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The Injustice of Living with Chronic Pain by Josh Moran


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Living with Chronic Pain

Published in: Education
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The Injustice of Living with Chronic Pain by Josh Moran

  1. 1. The Injustice of Living With Chronic Pain JOSH MORAN #psychmatters
  2. 2. “ I’m the injured party and I actually didn’t do anything wrong but I, probably like everybody else at this table, I have found that for years every single day of the week I am actually on trial” “It makes me feel very depressed…injustice, makes me feel like there’s no point” Anger. Absolute, really red blood anger” “I just feel very sad and, and, and, sense of being lonely” “But for me injustice is that, I think when it comes to this illness is not allowing me to do things I want to do in life.” “Everything around you just comes apart at the seams…you can’t do the things in your life that you want to” “But with regard to medical cards I had to fight from day 1 to get a medical card and I’ve had to go to a number of reviews for them to, to be able to keep it.” “But then another injustice is, and we’re back to GP’s, who do not believe you. So it’s, because they don’t believe you because you don’t look bad I don’t think they ever believed me, I don’t think they ever did. It was only an excuse.” “the injustice is within the healthcare profession is ridiculous. Between waiting lists, GP’s that are uninformed. Within the medical profession I didn’t fully realise, the injustice, until I saw a consultant and that consultant said to me you have been ill advised by professionals” “theinjusticeofnotknowing” And then I try and do them because they insist that I go and then the next day I literally, I can’t walk, the next day. And literally cannot move but yet you’re still expected to do everything. “ I think the feeling that life is passing you away “ Everybody is going to suffer, and the whole point of all the stuff, injustice, makes me feel like there’s no point. “they don’t believe your diagnosis”