Presentation: Virtual Pizza is not enough. Mozilla Brownbag March, 2014


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Presentation for Mozilla brownbag on information professional competencies, March 2014

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Presentation: Virtual Pizza is not enough. Mozilla Brownbag March, 2014

  1. 1. virtual pizza is not enough On Focus Groups, Affinities, Data, Outreach, and Core Competencies for Information Professionals and others in Open Source
  2. 2. who am I?
  3. 3. Source: Wikipedia
  4. 4. Photo: UNC SILS
  5. 5. Source: IMDB
  6. 6. Source: tumblr
  7. 7. what is OPW? The Outreach Program for Women (OPW) helps women (cis and trans) and genderqueer get involved in free and open source software. We provide a supportive community for beginning to contribute any time throughout the year and offer focused internship opportunities twice a year with a number of free software organizations.
  8. 8. The one thing I think most librarians can agree on (which is why we’re a good bunch to reach out to!): Information should be free, it should be open, and it should be limitless.
  9. 9. what did I want to do for this internship? • Create and run a focus group for information professionals • Fix the CBT wiki and make it pretty • Explore badging as an option for information professionals • Crowdsource badges metadata • Badge information professionals
  10. 10. what did I do? • Updated the CBT wiki and made it pretty – Joined a wiki wiki working group • Ran a focus group – More on that later • Wrote the CBT Pathways Roadmap for this year • Drove the CBT reading group • Co-blogged with Ake, Mozillarian (my blog: • Webmaker makes • Localized new Get Involved survey • Sorted through tons of data and emails • and LOTS more…
  11. 11. the really great thing about Mozilla is…..
  12. 12. I also met and worked with the best people. Larissa David Dino Christie Pierros Michelle William Q. William R. Gemma Emily Michelle Sean B. Janet Nukeador Madalina Kadir
  13. 13. and SO MANY MORE including…
  15. 15. let’s talk about Focus Groups
  16. 16. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett
  17. 17. ever tried… • 3 sessions: • Exploring competencies • Finding pathways • Continuing Involvement • Call for participation exploded! • Twitter • Blogs (tumblr: tumblrians! tumblarians! tumblrarian!) • Facebook • 22 people answered and sent bios
  18. 18. Source: tumblr
  19. 19. ever failed… • 12 people answered poll for meeting time • Session 1: 7 participants • Session 2: 3 participants • Session 3: 2 participants • Number of return participants: 2 • Number of participants who participated in all three sessions: 0
  20. 20. Source: tumblr
  21. 21. what went wrong? • 3 sessions is a lot of sessions • Lack of clear benefit and reward (Virtual pizza is not enough!) • Qualitative interviews are not efficient
  22. 22. Source: Hey Girl Librarian
  23. 23. no matter… • Information professionals are good at: – Spreadsheets! – Metadata! – Community building! – Encouraging critical literacies! – Working within their means (using only sources that are free and available or working within a particular budget. Figure out a way to make it work!)
  24. 24. – Helpfulness! – Search, (Ontologies, Vocabularies, Thesaurus Building)! – Databases! – Creating online search strategies! – Maintaining and developing free public spaces, online and offline! – Creating intranets and organizing internal information! – Building Social Networks! – Honest and Open communication! – Simplying the complicated!
  25. 25. how do we harness all these amazing skills?
  26. 26. Source: Queens Library
  27. 27. try again… • Lessons learned: – We love IRL interaction – We have to get out of the vendor training model – Collaboration with existing structures – Techy librarians as “defacto experts” – Recognition is key – Time (is not) on our side – Demystifying contribution – Partnerships, partnerships!
  28. 28. “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me” -Felix Unger, the Odd Couple
  29. 29. fail better… • Data and surveys: – Stewards survey – Get Involved Survey • Creative ways to get feedback! – After event polling – Silent etherpadding – One-on-one interviews • Mozillarians, all of us!
  30. 30. Source: Ake Nygren, Mozillarian
  31. 31. so now what? • Partnering with libraries and schools… – Badges for information professionals – Software Carpentry – Infiltrating MLS’s – Webmaker – Maker parties – Mentorship – Library Camps! no need to reinvent… remix!
  32. 32. "I thought being a librarian was going to be about reading stories, reader’s advisory, and helping people. Instead it’s hearing depressing stories from patrons, dealing with government bureaucracy, and a pointless MLIS degree. I’m still in school and I already want to give up but I’ve spent too much money to just back out now … I feel trapped.” -Librarian Shaming tumblr
  33. 33. Mozilla and open source can help reverse the professional/paraprofessional divide.
  34. 34. Source: Librarian-Shaming tumblr
  35. 35. learning from experience… • We can use this as a test group • Collecting qualitative research from affinity groups is not easy • Organic data collection – Long term storage • Creating affinity groups within the larger community • Nurturing new volunteers and providing mentorship opportunities
  36. 36. together we can reach our organizational goal of 10x this year!
  37. 37. Source: Designer Librarian
  38. 38. Source: The Campus Companion