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Life time fitness


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Life time fitness

  1. 1. Fitness for Life Jennie Toronto Topic: Fitness for Life Grade Level: 10 Objective: Gain a basic understanding of how to stay fit and healthy throughout your lifetime by broadening your views as to what physical activities we can do that fit into our life styles and what opportunities are out there for us to get fit and stay healthy. “Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible– all of which can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a way that works for you.”A healthy lifestyle all begins healthy eating; it is the most important part. Treat your body withrespect and give it what it needs and stay away from things that would harm it. 1- There are 10 eating tips and 2-5 bullet points under each. There is also extra reading pertaining to the healthy eating tips so read through this web page and create a list of 10 things that you could do to improve or change your eating habits in order start living a healthier life style. “Sleep is essential for energy, health, productivity, and emotional balance. And most people don’t get nearly enough. Learning about sleep and healthy sleep habits can help you put a stop to nighttime problems and improve the quality of your rest and with it, the quality of your life.”Sleep is essential to your body to recover from the stress put on it through out the day. Youstudy until you brain hurts, you walk until your feet are swollen, you talk so much your jawaches and you over stimulate you eyes by looking at cell phone, computers and bright lights allday. Your mind and your body needs the rest it can receive with a good 8 hours of sleep eachnight. 2- You are going to navigate through this sight to answer the follow questions. All of the answers you will need can be found under the sub topics as the question will direct. • “How to sleep better”, • What are the 3 things that can contribute in an enormous way to how you are sleeping? • “How much sleep do you need”,
  2. 2. • List how much sleep you need as a teenager and then pick one other family member and list the amount of sleep that is recommended for them. • “Sleep Disorders” • Pick one sleep disorder and give a brief (2-4 sentence) description of what it is. • Print off the sleep diary and keep a log of your sleep habits for one week. “…many people take their mental and emotional health for granted – focusing on it only whenthey develop problems. But just as it requires effort to build or maintain physical health, so it is with mental and emotional health. The more time and energy you invest in your emotional health, the stronger it will be.”Part of living a healthy life style and maintain fitness for life is focusing on all of the elements ofour make up. If we feel happy and optimistic we have more of a desire to take care of our selvesby eating right and exercising. Managing our mental health is just as important to keep ourwhole self healthy and strong. 3- As you navigate through this web site you are going to make a few lists from the information provided on the site and apply them to you personally and how each can help you feel healthier. • What are 5 characteristics of people who are mentally healthy? Next write a short paragraph (4-6 sentences) on the characteristics that you feel you have already or that you would like to see your self obtain. • List 3 tips for improving your mental and emotional health by taking care of your self and include why you think this is important and your plan for accomplish it. “Physical activity need not be strenuous to achieve health benefits.”Staying physically fit is often interpreted as running a marathon or playing competitively onsports team, but you can stay fit by walking, taking stairs, doing work around the house, etc. It isjust a matter of staying active in whatever aspect of life you enjoy.1-
  3. 3. 4- There are 2 sites for this question. As we explore what other options there are to stay healthy create a list of activities you do on an everyday basis and how you improve yourself by planning your day. • In the first website, supposing you are an 150 pound person, I want you to create a days’ work that you would accomplish on a normal Saturday or Sunday, when you don’t have 8 hours of school, including the amounts of calories you would burn, and make sure to consider the time you would take doing them. Then add them all up and give me a total of the amount of calories you can burn without even incorporating a traditional exercise plan into that day. • In the second website listed I want you to consider your everyday life of school, after school activities, parties, hanging out with friends, etc, and considering the suggestions from this web site brainstorm and write down 3 ways you can improve your activity level above and beyond what you are trying to accomplish now. “The benefits of being active are huge! It helps you to relax and sleep better, builds up your stamina and improves your concentration. Participating in physical active can also help you make new friends or, catch up with old ones. Get more play into your day.”High impact physical activities aren’t for everyone, but can offer a great variety of fun ways toget your heart rate up and improve your wellbeing. Living in Utah we are lucky enough to haveample space to do a number of outdoor activities as well. If you are really interested inincreasing your physical fitness, but not into sports this is a very beneficial way of doing so. 5- In this article they list physical activity ranging from least intense to most intense. Using this list and ideas from what we have learned what are some more rigorous or high impact activities that you could incorporate into your weekly schedule list 6-10. And include the statistics of how many male and female teens are and aren’t accomplishing this goal at age 12 compared to age 18.
