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Success story


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Documentation of our

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Success story

  1. 1. Town Hall Meeting and All School Assembly Featuring Craig Conrad
  2. 2. Craig Conrad….The Unstoppable You Program Pictured Craig Conrad from the Unstoppable You Program and a youth volunteer from the audience at the Town Hall Meeting.
  3. 3. Craig Conrad from the UnstoppableYou Program spoke to the citizens ofHarper CO. on March 1-2, 2012.Pictured is Craig and a youthvolunteer. Craig asked the YouthVolunteer to break one stick and thentry to break a bundle of sticks. Thisexercise symbolized the importanceof a community working together tofight underage drinking.
  4. 4. Craig Conrad engaging the audience
  5. 5. Craig asked the audience to raisetheir hand if they knew someonethat had a drinking problem. EVERY hand in the audience wasin the air…even our youth
  6. 6. Craig signing autographs. The youth flocked to him.
  7. 7. There were 540 people present thenight of Town Hall Meeting.320 of them were the youth ofHarper CountyThis Town Hall Meeting was themost successful one the coalitionhas organized.
  8. 8. Attendance at Town Hall Meeting
  9. 9. Craig was a school teacher for 26 years. Hisexperience as a teacher made this particularpresentation unique. He clearly understood thedifficulties communities face that fight underagedrinking. Craig spoke to the community about socialhosting and social access. He encouraged parents andcommunity members to not host parties for the youthwith alcohol present. He spoke to the youth about thedangers of underage drinking. He shared personalstories of students he taught that chose to drinkunderage age and the consequences they suffered.One story was of a 16 year old boy that killed 6 peoplein a car accident and is now in prison.
  10. 10. Kindle Fire Giveaway!!!!Pictured are Jennifer Foley, Harper Co. Healthy Choices Coalition and Nic Seipel, SADD President
  11. 11. TWO Kindle Fires weregiven away as door prizes.The Kindle Fires weredonated by the AnthonyMinisterial Alliance andThe Lighthouse, Inc.
  12. 12. Booths at Town Hall MeetingPictured is the members of SADD. SADD gave away pencils, bookmarks, Lifesaver(candies), and Band Against Bullying bracelets.
  13. 13. USD 361 Superintendant at his BoothPictured is Keith Custer, USD 361 Superintendant. Keith sat up a booth at the TownHall Meeting to discuss adding an auxiliary gymnasium with community members.
  14. 14. Harper County Healthy Choices Coalition Booth The HCHC Coalition had a booth to promote Lions Quest, Strengthening Families, Youth Friends, and CMCA.
  15. 15. Drunk GogglesAnthony Police Department had a booth. They set up an impaired walking display with“drunk goggles”. They also gave away literature on underage drinking and bullying
  16. 16. Regional Prevention Center BoothThe Regional Prevention Center had a booth to promote the DUI Victim Centerinformation. They also had the Alco-Pop Display
  17. 17. Craig also spoke to our JuniorHigh and High School on March1, 2012.He spoke to the elementaryschool and school faculty onMarch 2,2012.
  18. 18. This Town Hall Meetingreached more youth andcommunity members thanany other project we havecompleted with the HPUDGrant. That is why it waspicked as our success story.