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Social and emotional learning -- what works and why?


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Neil Mac Dhonnagáin, University College Dublin

Published in: Science
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Social and emotional learning -- what works and why?

  1. 1. Social and emotional learning – What works, and why? Neil Mac Dhonnagáin @neilmacdh MLitt/PhD candidate, UCD #psychmatters
  2. 2. Mental health is the number one health issue for young people @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  3. 3. Early Intervention @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  4. 4. “We need to change the education system so that kids that are very young can learn about CBT and emotional issues.” - Blindboy Boatclub Prevention @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  5. 5. Social and emotional learning @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  6. 6. @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  7. 7. TestEdge @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  8. 8. Growth Mindset @neilmacdh #psychmatters
  9. 9. Thanks for listening! @neilmacdh #psychmatters