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The outsiders2


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The outsiders2

  1. 1. The outsiders<br />By: Brandan kohlman<br />
  2. 2. About Ponyboy<br /><ul><li>He likes movies, but his gang doesn’t.
  3. 3. He was walking back from a movie and gets jumped by the socs.
  4. 4. His gang comes and helps him out, they are darry, sodapop, twobit, Steve, Johnny, and dally.</li></li></ul><li>The Kill<br /><ul><li>Ponyboy and Johnny run out for a little, they go to the park and the socs close in on them.
  5. 5. They almost drown ponyboy but johnny toke his switchblade out and stabbed a soc named Bob.
  6. 6. After that the socs ran and ponyboy and johnny ran to Dallys. </li></li></ul><li>Running<br /><ul><li>Ponyboy and johnny get a gun and money, get on a train and go to jay mountain with a abanded church on top.
  7. 7. They go in the church and, buy some food at a store down the road, get bologna, candy bars, bread, and cigarettes.
  8. 8. Johnny got ponyboy his favorite book which was Gone With The Wind.
  9. 9. they started reading it but fell asleep.</li></li></ul><li>Resting<br /><ul><li>When johnny and ponyboy were in the church johnny went to the store and bought scissors.
  10. 10. When he came back ponyboy was awake, and johnny said we need to cut our hair so we look different .
  11. 11. They cut it and played some games after, then went to sleep. </li></li></ul><li>1 Week Later<br /><ul><li>Ponyboy and johnny woke up and heard a car they looked out the window and it was dally.
  12. 12. Dally came up the mountain to the church and said here you go pony, it was a letter from darry.
  13. 13. Dally asked are you guys hungry they said yes they went down to the car and went to darry queen. </li></li></ul><li>The save<br /><ul><li>When they all were coming back johnny jumped out of the car so, so did ponyboy.
  14. 14. They went up to the church and said what's going on, the teacher said we lost some of our kids.
  15. 15. Johnny jumped there the window and the church was on fire he heard kids screaming so he went to the closet and found them.
  16. 16. Johnny told all of them to go to the window he picked one by one over to ponyboy and then the last kid was over and johnny got hit by a piece of timber off the roof.</li></li></ul><li>The Ambulance<br /><ul><li>When johnny woke up he was in an ambulance and got burned really bad on his back.
  17. 17. When ponyboy woke up he was in an ambulance to he caught on fire but dally put it out.
  18. 18. Dally brang johnny out of the church when he got hit by the timber.</li></li></ul><li>The Hospital and Home <br /><ul><li>Johnny cant go home, neither can dally so ponyboy goes home with darry and sodapop.
  19. 19. When he comes home the whole gang is there darry says go to bed.
  20. 20. Ponyboy wakes up and says what happened last night they said you were tired and past out.
  21. 21. They went to the hospital again and johnny died in front of ponyboy. </li></li></ul><li>The Rumble<br /><ul><li>Darry and soda thought I was sick but I still went to the rumble.
  22. 22. During the rumble they cut ponyboys head and then at the end the greasers won and they ran off.
  23. 23. After the rumble pony took a walk but lost his way some guy picked him up and took him home.</li></li></ul><li>The End Of It All<br /><ul><li>Ponyboy came home and everyone was there and then they got a phone call, it was dally and he said meet me at the lot in 5 minutes.
  24. 24. They all met there and dally came and they heard the cops and said lets go and he said no and then got shot in front of the gang.
  25. 25. Pony and darry went to get soda the next day and a soc talked to pony in the car, about two greasers dying and 1 soc dying he said he was done and left town.</li></li></ul><li>I hoped you liked <br />It goodbye! <br />