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We used this presentation to support a conversation about wikis. The students first worked on a KWL chart, and then completed it as we discussed.

The students were engaged. Even though many of them had heard of a wiki before they didn't really understand what a wiki was.

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  1. 1. The world of wikis
  2. 2. First step: Complete your KWL about wikis K: What you knowH: What you want to find out L: What you learned
  3. 3. What is a wiki?
  4. 4. wiki wikiwikiHawaiin word for quick
  5. 5. wiki wikiwiki Hawaiin word for quick It is a website that allowspeople to contribute content on a webpage
  6. 6. Open Source media any kind of information produced by open groups ofdevelopers in which anybody who wants to can use the information
  7. 7. Advantages of wikis
  8. 8. Advantages of wikis
  9. 9. Other wikis
  10. 10. Other wikis
  11. 11. Other wikis
  12. 12. Other wikis
  13. 13. Other wikis
  14. 14. Other wikis
  15. 15. Other wikis
  16. 16. Cyber safetyAsk your parents before using wikipedia!
  17. 17. Finish your KWL
  18. 18. Finish your KWL How do you rate wikis?Would you use a wiki for research?