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Brand Advocates


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How to Expand Your Message and Boost Your Awareness

Published in: Social Media
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Brand Advocates

  1. 1. How to Expand Your Message and Boost Your Awareness Brand ADVOCAtes
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Jen Newmeyer Digital Media Manager Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  3. 3. Social Media AMBASSADORS @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  4. 4. Organic Reach DECLINE Via @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  5. 5. Friends Over ADVERTISING 83% Trust Friends vs. 30-40% Online Ads @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  6. 6. Advocates vs Influencers Influencers Drive Awareness Advocates Drive Action Advocates Are More Loyal & Have More Passion More Likely to Offer Recommendations 92% Trust Advocates Over Influencers Via Jay Baer & Zuberance @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  7. 7. Ambassador segmentation Advocates Influencers @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  8. 8. Ambassador IMPACT @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA 30 Day Voting Challenge Employed SMA’s on Last Day Drove Votes to Place from 38 to 22 Won $45K Grant Holiday Meals Drive Employed SMA’s on Last Day Raised $75k, Largest One Day Revenue 24 Hour Telethon First Year: $25,000 Next Year: $55,000 and Trending!
  9. 9. Setting Up Your PROGRAM Simple Complex  Corkboard  Flyer  Ambassador List  Website Info Page  Online Signup Form  Online Resources Page  Featured on Website  Welcome Packet  Certificate of Membership  Monthly Email  Recognition in Print  Guest Blog Posts  Event Involvement @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  10. 10. Ambassador IDENTIFICATION  Volunteers & Program Participants  Employees!  Meetups and Networking Events  Active & Engaged on Social Media  Search by Popular Hashtags  Comments on LinkedIn Pages  Buzzsumo Influencers Section  LittleBird ( @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  11. 11. Facebook examples @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  12. 12. Ambassador RECRUITMENT Step 1: Determine Objective More Hikers or Campers. More Participants in Event. General Awareness. Step 2: Outline the Ask and Action Share on Facebook. Distribute a Flyer. Write a Blog Post. Advertise. Step 3: Extend Invitation Meeting with Employees or Community Group. Personal Invitation by Email or on Social Media. Post Offer Newsletter. @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  13. 13. Ambassador engagement  Keep Informed of Activities  Include in Collaborations  Offer Exclusive Invitations  Offer Discounts  Treat Them to Coffee  Celebrate Victories Make Them Feel Special! @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  14. 14. Ambassador RETAINMENT  Send Greeting or Thank You Cards  Speaking Opportunity at Events  Panel Invitations  Features in Newsletters  Include in Photos or Videos  Use Quotes in Materials  Spotlights in Social Media Keep Them as Friends! @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  15. 15. EXAMPLES Event Participation Social Media Feature Newsletter Recognition @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  16. 16. RECAP Set Up Your Program Simple: Flyers and a Corkboard Complex: Website, Social Media, Emails, Certificates Identification Employees, Volunteers, Networking, Social Media Recruitment Determine Objective. Outline the Action. Extend the Invitation. Engagement & Retainment Make Them Feel Special. Keep Them as Friends. @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA
  17. 17. Resources & Handouts Thank YOU! @CharityJen #NCRecre8 @NCRPA