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2015 final y8 it health in hong kong student journal


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Part 1

Published in: Education
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2015 final y8 it health in hong kong student journal

  1. 1. Year  8  Island  Time   Health  in  Hong  Kong           Student Journal Name   Form    
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  3. 3.   3   In  the  health  unit  we  will  be  looking  at  the  following  essential  questions:       Skills development: Observation, reflection and evaluating, collaboration, critical thinking and capacity to learn. Change How can I change HK attitudes, activities towards a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle? Responsibility What is my responsibility for promoting health in Hong Kong? What is my social responsibility for health in Hong Kong? Influence How does the HK media, advertising and government support a healthy lifestyle? How does HK influence my health choices? Beliefs / Values Health involves physical, mental, emotional, moral and social well- being. What are popular misconceptions about health in Hong Kong? Factual: What provision does the SAR government provide for sports and leisure? S C What are the risks and benefits involved in hiking from Magazine Gap Road down into Aberdeen? C What are the nutritional options in Aberdeen based on a budget of 2 hours HK minimum wage? N What are the Eco challenges that the HKSAR faces? S What ways is HKSAR presently disposing of its waste? S C Conceptual: How do you explain the relationship between economic factors (ie earning minimum wage, or above) and healthy lifestyle choices? N C Why should the HK government promote healthy life style? C N How will HKSAR deal with the future crisis of waste disposal with an ever growing population? C S What might be the impact of over time on the Hong Kong population? C S N Provocative: Whose responsibility is it to make Hong Kong healthier?