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Selling seo new plans 7-18


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Selling seo new plans 7-18

  1. 1. Features vs. Benefits  Tons of new features!  Know the features  Sell the benefits
  2. 2. Features  Onsite implementation  Included  First month  Website copy edits  Much more extensive review  $10 PhoneTracking Credit  New content  Onsite blogs  PremiumWriters  Infographics  Videos  Press Releases  Syndication  Social Sharing  Twitter Sharing  Blog engagement
  3. 3. Benefits  Increase traffic and leads  Create compelling content with end-user value  Premium options - build a library of content that you can share with your customers  On your website  On social media  Through email marketing  Diversify your online marketing
  4. 4. Differentiate your sales  SEO is typically a feature sale business  Sold by long lists of activities (most of which don’t help you)  Lots of links without explaining the value  Shift your sales to a benefit based sales process  Sell the idea of content marketing that can be shared with your current audience and new audiences  Sell the idea that measuring performance and leads is critical to improve performance
  5. 5. Help: Sales Support  Marketing Collateral  SEO  Local  PPC  Premium Writer  Search for “Sales Collateral Debut”  Email Campaigns  Goto the AdminTemplate library on an email campaign
  6. 6. Help: Keyword Research  Hire us to spend an hour putting together a keyword research project  Analyze competitors  Keyword discovery  Write opportunity analysis  Enter a proposal for you to edit and send  $50 – refunded back if you win the business
  7. 7. Build Sales Proposal  Sales Proposal Master  Inherit from System Master  Customize for your business  View all proposals across reseller account  Proposal  Exist at campaign level  Add service plans for each program
  8. 8. View Sales Proposal  Set proposal to Active  Get link from screen  Send link and user/pass to the user  End user can see proposal via  Link  Proposal Screen
  9. 9. Onsite: Advanced SEO Settings  New field: Keyword AnchorText –Topic orTarget