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Hercules ppt

  1. 1. The real myths, because Disney prefers silly songs over staying true to culture/myth/a country’s heritage.
  2. 2. Parents Disney: Zeus (Jupiter) & Hera (Juno) Myth: Zeus (taking form of Amphitryon) & Alcmene  In Greek mythology, Heracles. Roman Hercules (add Ara Maxima, Cacus; claimed by Commodus & other emperors) roughly equivalent to Greek Heracles. Raised by Amphitryon & Alcmene First wife= Megara. Second = Deianira
  3. 3. Marble statue inBirth/Youth Capitoline Museum Hera sent two snakes to kill him & his (mortal) twin half-brother Iphicles  Remember when Pain & Panic transformed into snakes in the movie? Vase painting in Vulci, Etruria
  4. 4. First Marriage To Megara, daughter of King Creon, King of Thebes Hera caused him to go crazy, and he killed their son/daughter (and her, according to some accounts) After searching for a way to atone for his crimes, the Oracle of Delphi (under influence from Hera) directs him to King Eurystheus for ten years
  5. 5. The Twelve Labors First, Nemean Lion  Club, strangle Second, Lernaean Hydra Top Left: Vase  In movie painting in the  Cut off & burned Louvre Top: Engraving by Beham Right: Hercules Farnese (Lysippos)
  6. 6. Museum in PalermoTwelve Labors, cont. 3= Capture Ceryneian Hind 4= Erymanthian Boar (in the montage)  Statue in Berlin 5= Clean the Augean Stables  Mentioned in passing in movie  Supposed to be humiliating.  Immortal cattle.  Rerouted rivers to clean out Statue in Berlin
  7. 7. Cont. Roman mosaics in Llíria, Spain 6= Stymphalian Birds 7= Cretan Bull 8= Mares of Diomedes (a giant)  Capture them, then kill Diomedes 9= Girdle of Hippolyte (Amazon queen) 10= Cattle of Geryon (herd them)  Giant; H. used Hydra arrows
  8. 8. Top L: Museum in Naples, Top R: Building in Melbourne, Bottom R: Museum in Crete, Bottom L: Vase painting in the LouvreFinal Labors 11= Apples of Hesperides  Help from Atlas. 12= Capture Cerberus  Underworld Movie mentions  1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12  Adds Minotaur & Gorgon
  9. 9. Hercules’ death& deification Marble statue in Florence Remember Nessus?  River-god centaur  H. kills after attempted rape of D.(Hydra-tipped arrow)  Nessus to D.: “Collect my blood, apply to H’s armor in order to keep him from being unfaithful.”  His blood also poisoned (Hydra arrow)  Deianira applied it, & it burned Herc. Gods deified him  Or, his mortal half burned to death Etching in Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  10. 10. Added charactersPhiloctetes, a satyr? Pegasus Greek who assisted at the end  Associated with myth of of the Trojan War Perseus Hercules’ mentor, according  Born out of Medusa when to some accounts: Chiron, the decapitated by Perseus centaur Satyrs- really like women  Wood-nymphs  Meg  Random chicks chasing H.  Aphrodite at end
  11. 11. Mis-associations Hades = Devil  “Speak of the devil,” “Brimstone in my ear” Pain & Panic  Phobos & Deimos, = Fear & Terror, minions of Ares The Fates (L=Parcae, G= Moirai) v. Graiai (old triplet sisters with powers/knowledge; 1 eye, forced to help Perseus)
  12. 12. Venus De Milo, in the LouvreFun notes Jason & Argo  (H. hits his head on the Argo at Phil’s house) “Call IXII!!” Cyclops/Titans in Tartarus  Gave Zeus the lightning bolt after he freed them to help overtake Olympus from Cronus (Uranus) & his generation (the ruling Titans). 9 Muses- we saw 5 in movie  Calliope (epic), Clio (history), Melpomene (tragedy), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy) Venus de Milo in courtyard. Also, Meg struck by Cupid