycles Earth Matters What Can We Do? (Focus on the Chesapeake Bay) Energy, Forces and Motion
  23. 23. Standardized Assessments
  24. 24. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
  25. 25. CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) - Grades 3-5
  26. 26. MSA Maryland State Assessment Science MSA Window in April 2015. Students receive individual scores and all students should be present for all testing.
  27. 27. Grades are based on student performance • class work • quizzes • unit tests Grading
  28. 28. Grading: Effort Criteria  Uses time wisely  Cooperates and contributes to discussions  Produces quality work based on ability  Takes responsibility for all learning 1 = Outstanding 2 = Satisfactory 3 = Needs Improvement
  29. 29. Report Card  Students receive letter grades of A, B, C. Any grade of D or E is considered below satisfactory.  Progress Reports are sent home about four weeks into the quarter. Progress report envelopes need to be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher.  Report cards are sent home at the end of each quarter.  Above, on, and below grade-level status is based on county standards and student’s academic performance.
  30. 30. Home-School Communication  A teacher may write a note in your child’s agenda book.  Weekly Take Home Folder (school bulletins/notices/graded papers)  Sign & return papers, homework excuse notes, progress reports and report cards
  31. 31. Field Trips Philadelphia – May 13 The cost for the trip is about $50. We plan to send out a payment plan letter with 2 payments, $15 due in both October and February. The final payment will be due in April and will depend on fundraising.
  32. 32. Special Activities  Fifth Grade Musical Peter Pan - Nov. 18 and 19  Simulated Congressional Hearing – May 27  PTA will need volunteers to help with food and decorations.
  33. 33. Puberty Education The county requires that fifth grade students receive instruction in puberty education. A permission slip will come home before we begin our unit. There is also a parent information session that you may attend in the Spring.
  34. 34. EES Parent Volunteer Training  Who are Parent Volunteers? o All parents who volunteer in the classroom o All parents who volunteer to chaperone a field trip  The purpose of the training  To comply with MD State Law & HCPSS Policy 1030  To review how to report suspected child abuse  To review the importance of protecting all students’ confidentiality  To review general expectations of parent volunteers
  35. 35. Certificate of Completion Elkridge Elementary School This is to certify that I have viewed the HCPSS Child Abuse Reporting Procedures and Parent Volunteer Code of Ethics and understand my responsibilities with regard to these policies. Name_______________________________ Date________________________________ Please print, sign, and return this certificate to the EES front office.