  4. 4. “Adolescence and adulthood is a time of growth, new experiences, risk, and increasing responsibilities. It is a time of emergence, of "coming of age," and of becoming a part of the greater community.”If you are feeling lost, or don’t know where to start you can always turn to community programs.Many states, cities and counties offer centers where you can exercise and even classes for cheapand in some cases at no charge at all. Many of you can enroll in Boys and Girls Club or theYMCA where you can get guidance and be in an environment where you can begin to feel morecomfortable and even grow to love working out. 6- There is a list of different sports offered by the parks and recreation division for Salt Lake City. Pick a click on “List of Salt Lake County Recreation Facilities” find a recreation center closest to you (you can use your resources such as map quest and other local sites) and pick one activity they offer and list the recreation center that you are choosing to explore, what activity interests you, when this activity begins and how much it will cost.“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”As we have discussed there are a great deal of ways that we can stay healthy and fit ranging frommoderate everyday activity to getting involved in the community to stay active. There are also anumber of ways that school provides ways to stay active. There are classes like this one andother physical education classes. There are also a variety of sports teams and clubs that exist.You may find that you love team sports for all they have to offer, which is much more than just achance to shine as a sports star. You build friend ships, self confidence and can develop theskills to have over all well being and of course stay fit. 7- Read through this first page to gain an understanding of all that team sports can be. Team sports do indeed offer a great way to become physically fit and stay in shape, but they can also provide many more benefits to overall health. We also limit our view of team sports to what the media shows team sports are, but there are so many more varieties that could be appealing a great many more of us.
  5. 5. • Under “Topics on Team Sports” click on “Part of a Team” and read through the quotes and the lists provided on how team sports can be beneficial and create and 2-4 sentence personal statement on your view of how being a part of a team sport can be beneficial to you. • Next pick a sport from the list under “Topics on Team Sports” and provide a brief description (3-5 sentences) of what that sport is and at least 2 fun facts about it. Is there anything else out there?If team sports aren’t your thing than don’t you worry because there are plenty of sports that arecompeted on a more individualistic level. Like we discovered in the article about team sports weoften limit our view of sports in general to football, basketball or baseball, but there are just somany more sports. We can look at the Olympics and see all the different sports that don’tinvolve team strategy, but involve the physical and mental ability of an individual who may ormay not be a part of a greater team. We are going to explore what some of these individualsports may be. 8- After looking at the list provided on individual sports please list 2 sports that you didn’t have any previous knowledge about. Now pick one of those sports and look up more information on it and write a description on it that would be understandable to a person who may have lived in a country and time period where they were never introduced to the idea of sport, competition or getting physical activity in any other way than the manual labor of everyday life. There is no length on this question. “Extreme Sports are nontraditional sports and activities that require participants to combine athletic skill with pronounced risk.”We aren’t quite done exploring the world of sports and the benefits of participating in them.There are team sports for those of us who enjoy working with a group of people and competingin that realm of athletics, there is individual sports for those of us who enjoy competing with ourselves better then with others. But what about those of us who need a trill, who need anadrenalin rush or need to be taking great risks in order to feel like we are getting something outof the activity we choose to stay physically fit.1-
  6. 6. 9- In these webpage’s you will be able to look through pictures, videos, list and definitions of what extreme sports are, where they came from and how they are done. Familiarize you self with extreme sports and start to consider if this is type of sport that you would enjoy. • In the first webpage there is a list of all the different sports that fall under extreme sports. Look over the list, watch a few videos and even surf around this website to educate yourself as to what extreme sports are and more importantly what extreme sports appeal to you. Mentally fuss on the different extreme sports and list 3-5 that you would be more interested in. Provide, along with this list, other resources you used to look up more information about this sport. • Upon reading the second article please provide answers to the following; • When did extreme sports became popular and what reason does author of this article believe that this style of sport became popular? “Socrates stated the unexamined life is not really worth living and this concept can be a great tool to obtain higher productivity of the health and fitness routine.”Now that we have explored many different ways to stay fit for life and we have educatedourselves in the different fields of personal fitness activities and sports lets create a means toaccomplish a fitness for life lifestyle. There are many ways of doing this other than the way thatI am going to recommend, just as there are more sports and activities than I had you cover. Butfor the purpose of this assignment I want you to create a schedule for yourself to include all ofthe aspects of staying fit for life that we have just looked at and researched. 10- I want you to create a health a fitness log template that you could use in the future. I want it to include a spot to record how you are going to measure your sleeping, mental health and physical health. Also space to just write about how you are feeling or how you are doing on your continual goals to stay physically fit and over healthy. Remember this is only a rough draft template of what a health and fitness journal/log might look like that you can use in the future. • From the website listed I want you find the section that helps understand how to get started by scheduling time for physical activity and become familiar with and write down how you could help someone who is struggling getting started, you might include in your explanation the importance of keeping a record of your progress!! Congrats…you are now ready to become FIT FOR LIFE!