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Southwest Final Presentation


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New Media DL Southwest Powerpoint

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Southwest Final Presentation

  1. 1. Southwest LUV
  2. 2. Adopt-a-Pilot
  3. 3. Advertisements: For Mobile Device For Facebook 15% off student travel From Education to Destination That’s just plane smart
  4. 4. Google Analytics Content Analytics: Mobile Analytics: Which parts of the website Measures the impact of are performing well mobile on the business and helps aid in app Social Analytics: development and tracking Measures the success of Advertising Analytics: social media programs Learn how well your Conversion Analytics: social, mobile, search and display ads are working How many customers the campaign is attracting
  5. 5. Appendix volunteer-program-takes-off-in-schools-nationwide-inspiring-more- than-412-000-students-since-program-s-inception