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Telling Your Non-Profits Story


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Reaching your target audience in a noisy, technology-driven world. This presentation was prepared for Lunch & Learn programs hosted by Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations (QENO) at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

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Telling Your Non-Profits Story

  1. 1. + Reaching your target audience in a noisy, technology-driven world. Presented by, Jenna Curry Director of Marketing, Little Wing Marketing FOR A COPY OF SLIDES VISIT:WWW.JENNACURRY.COM Telling Your Non-Profit’s Story
  2. 2. + About Me Director of Marketing, Little Wing Marketing BLOG: twitter: @jennacurry Port CityYoung Professionals Networking Group Founder and Administrator twitter: @pcyp Good FriendsWilmington Board of Directors, Past Luncheon Chair UNCW Alumni Association Board of Directors UNCW Communication Studies Alumni Chapter President
  3. 3. + Today’s Agenda n  The Non-Profit Audience n  TellingYour Story n  Intro to Web 2.0. n  SharingYour Story n  Tracking & Iterating n  Tool Box n  Additional Resources n  Questions
  4. 4. + Why tell stories? n  Answer questions n  Build trust n  Connect your readers to actual people that are impacted by your mission n  Cut through the noise n  Emotional appeal n  Social Proof n  Stories are worth sharing n  Contribute to the community n  Become part of the conversation n  To be more interesting n  To be more engaging
  5. 5. + What is your non-profit’s story? Old -Historic Accomplishments -Past Experiences -Most Recent Happenings New -Strategic Plans -Long-Range Plans -Upcoming Events Borrowed -Organizational Comparison -External Facts & Figures -Peripheral Impact Blue -Emotionally Moving -Human/Humane Elements -Tear-Jerker -Controversy Find stories throughout your organization.
  6. 6. + Who is doing it right? Source: vs
  7. 7. + Who is doing it right? Source:
  8. 8. + Who do we tell stories about? n  Communities/individuals you serve n  Board Members n  Employees n  Volunteers n  Past, Present & Future Donors n  People on the front lines of your work n  Fans who will champion your work n  People with credibility who can attest to the quality of what you do
  9. 9. + Who is doing it right? Source:
  10. 10. + Who is doing it right? Source:
  11. 11. + Who is doing it right? Source:
  12. 12. + Types of stories n  Articles n  Endorsements n  Interviews n  Video Interviews n  Info-graphics n  Podcasts n  Photos Source:
  13. 13. + Who is doing it right? Source: vs
  14. 14. + Who is doing it right? Source: socialmediathon.orgSource:
  15. 15. + Who is doing it right? Source: #firstworldproblems
  16. 16. + What makes a good story? Due that that occurrence, they are now going to live in a different way. Interesting or significant event happens Person was going along doing something… 4 C's of Storytelling n  Character n  Connection n  Conflict n  Conquest
  17. 17. + What makes a good story? n  Created with SMART goals in mind n  Speaks the audience’s language n  Targeted message to each market segment n  Includes compelling images n  Clear and direct message n  Creates urgency for the cause or need n  Helps you visualize what a donation can do n  Evokes a change or action
  18. 18. + Storytelling Process Development Identify Stories Gather Stories Share Stories Internally Track & Improve Set SMART Goals Define Audience
  19. 19. + Who is doing it right? Source: Source:
  20. 20. + 8 Goals for Content Marketing n  Fundraising n  Brand Awareness n  Engagement n  Supporter Loyalty n  Website Traffic n  Client/Constituent Acquisition n  Volunteer Recruitment n  Advocacy
  21. 21. + What is Web 2.0? Culture, Community, Collaboration
  22. 22. + Getting your non-profits stories out to your audience n  Online n  SEO/organic search results n  Website/Blog/RSS n  Social Media n  Email Newsletters Source:
  23. 23. + Blog n  Wordpress: Pages vs Posts n  Social Sharing n  Editorial Calendar
  24. 24. + Social Media n  Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest n  It’s about relationships n  Where is your target market? n  Context is King n  Are people SHARING your content? n  “Jab Jab Jab Jab, RIGHT HOOK” n  Contribute to the community n  20% Rule
  25. 25. + Who is doing it right?
  26. 26. + Who is doing it right?
  27. 27. + Who is doing it right on Instagram?
  28. 28. + Who is doing it right on Facebook?
  29. 29. + Email Marketing n  MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, etc. n  Segmented lists for each target audience n  Test Headlines n  Mobile-ready n  Always have a CTA
  30. 30. + Tracking & Iterating: Google Analytics
  31. 31. + Tracking & Iterating: Google Analytics n  Where are your visitors coming from? n  What keywords are they searching for? n  How long are they staying on the site? n  Which pages are they spending the most time on? n  Goal Tracking n  Event Tracking
  32. 32. + Tracking & Iterating: Facebook Insights
  33. 33. + Tracking & Iterating: User Testing n  Surveys n  Eye Tracking Tools n  A/B Testing tools n  Design Evaluation Tools *Prove vs Improve
  34. 34. + FREE Tools n  Website Tools n  Wordpress n  YOAST SEO plugin n  Shareaholic n  Social Media Tools n  Likealyzer n  Hootsuite n  Email Tools n  MailChimp n  Video Tools n  YouTube for Non Profits n  Your Smart Phone n  Vine & Instagram Video n  Cycloramic n  Survey Tools n  Survey Monkey n  Tracking/Analytics Tools n  Google Analytics n n  Facebook Insights n  Photo/Editing n  PicMonkey n  Sumopaint n  Creative Commons n  All-Free-Download n  User Testing n  5 Second Test n  Clicktale n  Content Creation Tools Editorial Calendar Template Hubspots Blog Topic Generator
  35. 35. + Additional Resources n  Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk n  Lean Analytics by Croll &Yoskovitz n  A Better User Experience Blog n  Network for Good n  Hubspot for Non Profits n n  112 Non Profit Blog Blog Posts, Articles & Stories from 2013 You Can’t Miss
  36. 36. + Questions? Jenna Curry Director of Marketing Little Wing Marketing (828) 719-9916 Twitter: @jennacurry FOR A COPY OF SLIDES VISIT:WWW.JENNACURRY.COM