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Sloan C Assessment Presentation 2009


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The American Public University System (APUS) will discuss strategies to engage faculty and administrators in ongoing assessment processes at the fully online distance learning institution. As a result of these strategies, faculty and administrators are increasingly integrating assessment information into daily decision-making processes to improve on academic courses and programs.

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Sloan C Assessment Presentation 2009

  1. 1. Engaging Faculty and Administrators in the Assessment Process at a Distance Learning Institution 15th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning | Orlando, FL | October 2009
  2. 2. • Introductions • APUS Mission and Demographics • Promote accountability among faculty and administrators • Inform internal and external stakeholders on the achievement of student learning outcomes • Assessment and retention as a system •I Incorporate assessment data into decision t td t i t d i i making processes • Conclusion and dialogue
  3. 3. Frank McCluskey, Ph.D. Executive Vice President and Provost Jennifer Stephens Helm, Ph.D. Associate Vice-President Dean of Vice-President, Assessment Dave Becher Director, Academic Information Analysis Chad Patrizi, ABD Patrizi Dean of Business Administration
  4. 4. To educate the nation's military and public service communities by providing respected, relevant, affordable, and student-focused online programs which prepare them for service and leadership in a diverse, global society.
  5. 5. • Founded in 1991 as American Military University to provide affordable and convenient distance learning to service g members • In 2002, expanded reach to national security, public safety and other professionals seeking affordable education and online convenience convenience, establishing American Public University System with member institutions: American Military University and American Public University • We are a 100% online for-profit school that serves 53,000+ students who study online from 100 countries.
  6. 6. Promote Accountability among Faculty and Administrators Yearly Goals Tied to Continuous Program Review Metrics Review of Data Process •MManagement by tb • Survey data •PProgram review i Objectives • Other indirect committee measures of • Action plan for assessment continuous improvement
  7. 7. Data External   Collection Review Follow‐Up Analysis Program  Three Year  Plan Review Meeting
  8. 8. Electronic Repository of Information Library and Curriculum External Learning Resources Assessment Reviewer Feedback • Course books • Student learning • Expert reviewer report • Electronic resources outcomes • Industry Advisory • Instructional strategies Council report • Learning strategies • Evaluation procedures • Academic rigor
  9. 9. Electronic Repository of Information Faculty Students Learning Outcomes Assessment • A l i of faculty Analysis f f lt • Student demographic •C i l M Curricular Mapping i credentials and information • Assessment measures expertise to ensure • Enrollment History breadth and diversity • Fact book • Growth trends
  10. 10. Electronic Repository of Information Program Program Directory Program Review Benchmarking Summary Findings • Program benchmarking • Evaluation of findings • Dean’s observations with similar programs • Program • Meeting minutes and institutions recommendations • Three year proposed strategic plan
  11. 11. Dave  insert slides Dave – insert slides
  12. 12. Inform Internal and External Stakeholders on the Achievement of Student Learning Outcomes Transparency by Learning Outcomes Internal Design Assessment Website Communications • Charter member • Approximately 7000 • Meetings • College Choices for hits per month • Faculty, staff, and Adults • Assessment initiatives, student newsletters programs assessment resources • Faculty and student • Website assists adult for faculty, student lounges learner in making learning outcomes, informed decisions program level learning about distance outcome assessments education results http://www.collegecho arning-outcomes- assessments/
  13. 13. Assessment and y Retention as a System • Regular dissemination of data to stakeholders • Reciprocal relationship between data team and Deans • Assessment feedback loop
  14. 14. Incorporate Assessment Data into Decision Making Processes - Examples General Education Business Program Criminal Justice Program Program • Math and science • Accounting course • Corrections course curriculum
  15. 15. Frank McCluskey, Ph.D. McCluskey Ph D Executive Vice President and Provost Jennifer Stephens, Ph.D. J if St h Ph D Associate Vice-President, Dean of Assessment Dave Becher Director, Academic Information Analyst