A case for digital strategy at UALR


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A case for digital strategy at UALR

  1. 1. Why digital? A case for bringing us together online
  2. 2. Why should I care about digital? In a word: STUDENTS
  3. 3. In two words: MORE STUDENTS
  4. 4. In three words: RETAIN MORE STUDENTS
  5. 5. What is digital? Digital is everywhere we turn.
  6. 6. And nowadays, it is where students turn first.
  7. 7. Digital is everywhere: ● It’s the way the world operates now. Digital is horizontal Organizations are still vertical
  8. 8. The new paradigm is horizontal ● Communication is omni-directional and across all demographics (grandmothers are on Facebook) ● Communication happens where it happens (phones, tablets, etc.) and in multiple mediums, channels, and demographics ● It is social, conversational, and raw – not cleansed and curated The old pair of dimes of one-directional communication is no longer valid
  9. 9. Students are: ● Communicating with one another and with UALR in the social sphere ● Creating reviews in Google ● Sharing experiences on and off campus ● Not subject to our vertical hierarchy Are we listening and are we a part of that conversation? The new pair of dimes: face-to-face-to-face communication, everywhere, all of the time.
  10. 10. What have we done about it? ● Establish a full-fledged digital team that knows about content, code, design, data, social, and marketing ● One-on-one training ● Report findings ● Integrated analytics across all channels ● Monitor peers and competitors for benchmarking ● Optimized content for organic search success
  11. 11. Improving the online experience Adopt practices that: Adopt practices that: Adopt practices that will: Adopt practices that will: • Find broken student experiences • Make good student experience behavior the norm • Give organization more sophisticated toolkit for student experience • Create a consistent framework for measure quality • Share data learnings across the university • Help organization define experience that is truly unique by revealing unmet student needs, reframing student problems, and rethinking ecosystem • Fix them • Measure the results Adoption path courtesy of Ben Cooper
  12. 12. Insights across all channels
  13. 13. New tools for competitive analysis
  14. 14. Organic search = Free
  15. 15. What else are we doing about it? ● Student-centered redesign of the homepage and other top-level sites ● Responsive design for mobile ● Using data to create personas and navigational cues ● “Selfie-centered” marketing to engage students on their devices ● Migrations and sustainability of websites
  16. 16. Redesign: Admissions site overhaul
  17. 17. Responsive: Mobile usage up 50%
  18. 18. Admissions usable on many devices
  19. 19. Marketing selfies: MyFuture@Work
  20. 20. The digital path Funnel courtesy of Ben Cooper
  21. 21. Migrations: Moving to 2013
  22. 22. Why are we migrating? ● Better content ● Better organization of content ● Better promotion of YOUR content ● More functionality, flexibility, features ● More support
  23. 23. How can we help you? ● Training ● Digital strategy and tactics ● Social and marketing campaigns ● Site migrations ● Content promotion ● Analytics and insight
  24. 24. How do I get started? Contact us at ualr.edu/digital/ Start the strategic process with Jennifer at jcgodwin@ualr.edu To receive the monthly digital report, please add “monthly report” to the request at: ualr.edu/digital/contact