You Don't Need an Agency


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Don't spend money and time on an agency when you can access and use many of the same free, cheap and fancy tools they use.

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  • Toutapp is a good option. Have you used also along with it? Great tool for friendly follow-up emails straight from your inbox.
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  • This is probably less about going viral and more about PR, but I like saying viral because when I do I picture a bloated, old balding guy in a bad suit huffing and puffing about making it go viral. So. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. If you aren’t getting these emails when you start getting these emails you will kick yourself for not getting these emails sooner.Journalists and writers use HARO to find sources for stories, books, and whitepapers. So, if someone from Men’s Health is writing a story about male infertility, they might put in a request to HARO to find men over the age of 35 who have gone through IVF. Maybe that’s you. Maybe that’s someone in your audience. Maybe you work with subject matter experts who can be quoted for the story. For free, you can have these emails delivered to you three times a day. I’ll be honest that it can get overwhelming. I have a tendency to sign up and be super excited and then after a few weeks completely forget to check them. But the truth is that there are so so many opportunities that come through HARO that if you miss an email or two it’s really not the end of the world. You can upgrade for $19/month to build a profile for yourself so journalists start to see you as a good source for the their story, plus search online at any time for opportunities to reach out. There are plenty of pay to play PR sites out there, but for a small budget HARO is essential and it works. CLICK
  • You Don't Need an Agency

    1. 1. YOU DON’T NEED AN AGENCY Jennifer Spencer Copywriter, LGFCU @jennalyns Digital Marketing for Business | May 7, 2014 | #DMFB14
    2. 2. SLOW YOUR ROLL • Start with strategy • If you need an expert, hire an expert • Just say no • You get what you pay for
    3. 3. PSSSSSST We’re all working from the same toolbox.
    4. 4. (almost) ALL-IN-ONE: Free and Cheap
    5. 5. (almost) ALL-IN-ONE: Cheap
    6. 6. (pretty much) ALL-IN-ONE: Fancy
    7. 7. ANALYTICS: Free image from
    8. 8. ANALYTICS: Still free!
    9. 9. ANALYTICS: Free(ish)
    10. 10. ANALYTICS: Fancy NO. Don’t do it. Don’t need ‘em.
    11. 11. CONTENT: Free
    12. 12. CONTENT: Free and Cheap
    13. 13. CONTENT: Fancy
    14. 14. CONTENT: Fancy
    15. 15. MAKE IT GO VIRAL: Free and Cheap
    16. 16. MAKE IT GO VIRAL: Free and Cheap
    17. 17. FREEBIES image from
    21. 21. QUESTIONS? PRAISE? CAKE RECIPES? I’m everywhere: @jennalyns
    22. 22. STUFF I MENTIONED Product Site What’s it for? How much? Hootsuite All-in-One Free; Pro $9.99 per user/month Sprout Social All-in-One $59-$99 per user/month Raven All-in-One $99/month Google Analytics Analytics Free Facebook Insights Analytics Free Pinterest Analytics Analytics Free Twitter Analytics Analytics Free LinkedIn Analytics Analytics Free Wordpress Google Analytics Plugin Analytics Free YouTube Analytics Analytics Free SimplyMeasured Analytics Free; $500/month for deeper data Buffer Content Free; Awesome $102/yr Feedly Content Free; Pro $45/year
    23. 23. MORE STUFF I MENTIONED Product Site What’s it for? How much? Skyword Content Contact for pricing VideoGenie Content Contact for pricing Thunderclap Make it go Viral Free; $45-$500 per campaign upgrade HARO Make it go Viral Free; $19/month to upgrade Trello Project Management Free Infographics Free Rapportive Customer Data/Email Free Boomerang Productivity/Email Free Issuu Print Catalog/Mags Free; $29-$39/month to upgrade Yammer Team Communications Free Vsnap Video/Customer Services Free; $3/month solo biz; $19 per user/month biz + 99 Designs Design You set the budget Buffer
    24. 24. STUFF Y’ALL MENTIONED Product Site What’s it for? How much? Formstack Online Forms $19-$249/month ToutApp Email $30-$49/month Fiverr Design $5 DesignCrowd Design You set the budget 48 Hours Logo Design $29 to start Riffle Customer Data Free MailVu Video Email $2.50-$65/month Canva Design Free Pixabay Images Free Wrike Project Management Free; upgrade for $49/mo Zoho Project Management/Productivity $199-$599/year Elance Content You set the budget Guru Content You set the budget
    25. 25. STUFF Y’ALL MENTIONED Product Site What’s it for? How much? Radio Guest List Make it go Viral Free Submit Your Article Make it go Viral Free Ezine Articles Make it go Viral Free