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  1. 1. Tundra CGIS silver house Mrs. Lowery 3rd period
  2. 2. What is a tundra and tundra’s weather  A tundra is icy desert .  It is the youngest biome .  The tundra has two main season winter and summer .
  3. 3. Animals at a Artic tundra  There are many animals that live in a tundra .  There are 48 species of animals. FOR EXAMPLE…
  4. 4. Plant life in An Artic tundra  Even though that the tundra is mostly ice .There is plant life.  Here is some plants you might find in the Artic tundra.. Grass Berries Trees and mountains
  5. 5. Food web and food chain for Artic tundra  For example… grass to a artic hare to a artic fox to a polar bear.
  6. 6. HERE is a Map of where a TUNDRA is located . The green is where it is located
  7. 7. Here is another type of tundra alpine CGIS silver house Mrs. Lowery 3rd period
  8. 8. Where is a alpine tundra  An alpine tundra is located on a mountain with the high altitude.  This is where trees can’t grow.  This picture is taken in the united States in Colorado.